My crazy plan to fix the socially divided and broken school really started to collapse before me the moment my girlfriend saw the maniac sparkle in my eye when I noticed that her popular friends actually enjoyed hanging out with my geeky friends.

It's hard to tell when the plan started to fall. Probably since I came up with it. Make the girl that you're hopelessly in love with, but is way out of your league, become your girlfriend, then make her friends befriend yours, to unite a region of the popular kids with a region of the geeky kids, and from this create a social revolution to break the barriers between groups of people, and end all judgement in the school? It was doomed to screw up from the beginning, no doubt about it.

But then again, if you're willing to go back that far and say the problem started with the plan's inception, then you might as well go and blame society as a whole. I mean, if people didn't judge you because you were into certain things, apply labels, and form social groups because of these facts, then would I have a quest in the first place? Of course not! But people are like that, and some people are tired of it. If I were to be hated by someone, it should be because of who I am alone—my idiosyncratic quirks. Not because I'm labeled as a geek, but because the person doesn't have an interest in the so-called "geeky" things that I am. Likewise, I shouldn't have to worry about a girl being out of my league; my only fear should be that she isn't interested in me specifically.

Sigh. Oh well. I guess the only thing to do now is to fix this. But how?

I guess a good start is to just think back to how this all started….