After finishing my lunch (which took much longer than it should have due to all the soul-searching I had done), I wandered around town for a bit to try to find a friend. And I found a lot.

Of course, they weren't friends that I could really hang out with. Just those friends that you chill with in class and stuff, but rarely do anything together outside of school-related activities. Kind of like my relationship with Lucy. And… pretty much everyone else.
And that's what's depressing. I have, like, 5 really good/best friends, and then I have a lot of friends that I only have any connection with during school. I'd like to build stronger relationships with them, but something in my mind just prevents me from doing anything about it.
And of course, in drama club I have almost no somewhat good friends in the class. Makes rehearsals fun.

So anyways, I found some friends. Made some chit-chat, but any conversation that could've gone on longer quickly dissolved. Everyone had something to do, or I just couldn't keep up anything and just had to leave with a "See you later".

After giving up on trying to find someone to do something with, I headed home. I listened to my "Depression" playlist, which is a list of songs about being depressed or dealing with depression (usually just minor in my case). It includes "I Dreamed a Dream" (Les Mis), "Get it Right" (Glee), "What it Means to Be a Friend" (13 the Musical), "Scream" (High School Musical 3), and "Welcome to My Life" by Simple Plan, as well as quite a few others. I listen to this playlist a lot.

When I got to my house, I realized that no one was home. I decided to watch a movie. Mean Girls seemed like a good choice for the day. It's a favorite of mine; I've seen it 13 times. Not only is it hilarious, but I also feel that it has a very well thought plot, both in the storyline and the girls' in-story plot.
Leave it to me to enjoy a movie like Mean Girls for its production value as well as its entertainment value.

I'm watching this for the 14th time now, and it had never occurred to me what this movie was really about. High School Musical was an important part of my youth, and I suddenly realized that Mean Girls is a more realistic version of High School Musical. On top of that, Glee is sort of like the more adult version of HSM, but following the same concept (whereas Mean Girls doesn't have the musical aspect). I could actually write an essay on the topic of the similarities between these—I really hope I get the opportunity to do that some day!
But something really dawned on me when I was watching it: this is a great representation of my life.

Through a complex plan revolving around backstabbing and dating, a group of friends manage to destroy some friendships and in the end, they defeat the popular clique of the school. In HSM and Glee, the jocks and popular people befriend the intelligent, singer people, and create great musical groups, much to the dismay and resentment of their peers, but they manage to break the judgments associated to certain people due to labels.
And what do I want to do? Exactly that. I'm also a musician and an actor, to add some irony. These movies could kind of be an inspiration to me.

I was trying to think of how to create my own "revolution", when I started hearing "The Jolt", which is a music video created by the YouTube show "MyMusic", and the song associated with it is also my ringtone. The number was not familiar, but it seemed to be my area code, so I picked up.

"Ahoy," I said. I had learned on The Big Bang Theory that Alexander Graham Bell originally proposed answering the phone with "Ahoy", and so I decided to adopt that to my list of entertaining and annoying greetings.

"Hey, James," the mysterious voice on the other line said. It wasn't really the voice itself that was mysterious—I could recognize it—but rather how the owner of said voice had my number, and why the person was calling. "It's Lucy."

"Lucy‽" I exclaimed in shock. "Wha—hi! What's up?"

"I was thinking about how you asked me out last week. I felt bad because I couldn't, but I actually really want to."

"Are you saying that you do want to go out this week?" I asked hopefully, a grin starting to appear on my face.

"Not this week," she answered. "I'm busy with studying, and some other stuff." I flashed back to when I saw her through the window. "But if you're not busy over the weekend, I was wondering if you'd like to maybe see a movie on Saturday? I was thinking Les Mis, if you haven't seen it yet."

"Lucy, you know I'm a theatre and drama kid. Why would I have not seen it?" I said, chuckling.

"Oh." She replied. She sounded disappointed, which I took as a good sign.

"Don't worry," I continued with a laugh. "I loved it, and I definitely would like to see it again!" I hopped over to my computer and pulled up IMDB.

"Really? Awesome!" She said. Then I think I heard a bit of a muffled shriek coming from the phone. I prayed that it was out of excitement and not someone trying to murder her.

"So… Saturday. Local theater is playing it at 7:30, and we could probably go somewhere to dinner beforehand. My treat."

"Sounds great!" she exclaimed. "Well, I'll see you Saturday."

"You'll also see me Thursday. Don't forget that." I remarked, my face starting to hurt from how much I was smiling.

"Oh yeah, right. The drama final. Alright. See you then. Bye." And she hung up.

I put down my phone, collapsed onto my bed, and shouted, "FINALLY!"

I felt like I just became Troy Bolton when he and Gabriella started their flirty friendship/relationship after they discovered they had callbacks for the musical. Then I thought of something: Lucy and I are from different ends of the social spectrum; I'm a mix of the drama region and the geeky region, and she's in the popular range. I have no clue how I could get a date with her, but if we manage to make this work and become boyfriend and girlfriend, then this may be good in more than just that manner. I could use that… towards my advantage.

Not to say that I'd be using her. But I feel it'd set a good… message, that can have extra bonuses to… influence the school. It'll be fun.
To say the least.