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ALERT ALERT! reference to rape. Don't like, go away. or skip the dream sequence. no that's important. You can read now.

Well, ain't this just peachy-keen? I thought morosely as I laid on the floor of my barren room, feeling the bruises form on my lanky body, and my blood dry on my face. Now I don't have blood flowing into my mouth any more. Yippee.

I sighed silently, listening to the crashing of my drunk father downstairs. Not for the first time, I wondered if things might have been different if my mother had lived through having me. She died because of me. I wonder why God hates me so.

My aching hand reached up to rest upon the silver necklace hidden under my shirt. It was the last heirloom I had left of my mom. I never even saw a picture of her.

I wonder if my father was happy when he learned he was going to have a son, was he glad that his 'beloved Maria' was going to have me?

He certainly thinks that he would be better off not having me now.

I hauled myself up from the floor, my movements slow and painful. I limped over to my dresser and grabbed out a pair of old found-in-trash PE shorts, and an oversized secondhand tee-shirt.

With halting steps, I entered the bathroom in my room. I stepped in and locked the door behind me, proceeding to strip down to my boxers, facing the mirror to inspect the damage done this time. I gazed into the mirror, looking at my battered body. I saw my stomach first, it grabbing my attention with a half hearted growl of hunger. The inward curve of it was littered with bruises, purple and blotchy, and my ribs jutted out above it. I gently poked and prodded my ribs methodically, checking for any broken by the kicks my father had delivered me. I then looked to my slim chest, seeing little but my mother's silver cross and my shining dog tag on it, bith strung on a rope of silver.

Feeling no sharp jolts of pain, my eyes wandered up my neck and too prominent collar bones, to see my lips, thin nose, and my mother's eyes.

I knew they were hers because they weren't my fathers. They were different colored, the left one a sharp silver, and the right one a gentle gold. They weren't set in perfect alignment, but I liked them.

I laughed gently at my self, and ran my hand through my choppy onyx hair. I leaned over the sink, lowering my average 5'11 height. I began washing my face free of blood, feeling a bit detached from the blood tinted water draining slowly away. I turned off the water, finished stripping, and stepped into the shower, turning on the cold water, fearing retribution if I used any hot water and took it from Father. I washed my hair quickly, and scrubbed my body gently. I silently stepped out of the shower and donned my sleepwear.

I dried my hair and left the bathroom, walking the short distance from my shower to my bed, grabbing my bag on the way. I sat on the bed and did all my homework, read for a little, then set my alarm. I turned off the light, and laid down facing the luminescent red numbers.

I stared at them, and once more let go, letting rivers of what felt like blood run down my cheeks. I sobbed silently, feeling my chest heave. I cried myself to sleep, where I dreamed of someone caring for me.

"Home sweet home!" I cried happily, slinging my bag down, humming happily. I walked through my apartment's living room, entering my tiny kitchen. "But before we get to relax, I get to feed my neighbors cat!"

I laughed at myself, grabbing the key labeled 'Room 309'. My neighbor is a sweet old lady, living by herself like me, and often she knocked on my door to force me to stop studying and make me eat something.

I smiled lightly as I unlocked the door to 'Grannies' apartment.

"Meow?" a small black cat mewed, looking towards the door. I closed the door behind me, looking at the kitty.

"Why, hello Tonks! Are ya hungry boy?" I asked, walking towards the fridge to get out his canned food. I opened the fridge and saw a container that had a post-it note on it. I pulled it out and read it.

'Dear Star,

Thank you for taking care of Tonks while I'm gone. I'll be back in a few days from visiting my children. Here are your favorite type of cookies as a thanks.

Don't eat them all in one day!



I pulled off the top of the container and saw the best cookies in the world, chocolate chocolate fudge cookies.

I pumped my fist into the air, shouting, "You're the best Granny!" I laughed, and set down my chocolaty delight, grabbing out the canned food, feeding it to Tonks. I checked his water, and petted him a bit.

After I took care of him, I grabbed my cookies, and left, locking the door behind me. I entered my own apartment, putting the cookies away, before settling down to do my homework.

