I don't know
what to say.
I tried so hard
every day.

Should I live,
or should I give in?
Should I let
this struggle win?

Trying so hard
to not give up hope...
But life was like
"haha, NOPE!"

"Fuck you and
fuck your life.
Don't use the glass,
use the knife."

Spinning out
on a black sheet of glass.
Praying to God
that this won't last.

I lost my friend,
the one I used to know.
All because
life said so.

Crying away
all of my pain.
Trying so hard
to stay sane.

Pissed off at life,
pissed off at you.
Even though
there's nothing you could do.

I can't quit crying.
I don't know what to do.
Normally I would
come to you.

But I left
because I'm sad.
Not only sad,
but fucking mad.

Why can't I remember?
Don't leave me here.
I said that out of anger,
isn't that clear?

I'm a lost little fishy,
alone in the deep blue sea.
Be my fishy friend
and come find me.