Dragon Protector


Many years ago, there existed a land, occupied by many strange creatures and beasts. The People that had lived in this vast land called it Vicita; these people lived away from the animals and forest and formed five fortified cities they called the Annulus Vita "The Ring of Life". Each city was known for one thing. The city of Clericus was known for its universities libraries, museums, laboratories and educational status. The city of Sollertia was known for its painters, sculptors, jewelers, blacksmiths, singers, plays and theaters, and its overall prominence in the world of art. The city of Bellicus was known for its training camps, as well as its strong navy, keen army, and excellence in soldierly. The city of Lubririum was known for its athletes, coliseums, its sporting competitions, and their athletic status. These four cities formed a circle around the central city of Medeis, this glorious city was the crowning jewel of the Annulus Vita for as the other cities, Medeis was known for its magicians, spell casters, witches, and wizards, Medeis was a city centered on the profession of magic, and mystery. But let us take you to the story of a young girl who led the battle against herself against the Annulus Vita.