Popping my knuckles, I rose from my coach, putting away all my work, and tossing my backpack over by the door. On deadened feet, I slowly walked into my room, grabbing panties and a huge over shirt. I walked across the hall to enter my white bathroom. I stripped to my undergarments, and looked at myself in the mirror. I looked into my grey-blue eyes, and saw my mouth pulled into a falsely encouraging smile, trying to give myself confidence to look at my stomach. Instead my traitorous eyes looked at my brown hair. I followed my hair to the middle of my shoulder blades, where it narrowed into a point. I then clenched my eyes closed, then opening them and looking straight at my flat stomach, and felt that deep red shard of terror in my head twist, reopening a healing wound, and making me remember why those marks were there.

Along my stomach, there was four ugly scars, that a vile man had left on my once pure body. They started at the underside of my breasts and to the band of my underwear. All four were a little of to the side and all jagged as could be. I drifted my small fingers over them, closing my eyes, feeling the fear and pain come back to me.

I hunched my tiny 4'9 figure, closing my eye's tightly against the onslaught of tears.

I turned from the mirror, not even daring a glance into it again, and finished changing, stepping into the shower. I turned up the shower to a nice warm temperature, and cleaned my hair and body, shaving my arms and legs while I was at it. My mind drifted off as I cleaned myself up, and I began thinking about getting a pet, to keep away the loneliness. My apartment allowed residents of one year to get an animal, but only one. I want a cat, a tuxedos. I stopped my thoughts, shaking my head. I don't need an animal, I thought as I turned off the water raining down on me.

I stepped out, drying my body, and then putting on my sleepwear. I wrapped a towel around my head, and scooped up my dirty clothes, leaving the steamy bathroom, going into my bedroom. I tossed my clothes into my hamper, a sock missing it and falling to the floor, then sitting on my bed, drying my hair. I tossed my towel into the hamper, grabbing the brush beside my bed, dragging the bristles through my damp hair. I tossed my brush off to the side, and settled down to sleep. No school tomorrow, I smiled as I drifted off into dreamland.

I dreamt of something attacking me, but I was saved by a big shape standing over me, growling at the monster. I felt safe.

I crept as quietly as I could towards the door, trying to get to school without a beating this time. I opened the door, and glanced at my passed out father. He will have a killer headache when he wakes up. Before I left, I put an aspirin and a cup of water on the side table.

I walked out of the house, heading towards the dark moon-lit woods that I cut across for a shortcut to get to school. I had to get there early and on a Saturday to catch up on all my work I missed during my absences. The trees towering on either side of me gave me a sense of security, and the sounds of-

Where were the sounds of the animals?

I stopped and looked around, yet I didn't see a single bird, or even a started squirrel in the cold barren branches. My heart started to beat a bit quicker, and my blood flowed faster as I stood still, straining to hear the sounds of nature over my thumping heart. There was nothing.

I suddenly felt scared, and something foreboding crept into my chest.

The silence was then cut by the sound of a howl. It was pure and sweet, yet full of chilling power. I sucked in a breath of fear, holding it in in awe. From the trees, a golden paw emerged. I watched silently as a regal golden wolf stepped into my field of vision.

It's fur glowed, as if it was being shined upon from another source, and it made the great trees seem tiny, the brightest light, dim, compared to it. It's eyes were a thousand colors, shimmering, all-seeing, and all knowing. I dropped to my knee's at the sight of the great beast, and I felt both terror and sanctuary at the sight of this beautiful animal.

"My God . . ." I whispered.

The wolf came towards me, and I lowered my eyes from it, feeling unworthy to gaze upon it.

'My child, look into my eyes,' A voice drifted through my mind.

I jerked my head up, looking into the wolf's eyes, as it sat inches from me.

'You have had a hard life, Child,' the voice said kindly, 'Yet no matter how hard things got, you remained kind and gentle. You deserve so much better. But first, you need to change your appearance.'

I nodded my head, my odd colored eyes never straying from the holy beast. It rose, standing strong and raising it's head to the sky.

Once more, the pure unbroken howl echoed through the woods. To my stunned amazement, I too rose, lifting my own head to the dawning sky.

I felt fire shoot through my bones as the howling continued. My bones and muscles were changing rapidly, and soon I could no longer stand. I fell onto my hands- paws - and a sound emerged from my throat. A howl that was powerful and strong rose from my throat. The sun rose, bathing me, as I fell to the side, slipping into darkness, and was asleep before the ethereal wolf vanished, and a woman came walking up.

