I'm never going to

Leave you here

I know you're scared,

All hope is gone,

But I'm the one you

Can lean on.

I promise I'm ok

Don't you worry about

Me for another day.

I had a slip,

But it's not like I fell

I stood back up,

Because I knew I had

To be there when you

Got well.

You deserve the world,

The earth moon and sea

But somehow all you get

Is stuck in the inferno of


So get angry,

Just let it out,

Go ahead and scream

Cry until you're all

Cried out.

And it's ok,

It'll be alright,

Tomorrow brings a new day

One you can shape any

Which way.

Just don't give up

Cause you mean so much.

I don't know what to do,

To stay away or come talk to you

Since I can't decide

I hope you'll see this as

A compromise.

I'm always here,

Right were you left me

And I'm never going to say

Good bye,

That's why I say

Good night.