The abyss Jeremy Reuters

Stepping out into the moonlight, I shiver not from the cold or fear, but from anticipation. Making my way past the pool, and around the back of the house, I struggle with the large gate that separates warm imprisonment from cold freedom. scuttling through my front yard like an escaped prisoner still not quite sure whether he's home free or not, I make my way to the street. My head turns back and contemplates turning around, but my legs move down the street with a mind of their own. Resigning myself to the fate my legs have set, I wonder over the new feelings I was currently experiencing.

My feet - Determined, but not used to the roughness of the road.

My legs - Experiencing an unusual breeze.

My torso - Shivering, but not cold.

My arms - Hanging carefree, nothing to hide.

My mind - Exited and alert, lucid and unimaginably free.

Unnatural streetlights tainted the night's gloriously incandescent shadows. Stepping under a streetlight I felt like a prisoner under a spotlight, and stepping into the shadows I felt as if I had thrown off my pursuers. Despite this, I didn't move any quicker under the spotlight, I was perfectly resigned to the idea of getting caught. Secretly I hoped for it. Not because I wanted to go back, I was far beyond that train of thought, no, because I relished in the idea of being seen. I played peoples potential reactions and my carefree responses over and over in my mind.

Farther and farther I travelled, deeper and deeper into the beautiful abyss. I had always been captivated by the darkness, but never quite as much as this. The trees made flickers, like darkness' cold flames. The houses made sheets, like the blankets of the night. Still, the streetlight's disgusting glow tainted the beauty of the night. I ran, now not a prisoner, but an artist trying to capture the beauty of the night, and I found myself in a place with no unnatural light - a small park.

Invigorated with a child-like zeal, I ran over the slightly painful bark chips and made my way to the swing. The swing croaked as I flew through the air, and the unusual breeze I experienced intensified. Tilting my head towards the stars as I swung, I never felt so alive.

Growing tired, I slowed the swing to a halt and stepped across the bark chips to the soft grass beyond. Lying down with my arms under my head, I gazed upward, getting a better view of the stars that had captivated me moments earlier. Finally, light I found not only tolerable, but beautiful. Just like salt brings out the flavour in a meal, the stars only emphasise the beauty of the night's sky.

Alas, it was not to last. Red fury approached from the east. I jumped to my feet, alarmed and afraid. This was the spotlight to catch all prisoners, the deterrence to throw off all artists, the frightening bully in a child's school yard. I scampered back over the bark chips and onto the street. Every moment that past, a tiny part of the wondrous abyss was sapped away.

I found myself running back up the street, trying to escape the horror behind me. The sky glowed a horrendous blood-red, and I shivered in fear. The darkness was no longer glorious, the terror of the east had scared it into hiding. The unnatural light of the streetlights were nothing compared to this monster. Many sensations I'd care to forget went though my body as I ran.

My feet - Rough and painful, giving in.

My legs - Cold, but forced to keep moving.

My torso - Shivering from fear.

My arms - ridged and stern.

My mind - fearful and tired, delirious and trapped.

Running across my yard and slamming the gate behind me, I hurry back to my safe, warm prison. Closing the curtains in my room I retreat with my darkness to safety. Closing my eyes the darkness cradles me to sleep. Now the denizens of the light come out, and I shiver with the uneasy feeling that I do not belong. When I awake, the gloriously incandescent darkness wakes with me, but for now, I slip off once again into the abyss.