I rose from my bed, scratching my head as I gazed around my room. I threw off my covers and got up, then turning and making my bed. I then walked into my bathroom to brush my teeth and wash my face. After I had dried my face, I walked back into my room and put on a pair of skinny jeans, a white thermal, and a loose black shirt over that. I grabbed my brush and brushed my hair, leaving it down, before putting on my socks. I grabbed a sweater and my favorite colorful scarf, before putting on a pair of boots. I jogged over to the stairs, and ran down the three fights, then heading out in the early lights of dawn.

My most recent nightmare was confusing me, so I felt like I needed a quick walk to figure it out. I crossed the street, and into the park woods. Even these park woods were safer than the area I lived in.

With swift foot steps, I walked into the woods, and began to wander.

I looked over my dream, wondering what beast, I had come to think that from the growling I heard, protected me so fiercely. My mind was so focused, that I didn't pay attention to the world around me. I jumped onto a fallen tree, weaving my thin body through the dead boughs. I walked with my arms out to the broken trees base, where I hopped off it onto the ground. I walked beside it, running my hand along it.

In the midst of my musings, I noticed a strange glow from the side. I didn't even glance at it until I heard the sound.

It was so beautiful. A keening howl to the dawn, a song of indefinable grace and power. I turned towards the sound, my muscles moving without my consent and moving towards that noise. I saw through the trees, a black shape, and my mind immediately went to the fearful shape I had seen in my dream.

Yet, I didn't stop, and I continued towards it, coming close as it's song ended. It fell as it's song ended. I came close, and knelt next to it.

Not it, he, I thought as I looked at the animal unconscious. He was huge as he was beautiful. He had onyx fur covering his body, but his body was thin, and I could see his ribs sticking out unhealthily. You poor thing, I thought sympathetically as I stroked his large head. I ran my hands down his head, only to feel a small sliver chain on his neck.

"What's this- !" I started, not even finishing before the dog awoke. He bolted to the edge of the clearing, where he tensed and began circling me. I gulped when I finally realized that he wasn't a big dog.

He was a purebred wolf. I started shaking slightly, and my thought's fled, leaving me with only the instinct to get away.

His eye's suddenly caught mine, and I was entranced by them. One gold, one silver.

"So beautiful," I whispered, reaching out to the wolf. He tensed, but gradually moved forward. His nose met my hand, smelling it. He slowly calmed, and moved towards me, laying his head on my lap. I stroked him gently, whispering, "You poor thing, but it's ok. I can help you, if you want you can come to my apartment, and I'll get you some food, and it's warm, so you should be comfortable!"

He raised his head, his eyes showing human-like intellect, nodding slowly. I smiled once more, saying, "You're so beautiful, do you have a name to match it?"

He sat up know, moving his chin up, and showing a silver necklace that had a cross on it, and what appeared to be a dog tag. I laughed at this, saying, "A dog tag for a dog, what an irony!"

He looked a bit annoyed, but still stood tall. I grasped his necklace, making sure not to pull on it, and read it.

It had one word.

"Kain . . ." I whispered. His eyes gazed at me, and I looked into them, speaking softly, "It suits you."

Kain seamed to be pleased by this and rose to his feet. I followed, dusting off my bottom. I noticed something, and immediately turned to Kain, saying, "Oh, I'm Estar, but I prefer Star."

Kain nodded once more, in such a human way that I was more than surprised. He acted so human, it felt like he was.

"Come on, my house is this way," I pointed, walking towards the a tree that looked familiar. Kain's teeth gripped my scarf gently, tugging me the other way. His eye's stared into mine and I blanched.

"That's not the way home is it?" I asked, sweat dropping. Kain nodded slowly.

"And you can smell the way, can't you?" Kain rolled his eyes and jogged off towards the other end of the clearing. I followed him, blushing hard.

Soft hands stroked me. I opened my eyes, and my senses were swiftly ambushed by everything. The sun was to bright, the leaves to clear. The scents!

The main smell overpowering the rest was not a bad one, just a strong. It smelled like paper and ink, but also natural, like the sun shining on warm skin.

I freaked out and did what came instinctively, and bolted to the edge of the clearing. Not safe, kept echoing through my head, non-stop. It was a voice of a beast's instincts. Man, was it loud.

