Well, I haven't been here for a long time, but I'm back. I recently had a dream about a computer game I used to play, so here comes my new story, about a girl and a bunch of boys, all suspects in tampering with the taste of food. This might sound childish and implausible, but you'll see how it works. Anyway, enjoy!

Also, I should add, the song lyric at the end is from a YouTube video, Act II of the Books vs Movies Musical, comparing fairytales to Disney movies. I strongly advise you to find it.

"Melody? We're here!"

I sighed, pulled my earbuds out and forced a smile. I really, really, really didn't want to have to stay with my aunt, uncle and cousins, but an overseas business trip caused my parents to be away for a month. They couldn't really take a fourteen-year-old girl with them, so it meant had to stay with the closest relatives – in the next town. In my opinion, I was just lucky that the trip only took from late June to the end of July, so I was off school. The car stopped, and I quickly switched off my iPod, sighing. It wasn't that I didn't like my family, but I didn't want to be left in a small-town environment like this one when I was used to the city I lived in.

When I got my (very heavy) bags out, I spotted my two cousins looking through the window. I did my usual ritual greeting and stuck my out tongue at them, and they copied. We'd done that since I was about five. I finally finished getting her stuff inside, and then, I greeted the two boys. "Hey, Mike, hey, Kieran."

Michael was fifteen, and in my opinon, he was smart, sensible and charasmatic. Maybe a little bit too perfect at times. "Hey, Mel. How's it going?" he said.

"Usual." I answered. "A nightmare."

"Hi, Melody!" piped up Kieran, the ten-year-old. "Did you know I've been practising arm-wrestles?"

"Still bet you can't beat me." I grinned, and we arm-wrestled. It turned out Kieran must have had a willing partner, because he narrowly won against me, a girl who was four years older.

About an hour later, my parents were gone, and I was settling into the spare room which I would pretty much live in for the next month. I sighed, lying on my bed as I got out the latest issue of Girlfriend magazine and flipped to the problem page.

There was a knock on my door at that moment, and Michael appeared. "Hey, I'm going over to the skatepark to meet some of my friends. You wanna come with?"

I rolled her eyes. Did he really feel the need to drag me along? "Since when do you bring cousins along to meet your friends?"

"Since you got sent here." Michael answered. "They'll meet you anyway, and it's not like I'm asking you to stay over at Cory's tonight, which is what I'm doing. So are the others."

I smiled a little and consented. I was a little curious about his friends, so both of us turned up at the skatepark.

"This is Melody, my cousin." Michael introduced quickly. "Mel, this is Cory, Blake, Justin, Spencer and Aiden."

The guys smiled and waved. Aiden, the tanned one with dark brown eyes, caught my eye at one point, and I suddenly felt a little shy at his gaze. During the time I was there, I didn't really do much, just hang out, although while most of the boys used the skatepark as intended, Justin, the skinny blonde boy, made an effort to talk to me.

"So, how long are you staying at Mike's?" he asked.

"A month." I muttered. "So how come you aren't into rollerblades, skateboards, whatever?"

Justin shrugged. "I don't know. I'm just not into sporty stuff or that kind of thing. Blake is always telling me to join in with things like this, but he's not serious."

Spencer slowed down and stopped by us with a smirk on his face. "Hey, either of you want some gum?" he offered.

I reached out, unsuspecting of his true intentions, but Justin stepped in front of me. "Hold it, Laffer! She's Pierce's cousin, remember." He added in an undertone to me. "Laffer's surname suits him, since he's a practical joker. He's pulled that one on us so many times."

Spencer laughed it off. "Well, Blakey over there fell for it."

Justin rolled his eyes. "He falls for it every time you say 'want a piece of gum'."

Spencer laughed again and skated off. I had to smile as I glanced at him. "Anything else you should warn me about that Mike probably hasn't?" I asked.

"Oh, nothing," Justin said, "Except that Cory watches too many movies, girls like you never hang around Blake for long, and if you do, you'll know why, and oh yeah, Aiden's desperate to be edgy, so he pushes every limit ever established. Plus he uses one of the most outdated words in this century."

I just shrugged. "That doesn't bother me. I still like to say outdated things like 'wizard'."

Justin scoffed. "That's so out of date that it almost seems knew. But it's worse to say things that have only just been outdated, so more people know it's uncool. Aiden still calls nearly everything cool 'radical'."

That made me giggle, but I said "I kind of like the word, though."

Eventually, it got dark, and Michael decided he'd walk me back (since he knew that my sense of direction once left me on the edge of a dangerous construction site instead of outside the local mall), at which point every single of his friends looked at me, and offered to come back with them.

Well, I could sense that I was a point of interest with the teenage boys, I'd have to be blind not to see it. But while I did like Michael as my cousin, and had enjoyed Justin's company, I wasn't sure about the other four boys. I knew I'd have to keep on my guard with Spencer and his tricks, and I watched Blake to see his girl-repelling traits. Cory seemed OK, though. But it was Aiden who really captured my interest. He was good-looking, dressed in a cool way, and seemed pretty nice. But when he caught my watching, he held my gaze and grinned, making my head spin.

"Is he flirting with me?" was my first thought, because if he was, it was working all too well, yet I had never said a word to him. I hadn't even heard him speak properly! It must all be physical attraction, and probably, whatever he first said to my would ruin that image and then I'd be able to feel more like myself around him and the other boys. The way I always felt at home, or just hanging out with my friends or family. The way I sometimes felt with Michael.

But when I stepped inside the house, as the other boys turned to leave, Aiden kept watching me for a moment. When he saw that I noticed it, he grinned, and said "Goodnight, Melody," and followed the others to Cory's house. I shut the door and went to her room, dizzy. How could I feel like some Disney princess, Snow White, just spending a moment with a guy like Aiden?

After all, a lyric floated into my head about Disney princesses and their guys. "Snow White had a moment, Cinderella a dance, Aurora had a creepy meeting..."

All I got a few words and a smile. I couldn't already have any real attraction to Aiden already. But at that thought, I relaxed. I was sure I'd have forgotten all about him by the morning.

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