"Crash Course"

It was a comfortable day in the mid-70s, and after four months of relentless cold weather I was happy to be outside again. Currently, I was standing in the driveway next to the blue station wagon my dad looking on, and standing next to me with a look of trepidation on his face was my best friend. I was teaching him to transfer me from my wheelchair to the car.

"Are you sure you want me to do this?" He asked, "I don't want to hurt you."

"You won't hurt me." I said impatiently, "the worst that will happen is one or both of us will slip, besides, my dad is here to catch me if you can't."

He nodded, still looking nervous.

"You ready?" I slid forward in the wheelchair so my feet were on the ground and looked steadily into his blue eyes. "Ready." I whispered, placing my hand on his shoulder and transferred my weight to my feet so I was standing up, so he was holding me up.

I took a step forward and he took a step back, to anyone passing the driveway at that moment it would have looked like we were dancing. Back and forth, back and forth, two steps forward in three steps back and when the back of my legs hit the seat I lost my putting for a moment, and I heard the scuff of his shoes as he tightening his hands around my waist.

"Now suing my legs over," I instructed, "I should be able to push myself back if my feet on the floor."

"Okay." He murmured.

"If I'm not able to do that you have to put your hands under my arms and pull me back." "Well you've done this before so..."

"Something like this...?" He asked, his hands slid under my arms and he pulled my back which resulted in us being almost nose to nose, a part a little too close for me.

"Good." I whispered, trying to ignore how close he was to me and how fast my heart was racing. "when we get there, the same in reverse."

"Got it." he grinned.

"When we get they are you get out the chair and we do something like this..." I slid and on around both of his shoulders, and he slid my legs so I was facing him and we did our awkward little two-step back to my wheelchair.

I sat down with a groan, which made both of us laugh, and once again our faces were inches apart, I could have kissed him if I wanted to.

For a long time we just looked at each other, my arm still around his neck, lost, at least for a few seconds in our own world.