I began to circle the thing that touched me, sorting things out in my head. First off, I'm not walking on two legs. I have paws. I am furry. And tall. I am a dog.

No, we're a wolf! A purebred one, not to be lumped with those mutts, a feral voice growled in my mind.

Okay, who the hell are you and why are you in my head?

The voice chuckled slightly, I am the beast part of your mind, or your instincts. I'll protect us if you get into to some stupid situation, after all I don't care who I attack. Our own survival is more important.

That's horrible. Nobody should ever be hurt.

It scoffed, Naïve human. The female human is staring.

True to It's words the thing, no she, it was a human woman, was staring at me. Her grey yet blue eyes caught mine, and she reached out to me. A beast.

"So beautiful," she whispered.

I moved closer to her, but It started to shout at me, yelling, NO! She is human! She will hurt us, it is bad, don't trust her!

I ignored it. I sniffed her hand, and growled silently at the soft smell. Now that I was more aware, I realized just how nice her scent really was. I laid my head in her lap, as she stroked me. She sympathized and offered me food and a warm bed. Like I was going to refuse. I tried to tell her, but remembered my inability to communicate verbally. Well, that's a bit annoying. Oh well, I was never very vocal anyway. I raised my head and nodded at her.

That strange look reentered her eyes and she said, "You're so beautiful, do you have a name to match it?"

My name. How was I supposed to tell her? My dog tag! I rose slowly, and sat on the ground, holding my head high, showing off my neck, and my dog tag and mothers silver cross glinting in the rising sun. Her hands moved towards my neck.

No, the beast within growled, Do not go near our neck! Don't let her.

Once more, I ignored him, after all, this woman looked kind. She should at least be given the benefit of the doubt. She looked at my dog tags, and laughed. I made it myself in metal shop!

"A dog tag for a dog, what an irony!"

Was she always this weird? She then grabbed my dog tag and read the word on it aloud.

"Kain." Her impressed tone made up for the annoyance. "It suit's you." Why thank you. I stood and she followed, dusting her hind off. She then turned to me, with a bright smile stretching her lips.

"Oh! I'm Estar, but I prefer Star." I simply nodded, and wondered why she bothered telling me. It's not like I can talk or anything like that. "Come on," she smiled once more, pointing. "My house is this way." I took a breath before following, only to find, she was heading the wrong way. She was heading towards my house!

LIAR! DECIEVER! my beast called out, you see!? She wants to take us back to the place of pain, she is bad!

I grabbed her scarf between my teeth, and pulled her away, only to have her look into my eyes, clueless. Something seemed to occur to her. "That's not the way to my house, is it?" I shook my head. "And you can smell the way, can't you?"

To my surprise, I could. I rolled my eyes at my own stupidity, and let go of Star's scarf. Turning, I led her to the trees on the other side of the clearing, and she trustingly followed me.

Why do you trust this strange human? my beast asked.

I started at this. Why? How should I know, however, I was never one to distrust or hate anyone without a reason.

You humans, It snorted, You are going to get yourself killed.

Well, I'm not a human anymore, am I?

"Kain~! You are better than a GPS!" Star called, pulling me out of my reserve. "Look, my apartment. My room's on the third floor, come on," she smiled happily, leading me up the stairs. "There's actually a elevator, but I usually take the stairs, so I can get in some exercise. At least I have a high metabolism, so I don't have to eat right, I just have to exercise. I love it!" her joyous laugh echoed up the stairs, and her smile shone like a sun. She seemed to take joy in just living.

I followed her as she trotted up the stairs, my new muscles moving powerfully. It felt lovely to have so much power at my command.

We're wolves, its in our nature to be strong, my beast said, sounding very calm. I noted this and relayed it to It. It scoffed at me.

Star called my name as she stood at the top of the stairs, heading through the hallway past a door that smelled like cat. She kind of smelled like cat…

"Kain, I want you to never chase the neighbors cat, you hear! I don't think you would, but best to be careful," she shrugged nonchalantly. She pulled out a key and began to struggle with the lock. I let my senses flow out, and as I breathed in, I smelt alcohol, a male, and the scent of sweat. My nose curled at the stench, and I growled lowly.

Star got the door open, and stepped on something. Under her foot was a letter that smelled identical to the scent outside the door.

