A/N: Before I really dived into writing short stories, I tried my hand in poetry. It didn't work so well, so I gave it up after a few attempts. Those few attempts will be posted, once I edit them as best I can. I think this is kind of pathetic, yet entertaining. No, I was not in the millennium graduating class; I was a freshman that school year.

DISCLAIMER: No disclaimers. Everything is mine!


GENRE: Drama


DATE: Circa 1999


The end has come,
As some would say.
It's time to part,
And go our own way.

Some will be doctors,
Others will be teachers;
Some will be authors,
Others will be preachers.

It doesn't matter,
What happens then or how;
Only what happens,
Here and now.

Some friendships will continue;
Other relationships will die.
People ask who? What? And where?
Others ask when? How? And why?

Some will leave,
Leaving a mark.
Some will go,
Still alone in the dark.

Many will come back,
But one class will go.
Goodbye and farewell!
To the class of double zero!

Now they are gone,
Oh, what will we do?
We'll all move up,
A grade or two.

The end has come,
As some would say.
I say, it is only the beginning,
To continue our way.

Don't worry!
We'll be back after summer!
If not, it will be,
A really big bummer!