Another entry from my English 4 final of senior year. If you already know about this project from reading my other pieces, then continue. If not, please read the short introduction below. Oh, and this piece is set in the Holocaust section.
Intro: This paper was something that each person in the class chose individually. I did mine on Religious fanaticism. We had to write an introduction, and have at least 10 creative pieces further analyzing your topic. I put the paper into three sections: Salem Witch Trials, Holocaust, and 9/11.
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"One day when I was able to get up, I decided to look at myself in the mirror on the opposite wall. I had not seen myself since the ghetto. From the depths of the mirror, a corpse was contemplating me. The look in his eyes as he gazed at me has never left me."
-Elie Wiesel

From the pits of hell the screaming souls of countless victims yearned for revenge. Their minds a dark abyss, intent on nothing but one thing; to rid the world of those whom had tortured them many moons ago. They wandered aimlessly, stuck in the continuing void which haunted their very breaths. The calls of others echoed throughout the darkness, never reaching another, and leaving every single being trapped alone forever. Finally, hope was restored. From that terrible place a small light started to form, allowing the spirits to once again breath in the fresh air instead of death. The light expanded, until finally, they were able to break free. The millions rushed out into the light, to freedom, to Earth...And once more found themselves within the very place their bodies crippled; Auschwitz. Their eyes scanned the ruins of the buildings they once were forced to reside in; their bodies so close together on 'beds' that a good night's sleep was anything but possible. They saw once more the building of Block 10, where twins were mercilessly tested on by the infamous evil Joseph Mengele; poked and pricked at like nothing more than a guinea pig. A gas chamber still stood, and the ones who had died there stood quietly as the tears fell down their cheeks, realizing it had not just been a dream. And then, they all viewed the crematorium, and remembered the hundreds of thousands of bodies which went into flames, some even still alive-others, family members. They remembered the flames licking their skin and remorsed for the ones they loved who went through the same painful experience. These memories flashed before their very eyes, and the red once again filled their vision as the hatred returned. The spirits yelled out in a pain, an echoing moan residing over the entire camp. It was bone chilling, yet no one was there to hear it. The camp was empty, and the spirits were thankful it was left to sit there in ruins. But someone had to pay. There was no way the ones who had partaken in the sickening events that occurred here were innocent, the spirits were sure of that. All of them, although from all over the planet, knew within their hearts that the feelings were mutual in this aspect. They all believed in the same thing, for they could not move on until their souls were at rest. The murderers were going to discover that their days would be over quite soon.
Death was knocking, and the victims were his angels.


Creative Piece Retribution: The victims of the Holocaust scream their voices to the wind in this story. Their views are displayed as they come back from the graves to seek revenge on those who terrorized their lives long ago. Most victims of the Holocaust did not have the chance to express their feelings about the whole situation. Nor do we have the exact number of those who were murdered violently and without good reason besides not being of the 'perfect' race.