The Slayer (Season 1)


The Dawn of a New Day

There were 12 vampires surrounding John:

John- Guys, can we talk about it?

Jimmy- I assume that you were the one that killed the others right? So, are you truly a Slayer? Or just some Hunter?

Vampire- Sir, can we suck him dry?

The other vampires began laughing:

Jimmy- No! We need him. I know some people that will most gladly want to… interrogate you.

John- Sorry. I think I'll give that a rain check.

And, throws a chair against six vampires making them fall:

Jimmy- Grab him you fools!

He pulled out the gun and kills four but then runs out of bullets:

John- Damn.

Jimmy- Seize him!

Two vampires attack John but he makes them fall with a double kick. Gets hit by a punch, another tries to grab him but John evades him.

A vampire passes his way but John gives him 1 punch, the vampire tries to retaliate with one of his own but John blocks with his right forearm and throws him a wooden stake getting him in the heart and killing him.

John starts running, climbs the stairs, but a vampire jumps and pulls his legs making him fall. John starts punching vampires wherever he sees them, gets hit by one punch.

John gives a kick in the head of a vampire making him fall through a box, breaking it.


Giles- I still can't get the signal back! I hope he is doing okay.

At Paul's house:

Andrew- You still can't get a hold on his phone?

Paul- No.

David- I wonder where he is.

Paul- If told us the truth, he will be in bed.

Andrew- Guys! Look at what we are doing! He is our friend for crying out loud! Why are thinking that he is misleading us with some lie?

Paul- You're right...

Andrew- We should whish that he gets better, not wonder around if his lying just because of a hunch.

Paul and David looked away:

David- Then tomorrow we all go to his place and wish him a nice recovery.

Andrew- Now that's the attitude of a friend.

Andrew's intentions were good but the truth was further from what they all dream.

As they speak, John was fighting for is very life:

Jimmy- Alright! That's enough!

The vampires stop:

Jimmy- I will introduce you to a friend of mine, do you want to meet him?

John- Well, that depends.

He says ironically:

Jimmy- You will like him, I promise. Please open the door to our friend.

Four Vampires go and open a door that was hidden and through it comes a creature with human stature, his skin is grey and very old, in his fingers ten nails with 6 inches, his eye are black and has only half his head:

John- And you are…?

Giles- His a minion, a demon that the vampires of great power can control.

John- Giles? Nice to hear your voice. The communications were down.

Giles- Yes, I only had visual. But I repaired it.

John- Great, now tell me how to kill it.

Giles- The head! Pierce it with a sharp object.

John- Thanks.

The minion attacks John but he jumps over him and then, after he lands he gives him a kick in the head, the demon turns around and growls:

John- Not going down easy I see.

The minion grabs John's head and throws him against a big crate, John gets up and just when he was about to be attacked he lets himself fall and hits him with his feet throwing him to the ground. John takes advantage and while the minion was on the floor John hits him with three punches, but then the minion grabs his hand a gives him a punch in the stomach and then a kick in the chin, John falls and now the minion grabs him by the hair and throws him against another crate breaking it, John was bleeding from the mouth:

Jimmy- You got moves, but still…

John gets up and as the minion approached him John hit him with a round kick, then takes a piece of wood from the floor, the minion was also bleeding a green substance from his mouth and then, in an act of pure rage jumps towards John who then and sticks the stake in his head.

The minion begins to die in flames:

John- Flames? Really?

Giles- That's how they disappear when they die.

But then he starts running across the warehouse, jumping on the walls and igniting it on fire. He dies but that has started a fire, the vampires start panicking and running:

Jimmy- Fools! We need to catch him!

John- Yeah! Go ahead then.

There were flames between them, John runs directed to the window but Jimmy jumps over the flames and gets in front of him:

Jimmy- If I'm going to die, you are going too!

John- Sorry, but not today.

And then hits him with a jump kick and starts running again.

Breaks the window falling outside:

John- Finally. I'm out of there.

He had is shirt a bit ripped and had scratches in his face. He covers himself with his arms because the warehouse had exploded but, when John thought that he was save Jimmy appeared from the flames:

Jimmy- Now seriously, do you think that I was going to die because of that?

John- Actually, yes.

And John attacks him but Jimmy blocks with his right arm and smiles. Hits him with a punch, then makes him fall and hits him with four punches, John throws him way with his feet, gets up and punches him.

The attack wasn't at 100% because of the fight he had with the minion, Jimmy looks at him:

Jimmy- You die here!

Hits him with his left elbow making John fall:

Jimmy- See? I'm stronger that you.

Grabs him by one foot and throws him near the fire, John noticed where he was and grabs a flaming piece of wood and throws it to the heart of Jimmy killing him, gets up:

John- Giles? Are you there?

Giles- Yes. Report.

John- The warehouse has exploded, Jimmy is dead and the plans to open the Hell-mouth with whatever that device was are gone.

Giles- Then congratulations in the success of the mission. Now come back.

John- You don't have to say that again.

He says smiling

And John watches as the sun rises up and he thinks that things are going to be calm for a while, but in an unknown place the person that was behind Jimmy and this whole operation as already other plans for John:

?- Nice performing there. I think I have a challenge here. Maybe you are the one that my father spoke of.

Who could this guy be? The questions build up….

To Be Continued