Star snarled as she bent to pick up the letter. Without opening it, she walked into her kitchen, grabbed matches, and lit one. She scowled as she held the flame under the corner, and let the fire eat it. I watched, and calmed slightly as the smell was overtaken by the scent of flames, a welcome change.

"That bastard doesn't know when to quit!" she said angrily, turning on the garbage disposer, and washing the ashes down the drain. "Seriously, I am so glad I wasn't here when he came. He is an absolute dick!"

I cocked my head at her cursing, and she looked over, then away again, sighing. Her scent shifted, still sweet, but with a sharp edge, and it was if clean flames were whipping around her. She spoke clearly, explaining, "He's an ex-boyfriend. At first I thought he was a sweetheart, then he took me to a party, and … did something. He came … confronted me later, and we got in a fight. He hurt- tried to hurt me, and I screamed. Someone called 9-1-1 and he was put in a holding cell. I actually have a restraining order against him, but he doesn't give a damn, the dumb ass. Hey Kain, if he comes over again, will you keep my safe from him?" She smiled playfully at me. It seemed- no she's not a faker.

Inside, I smirked, and barked back at her, making her laugh joyously. It was a soothing sound, and her scent shifted again, returning to the natural scent that seemed to hang around her.

"Ha ha! My hero, Kain the Mighty!" she joked happily, her bright smile shining through. Her little smile never left as she began to move around the kitchen. I laid on the floor out of her way, but when she finished, she put a plate in front of me, then stepped over me, muttering, "You lazy dog." with a playful smile.

She sat on a chair in front of the small circle table, and then began to eat.

"Hmm, how funny! Last night I was debating whether or not to get a cat, and today, I ended up with a big ol' dog," she laughed. Catching my annoyed look, she amended, saying, "A very, very, handsome dog."

I ruffled, turning to the plate my food was on, then got to work eating it. It was a lot harder than I thought.

Having troubles? the beast asked, giving a distinct impression of smirking. I growled lowly at it, then continued lapping at the plate.

Oh, I get it, I should just be messy and slurp it all up like it's soup or something, right? I shot back at it.

It sighed at this, and said sadly, We must learn to accept each other one day. If we don't, we will forever be in danger, and death will be our punishment.

I was surprised at the morbid turn in it's voice. It kind of scared me, and halted my eating. I took a breath, and continued eating.

Above me, the female rambled on, apparently disliking silence, as she too ate. Kain just listened, her melodic voice, which was calming him, and his beast. Until she turned on the subject of her Ex.

"Man, he was such a douche. I mean. he started out as a sweet heart, ya know, with all the sweet words, the gifts , the kisses. I ate it up, after all, I didn't know any better, he was my first boyfriend. The only man who had ever been kind to me. He convinced me one day to go to a party, and at first it was fun, and I was dancing. Then he brought me a drink. He looked tipsy, and I was high off of the party atmosphere. I was about to drink it, but I saw this powder on the inside of the cup. I glanced at my him, and I pretended to take a drink. Now, I'm not stupid, I mean, I'm going to collage to be an environmental lawyer, and as I acted like the drink had affected me, he immediately tried to take me up to a room. I told him to meet me in a room, and got the hell out of there."

I growled lowly. I knew what she was talking about, she was saying her boyfriend tried to drug her, and then rape her. No man should ever do something so despicable.

Don't hate any one? my beast asked, yet I knew that it was pissed off to.

Why are you so angry? I asked, not noticing that Star was staring at me because of how much I was growling.

If you plan to take a mate, you take them with reverence and love. Yes human, Love. When a wolf mates, they mate for life. For us there is no other that we can love, my beast said solemnly. I looked back and realized something. In all my eighteen years, I had never had a girlfriend. I had been approached a hundred times, but never once had any of my emotions had stirred within me. Perhaps you are more wolf than you ever knew…

"Kain? What's wrong?" Star asked above me, her fork on her plate and her head cocked sideways. Her grey-blue eyes locked onto mine searchingly. I turned my head and continued eating. I could smell she was on edge now, and it was my fault. I stopped eating and moved to sit by her, putting my head in her lap. She seemed to be reassured by this, as she began stroking my head lightly, tweaking my ears.

