Intro, please read!:This poem was written during my senior year English 4. It was a part of my final, and is in the Salem Witch Trials section. In order to fully understand, this paper was something that we each chose individually. I did mine on Religious fanaticism. This section shows more of what if those accused people were actually of the wiccan/pagan religion? Nevertheless, whether interested in this introduction or not(and I will also post below the end notes explaining further), please read and review if you would like :)

Innocently Charged

Standing in a room full of accusations,
Having nothing to do with the so-called relations,
I felt as if there was no hope,
And realized soon that I would be facing the rope.
The wrong place, the wrong time,
Now I was facing a panel of false crimes.
"This one's possessed" an onlooker screamed
"String em' up high on a tree!"
The judge sat on a high platform,
Ready to send me into a violent storm
Eyebrows raised and fist held high,
He looked over the courtroom with a mighty sigh.
"The jury has made their choice."
The courtroom roared from his mighty voice.
My heart in return skipped a beat,
Wishing that I could just retreat,
And go back in time to that awful day,
To alter the choice of deciding to stray.
But then I suddenly understood,
That my decision was one of good.
For I was one of the few,
Whom deep inside always knew,
That being different was not a felony,
And I believed this as strongly as I knew my name: Melanie.
Wrongly accused, and not given a chance,
I knew they would convict me without a glance.
So instead of pleading for my case,
I stood tall and looked straight into the jury's face.
"Go ahead and convict me,
And hopefully you shall see,
That just as judgment attacks me now,
Soon you will be whispering in a quiet breath 'how'?
For the Three-fold Law* will come back with retribution,
And I hope by then you see the errors of this persecution,
But till then, I bid you farewell,
And as you send me to my cell,
Think strongly on the decision you made,
And know that you have not been played,
For this is my life,
And although you hold the knife,
I speak in truth,
For I realize that I am to die a youth."
They all looked ahead in awe,
But knew that they must stick to their law.
I closed my eyes,
Thinking back to that nice sunrise,
Of pumpkin pie and swimming in the creek,
When everything was not so bleak.
I let it all soak me in,
And a smile spread across my face to my chin.
For I was happy no matter what,
And all the bad would continue shut,
For the world was just a cruel, cruel place,
And I would not let that bother me no matter the case.

*The Three-Fold Law is a Wiccan belief where whatever energy a person puts out into the world, whether good or bad, it is believed to come back to that person times three. Also known as cause and effect or karma.


Creative Piece Innocently Charged: This poem was written through the eyes of the girl being accused. Although it has never been proven whether or not people actually practiced Wiccan beliefs during the Salem Witch Trials, I believed it to be more accurate for my pieces and flow better with my analysis if I made it that way. This girl, although faced with death, knows that what she believes in isn't wrong and defends her point even though she knows it will not change the minds of the jury. I also included a small fact about the Wiccan belief to add emphasis on the judgment against a belief that is being thought of wrongly.