Bells Are for Losers, Just Like Love Is

The entire class turning towards the knock at the door and Mr. K paused in the middle of his introduction to the next segment of homework. Casey looked back at him as he began to walked towards the wooden door and open it, seeing Elouis in the doorway.

"Mr. Killington, did you forget about that thing down the hall near the boy's lav?" she asked and Casey attempted to stifle a laugh.

"The thing?" he asked and she nodded at him, a little too much, or so Casey noticed.

"Yes, the thing that the principal told me to remind you about!" she replied, a little frantically and he rubbed his chin thoughtfully and then took a step back.

"Oh! That thing! Oh yeah, class I'll be back." He said a bit hastily and rushed out of the room towards the boy's bathroom and Lou has a chance to slip in and take her seat.

"Hook, line and sinker." She laughed and Casey shook her head.

"You're impossible." She sighed as Mr. K walked back in.

"Elouis, there was nothing by the boy's bathroom…" he sighed and closed the door again, then stopped in his tracks and looked at her narrowing his gaze. "Did you just play me?" he asked and she giggled a little bit until Casey hit her arm.

"Well, I had to slip into the room somehow." She shrugged and Casey groaned out loud rolling her eyes.

"And it's too hard just to be a regular student like me?" Casey asked and Elouis began to laugh.

"Normality is a disease… Everyone has it, and a few don't. Those are the brilliant ones in history." She stated and Mr. Killington cleared his throat.

"Once you two are done with the Casey and Elouis show we can get back to expanding our minds…" he almost snapped and Casey looked at him, already feeling guilty for disrupting the class.

"Sorry Mr. K." she said softly and looked down at her notebook, going back to scribbling more of his explanation on the new material. After he snapped at her, the class seemed to drag on for just about ever. She felt horrible every time she looked at him, and it was hard not to get all red faced whenever she thought about it for the period. Unlike Elouis, who was not fazed by the outburst at all, Casey felt like she and just committed a federal crime.

When the bell rang, she collected her things and didn't even say goodbye to Elouis, who left a little confused. "Yes Casey?" he asked and looked up at her as she finished approaching the podium.

"I'm sorry for disrupting the class." She began and when he took a deep breath she plowed on so he wouldn't just butt in as some teacher do. "I get rowdy with my friends, everyone does…" she commented and he looked at her, a level gaze on her own.

"Casey, I'm not upset with you, you barely talk in my class as is. I love when my shy students are talkative in class, just not when I'm in the middle of teaching it." He explained and she nodded, glancing at the door as other students began to file in.

"Alright, I'll remember that. Thanks Mr. K." she said and he nodded at her.

"Of course C-Dog." He smiled a bit and she was grinning back, glad to hear her nickname again. "Now get to class."

"I have senior privileges." She reminded him and he laughed.

"Then go get a snack somewhere in town and then take a nap at home." He commanded and she laughed again.

"Will do Mr. K. Bye!" she smiled once more before leaving ad finding Katherine waiting for her.

"Lou is already by the office read to sign out. I decided to what for you." She said quietly, her voice a little tired and Casey patted her back.

"Come on Kath, let's get our junk together." She sighed and started towards Casey's locker on the floor beneath them. Casey smiled a tiny bit at the familiar swish swish of Katherine's backpack form the multitude of key chains she had acquired over the years, only a fraction of her collection that almost completely covered a wall in her room.

Casey stopped at her locker and opened her locker to place her civics binder back up into its little cubby on the metal shelf and gently slid her creative writing notebook into her backpack. She'd grab the binder before she left…

"Casey, right? I have a quick question for you." She heard Daniel down the hall and turned her head as she got her gym clothes and sneakers out of her backpack.

"Yes?" she sighed and closed her locker as he stopped in front her.

"How do I get to the gym? I have PE with Mr. Jones." He said and a little piece of her soul broke off and crumbled into a million pieces.

"I have that class as well." She said and started to turn around when she saw a redhead coming down the hall. Casey thought it was Katherine, but the hair was far too long to be her…

"Ready Danny?" she asked and stopped beside him her eyeliner rimmed eyes scanning over Casey in disgust. "Who's your little friend here?"

"Casey, she was about to show me to the gym, we have the same class." He explained and looked away from Casey and his mysterious girlfriend.

"Alright then, I'll see you after school boo." She said and gave him a big fat, slightly passionate kiss that made Casey feel like that third wheel. "Bye Casey, " she began, her tone completely changed. "Can't believe I've never noticed you…" she commented.

"That's because I'm not much of one to go to parties and have sex with any hot guy there." Case said back and placed a hand on her hip. "I don't hold a grudge, but I'll never forget how you magically got into my life freshman year." She continued and shook her head.

"Liv what's she talking about?" Daniel asked and Olivia shook her head.

"That was the old me Casey…" she chuckled. "I remember that, and I was stupid back then." She said and shook her own head, carrot red curls bounding around her face.

"Whatever." Casey sighed and finally turned away and walking towards gym.

"Casey wait up!" he called and ran after her but she didn't bother turning round. His girlfriend was complete trouble and she knew it, but he didn't know yet.

"No." she said and he caught her arm, but kept up her pace.

"You don't like Olivia?" he asked and she shook her head at him. "What happened between you two?"

"I'll tell you if I ever get to know you better." She replied and gently released her arm from his grasp. "Let's go. Mr. Jones doesn't like stragglers in his class."