"Nothing, nothing… Hey, it's getting late, you tired?" Star asked quietly, her hand never ceasing it's movements. I yawned and removed my head as she moved to pick up my plate, and her own, placing them into the sink. She glanced at the clocked, and muttered, "God, it's been such a long day… Yet it felt like it went by so fast, I mean, we got to my house around lunch, then the letter, and the cooking. Yeah, it's been a long day."

True to her words, when I glanced outside, it had become dark. I looked at the bright moon, as I listened to the soft clicking's of plates being washed. When the water turned off, Star came up next to me, and gazed along with me at the moon. She looked down to me, and motioned to her room. I followed her, and turned as she began changing.

Has she no modesty!? I thought as I gazed at her bookshelf.

You're one to talk. You have no clothes either, that and she sees you as a dog, my beast said, as he urged me to turn.

Well, I'm not gonna watch her, you pervert! I replied, stunned. All animals, even with human counterparts, are always looking for possibilities to… reproduce.

My beast chuckled, speaking easily, Silly human, you must have noticed that she is very beautiful, and past her sweet layer, it seems she's got a fire. Not a bad mind either, not easily fooled that one.

Shut up! I cried. Star laughed behind me, and I turned to see her changed, and rolling around on the ground. I padded over, and looked at her, my head upside down above her. She opened her eyes, and gazed gently at me.

"Such a gentle wolf, ey Kain!" she asked me, rising up. "You're welcome to sleep on the bed Kain, it's big enough for both of us."

She lifted the covers and slipped between them. I jumped up onto the bed, laying next to Star. She giggled lightly as I yawned loudly. I was almost asleep as I felt delicate, soft, glass-blown fingers drift into my fur, and a tiny body push close to me. I shifted, and curled up around her body. I gave the tiny girl my warmth, and let her lean on me.

After all, I am a strong wolf.

Kain is an amazing dog. He is so graceful, and beautiful, and powerful. My God, I love those eyes. I put Kain's plate on the floor and stepped over him, joking about his exercise amount.

I sat at the table, and began to eat, talking about my classes. I kept it up, and Kain seemed to be listening. He looked calm, content, until I brought up my first boyfriend.

"Man, he was such a douche. I mean. he started out as a sweet heart, ya know, with all the sweet words, the gifts , the kisses. I ate it up, after all, I didn't know any better, he was my first boyfriend," I said smoothly, but felt a shot of emotion as I thought I heard a low growl. I ignored it and continued. "The only man who had ever been kind to me. He convinced me one day to go to a party, and at first it was fun, and I was dancing. Then he brought me a drink. He looked tipsy, and I was high off of the party atmosphere. I was about to drink it, but I saw this powder on the inside of the cup. I glanced at my him, and I pretended to take a drink. Now, I'm not stupid, I mean, I'm going to collage to be an environmental lawyer, and as soon I acted like the drink had affected me, he immediately tried to take me up to a room. I told him to meet me in a room, and I got the hell out of there."

My thoughts shifted, remembering that he started feeling me up, before I took a sip. It was when he came to confront me when we got into it, and the cops were called. I shuddered, and then froze, as I heard Kain give off a low growl. I lowered my fork slowly, and moved my hand towards my knife.

A wild dog, is so much more dangerous than a feral cat. Especially a dog that could easily over power a defenseless person my size.

"Kain," I started, "What's wrong?" Kain stopped growling, and turned his head from me. I kept my eyes on him, worried. Kain stopped eating, then plodded over to me, putting his head in my lap. I calmed at this non-dangerous movement, and began stroking him, playing with his soft ears. I felt my eyes becoming heavy, and Kain yawned also, so I got up and put Kain and mines plates into the sink, cleaning them. I heaved a sigh, and turned off the water, the day had been taxing, and it was supposed to be my relaxation day! I saw Kain gazing out the window, and I to looked at the moon, thinking how much it looked like the sharp silver color of his eye. I smiled slightly at this, and when he turned to look at me, I motioned him to follow me to my room.

Obediently, he followed. I entered my room, and began to change. I stripped to my underwear, then threw on some sweets and an overshirt. When I turned to look at Kain, I saw him resolutely staring at a bookcase.

It was to much. I burst out into laughter, the good kind, where your stomach hurts, and your eyes start watering. I fell onto the floor and continued my laughter there.

I opened my eyes to find a large wolf standing over me, his eyes looking at me oddly. I decided to let him in on the hilarity of the situation.

