Welcome to- Eh What's the Use?

Seventeen and never been kissed; story of Casey's life. She couldn't understand why it was so… She was pretty- so her friends said. She was liked in school, friends in every circle. Guys just didn't look at her like she though they would.

"Maybe I need a boob job…" she told Elouis, and Elouis looked at her, then at her chest.

"I'm no expert but they're fine to me Case." She commented and Casey chuckled. "You're like what? A C-cup at least…"

"And you're like double D's girl!" she shot back pointing. "Lou, something needs to be done fast… My lips- they're still virgins!"

"No need to get dramatic Case." Lou said dramatically herself.

"So the most dramatic girl in Newbury High says!" Casey laughed and avoided a nice swipe to on her arm. "Come on, the lunch bell will ring and I want my tater tots."

"You are such a-"

"Don't say it Lou…"

"Piggy!" she exclaimed anyways and Casey rolled her eyes.

"What a nice friend…" Casey scoffed tossing her arm over Elouis' shoulder until a little redhead squeezed herself between the duos.

"Good afternoon sexy ladies. May I escort you to lunch?" she asked and Casey slid her arm through hers.

"You do every day." Lou stated and Katherine beamed.

"It's my job!" she said in mock defense. "That I don't get paid for…"

"You get paid in love baby cakes!" Lou exclaimed and Casey started to laugh.

"Oh, so I have a quick question for you hun…" she began and Katherine looked at her. "Do you think I should get a boob job?" she asked and Lou groaned shaking her head.

"I already told you-"

"Let her answer!" Casey said in protest and Katherine turned her attention back to her, then looked at her chest like Elouis had.

"They look fine. You're like what a C-cup?" she asked and Casey rolled he eyes.

"Lou said the same thing…" she said and pulled away from her. "Seriously! Something is wrong with me, I'm a senior and have got no attention from guys what so ever!" she exclaimed and turned around to face them both, her arm whacking into someone in the process. She stopped and turned around, face to face with a student who looked a little annoyed. "I'm so sorry- I had no idea you were there!" she exclaimed a little flustered and he looked up from picking up the last of his books.

"No problem, everyone loves to get hit in the chest every now and then." He said and rolled his eyes, smirking at her.

"You must be the only one because I hate it." She chuckled and shook her head looking down.

"You must be…" he said and smiled a bit. "Well, have a nice day; try not to hit anyone else." He chuckled and so did Casey, then watched him walk away. Once he was down the hall and had turned the corner, Katherine and Elouis pounced on her, waiting for the chance to pound her with question after question.

"What the hell was that?" Katherine asked and Casey looked at her a little confused.

"You were obviously flirting with him!" Elouis exclaimed and Casey shook her head.

"No, not even a little bit. He's not my type…" Casey told then shaking her head at them.

"When did you have a type?" Elouis asked and Katherine laughed.

"What IS your type Case?" she asked curiously, getting close to her face.

"I don't know… Male?" she tried and Katherine burs into a fit of giggles.

"Wrong answer darling…" Elouis chimed in and shook her head. "You type, is tall dark and handsome!" she said and Casey looked at her, rolling her eyes and crossing her arms over her chest.

"Really Lou, tall dark and handsome? What is this, a Disney movie or something?" she asked and frowned a little. "It was nothing, I bumped into him, and we spoke for two seconds that's it. It happens all the time and nothing ever goes on, so can we PLEASE just go to lunch?" she asked, her voice pleading a little bit and Katherine glanced at Lou then sighed dramatically.

"Let's get going..." Katherine said and started shuffling to the cafeteria and Lou laughed a little.

"You look horribly depressed right now Kath."

"I am!" she whined and Casey patted her back.

"It's not my fault. You like to ask questions and I don't like to answer them." She chuckled and Katherine whined again. "You sound like a crying puppy…" she noted and Katherine turned her head to look at her. "Okay, okay, I'll back off." She chuckled and wrapped an arm around her waist. "Come on you." She laughed and Katherine tried not to smile, yet failed, making Elouis laugh.

"I love you guys!" Katherine chimed in and Lou chuckled.

"Love you too…" she noted and Casey smiled at them, then out of the corner of her eye she saw the same boy as before. A little spark rose up and she smiled a bit more when she could tell that he was looking at her. Then it faltered a little when she noticed another figure with him. His arms around her waist- he was in a relationship.

"Dammit." Casey grumbled and Lou looked at her as they got into line.

"What is it?" she asked and Casey nodded her head in her mystery boy's direction.

"He's in a relationship." She glumly stated, her face mirroring her voice. "I thought I had a tiny chance."

"It's okay Case, you still have us." Katherine said softly, rubbing her back and Casey sighed.

"Yeah, I still have you guys. Now out of my way! I need my tater tots!" she exclaimed, pushing the thought right out of her head and locking it into a drawer, already knowing it would slip back out later once she was home alone.