Now quiet, Conall allowed the girl to ride her mare. He said nothing more to either of the prisoners. Rufus, however, wanted to know why this girl kept this secret from him, as well as what her name was. He now saw the characteristics of a girl about 16 years of age.

Anaya felt terrible now that her secret was out. She was sure that Rufus would never talk to her again and she would have to make the rest of her journey alone. How could he forgive her? And now that she was a prisoner, how was she supposed to get to Camelot now?

"Sir?" Rufus called to the young man who lead them through the forest.

"What?" He answered gruffly.

"May I talk with my comrade?"

"I don't really care right now."

Rufus looked at Anaya right in her eyes. Unable to look at him from the shame she felt, Anaya lowered hers, staring at Izzy's mane.

"What's your real name, Aramis?" He asked kindly.

Anaya fought back tears as she looked at him again. "Anaya." She answered quietly. "Anaya Amerada."

"Why did you disguise yourself as Aramis?"

"I had orders from Gavin to keep my true identity a secret if I wanted to make it to Camelot and become a knight." Anaya answered solemnly.

"Well, thanks for sticking with me when they threatened my life. I thought for sure you would have denied their offer and leave me for dead." Said Rufus with a light laugh.

Anaya looked at him and smiled, feeling a little better. "I thought you wouldn't talk to me again after you knew my true identity." She said, laughing herself.

They laughed a little bit but soon sank back into silence. It was terribly uncomfortable for Anaya to sit in silence, especially with four rebels around her.

"You know," Said Rufus after a while of silence. "All the songs I've heard from you were as Aramis. I'd like to hear Anaya sing for once."

Anaya flushed and looked at Rufus who looked at her with a look a father would give his frightened child to comfort her. She noticed a rebel looking at her anxiously as if waiting for her to start.

Drawing a deep breath, Anaya started her favorite lullaby Gavin used to sing to her when she was frightened or upset;

Amazing grace, how sweet the sound, that saved a wretch like me.

I once was lost, but now I'm found,

Was blind, but now, I see.

As Anaya sang the song that reminded her of home, she noticed Rufus and one of the rebels singing with her. She felt back at home in Gavin's arms so many years ago when she was only five years of age. It was a month after her mother dropped her and Joseph at her uncle's farm and Joseph seemed to totally forget about his parents while Anaya grieved over her fathers death and mother abandoning them. Gavin was so very kind to her, he always sang to her whenever he found her crying or upset.

"Enough of that noise back there!" Shouted the young man (who hadn't given his prisoners his name yet) pulling Anaya out of her memories.

Suddenly, the arm Anaya had hurt began to throb. Anaya knew that pain anywhere. She had been showing Gavin how good she was getting at her attack maneuvers. As she moved to attack the swinging piece of wood she was using to demonstrate, she saw Joseph spying on her from the bushes. The piece of wood smacked her square in the shoulder. Joseph ran home, And Gavin said she damaged a tendon. It took her a month to heal from that. She moved her hand to her hurt shoulder and held it gently.

"You okay?" Rufus asked in concern.

Anaya looked at him, surprised by his voice. "Ya, I'll be fine." She answered.

The leader stopped suddenly and turned to the other rebels. "Take the monk to the prison tent." He ordered sternly. "I'll take the girl to my father so he can plan out her future."

Taking Izzy's reins from Anaya, The young man lead her away. Anaya looked over her shoulder at Rufus, but all she got from him was his now familiar, reassuring smile.

Once Rufus was out of sight, Anaya looked at the man and took a deep, nerve calming breath. "Well," She started. "May I know the name of my captor?"

"My troops know me as Conall, the last son of Accolon the Great." He answered quickly.

Anaya shrugged with content. "That'll work." She said.

Finally, Conall stopped his stallion in front of a tent that sat on the edge of a cliff and was obviously much larger than all the other tents in the Camp.

Conall dismounted his horse and ordered Anaya to do the same. She slowly got off as she was sore from her fall and her shoulder hurt more then ever now. Conall grabbed her injured arm and shoved her into the large tent. Anaya clenched her teeth in pain and tried to pull away from his grip, but he held on tighter, making the pain worse. Conall lead her into the tent where a man stood at a table looking at some sort of paper.

"Father." Conall said.

The man looked up and smiled.

"Ah," He said kindly. "Conall, come in, and let go of our guests' arm, boy, where are your manners?"

Conall released his grip on Anaya's arm. She rubbed it as she gave Conall her fear-filling stare. This time, Anaya saw him slightly shrink nervously.

"Please, sit down young man and relax." Said Conall's Father. Anaya guessed that he was the so-called 'Accolon the Great,' but the only name she thought would fit him better was ' Accolon the Cowered.'

"It's not a boy," Said Conall who sounded annoyed. "It's a girl in disguised as a boy. Her name's Anaya."

Accolon looked at Anaya carefully, then smiled and nodded. "Well, pardon me miss, would you please have a seat?" He asked with a polite bow.

"No thank you." Anaya answered with authority, almost without thinking. A soft green light was at her side, next to her injured arm. Her body relaxed as her arm began to warm. "I'm happy to be standing, sir."

"As you wish, ma'am." Accolon answered. "Tell me, how did you happen to be before me this morning?"

Anaya figured that she couldn't hide her true story anymore and told the rebels that she was traveling to be a knight under King Arthur so she can avenge the knight who sacrificed his life for her against a rebel. Accolon looked at her even more closely. Then he stood back and chuckled coldly. "So, we meet again at last." He said.

Anaya shrank at his words. "What do you mean?" She asked nervously.

"I mean," Accolon answered. "That I was there, trying to find a lost traveler to rob and what do know? A little girl wandering through the forest!" He chuckled again, this time much louder.

Anaya couldn't believe what she was hearing. Suddenly, Accolon waved his hand, still laughing. "Take her to the prison tent with her monk." He said. "I'm done playing with my mouse."

Conall was again at her side and was reaching to grab her arm when she stared at him angrily. Conall stepped back and left her arm alone.

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