"Such a gentle wolf, ey Kain?" I asked, my eyes sparkling. I giggled once more. I pushed myself heavily off the floor, and into my bed. Kain accepted my invitation, and he to hopped into the bed. He yawned loudly, his tongue lolling out. I chuckled it, then laid a bit more heavily on my bed. Kain's breath evened out. I felt my eyes close also, entrapping me within their darkness.

Also entrapping me in nightmares.

~Here in the darkness, the Kingdom of Dreams can be found.~

Rain was cold. Stone is hard. And men are horrid.

(Fur is soft and warm. So strong. Free wolf, owned by none.)

It was so dark. The clouds obscured the rain, and I was looking up to the sky, letting the rain wash me away. I smiled with my eyes closed, and my arms outstretched to embrace the rain. Everyone rushed by me, all except one. He was staring at me, or rather, what he hoped I would become.

I let my arms fall, and returned to the earth from whence I came. I opened my eyes and shouldered my bag a bit more. I began my brisk walk to the apartment that I had recently purchased, small, and yet to be made more homey. With out a second thought, I began brushing the tips of my fingers against the walls of the building, a habit I had developed as a young girl.

The wall ended, and my fingers left the brick, hanging near the night colored place between two buildings. My hand began to return to my side, but was stopped by flesh. I started, and turned to peer into the darkness. I said in a deadly calm, "Release me now, or I'll scream."

I was yanked into the alley roughly, and I opened my mouth to let one of my ear piercing screeches out. A dirty hand covered my mouth, and the scent of alcohol became overpowering as the man leaned in close. I bit hard on his hand, and slapped him with my free hand. He grunted, and jerked his hand from my mouth. It was then he who slapped me. I fell to the ground, where I sucked in a breath to scream with.

"Oh no you don't, you little bitch!" the man said. His voice. I gasped, both from being body slammed to the floor, and from the familiarity of the voice.

A hand now covered with a sleeve covered my mouth from behind. I was flipped hard onto the cement, and then he straddled me. I felt-


My mind and body rebelled violently against the very male body above me, making me throw punches, and thank God that I was flexible enough to kick my legs high enough to hit him in the back of the head. He was smacked forward, his body-

My mind went blank. Fear can be very powerful, it can give you the power to fight any Goliath, or, it can reduce you to the weak, small woman that you never wanted to be.

Tears streamed down my cheeks, as I whimpered at the sight of sharp silver.

A passing thought, nothing like Kains.

My shirt was slowly lifted, and coldness stroked my stomach. I tried with all my soul to cry out, as my body remained frozen.

"Come on, sweetie~ You like this?" he sneered into my ear. "You like this~ honey bear."

The blade slipped under my fragile skin. It crept down towards-

Please, oh God, NO!

I sobbed as the process repeated itself, again. And again.

And again.

WHY!? Why won't anyone see my plight, my- FUCK! It hurts, stop, stop, Stop, STOP!

Never. I had never felt so much pain before. I didn't like it at all, I tried to cry at his words. Please, please stop!


The rest I remember with horrifying details.

Innocence shattered, stolen from me. My body used, beaten abused. A once beautiful and colorful mind was left in a room was locked in a room of white, where only words entered and left. Tears were there, along with a completely exposed body, a girl missing all her pride, dignity, and life.

A horrified scream echoed down the alley, and he ran. My eyes were dull as I stared on, and not even the bright lights did not reflect in them. Not even the piercing sirens entered a blank soul.

What did, was the warmth of the blood covering my stomach.


Blood can be my blanket, and-


Why not?

Take everything away, and what do you have?

A shell.

A girl with nothing left, but her own inner fire. Let him kill you, and he wins. Don't let him win. LIVE. Prove to him, that he's an idiot, he is weak. We are strong! Estar.

To be.

To be… What?

To be strong. Mama always says, Estar Fuerte. To be strong!

Even the doctors stitching up the catatonic girl, could see the fire enter those grey-blue eyes. From cement to a storm. Beauty, the revival of a doused fire.

Get to close to my Star, you will be burned. With those sweet words, the voice faded away, returning to his place above his precious child.

~But even if the dream you have in that kingdom is a memory, when you return to the land of the waking, you will find a world both warm and cold~