I deserve a lot of things.
I'm not going to sit here
And pretend that I'm
Although Perfect is a matter of opinion.

But one day,
I will find the strength to
Stand up to you.
List everything I've ever done
For you, with you.
Whilst you stare on,
Silent and impassive,
Like the brain-dead lost cause
You seem to be.
But that I know you're not.
Ignore every call,
Let it ring out every hour of
The day or night.
Let them all see that my devotion
Means nothing to you.
Let them all lie for you because
You cannot face me yourself.
I've done many things wrong
In my short time here,
But this time, my dear,
The fault is yours
And yours alone.

I deserve a lot of things.
Truly, I do.
But I don't deserve this.
No one deserves this.