A/N: Before I really dived into writing short stories, I tried my hand in poetry. It didn't work so well, so I gave it up after a few attempts. Those few attempts will be posted, once I edit them as best I can. I can't remember who I had in mind when I wrote this, but I definitely have many friends whom this could apply to now.

DISCLAIMER: No disclaimers. Everything is mine!


GENRE: Drama


DATE: Circa 1999


You descended like an angel,
Coming down from heaven above.
You were as bright as the sun,
And as pure as a dove.

You helped cheer me up,
When I was down in the dumps.
You paved the road of life,
And flattened many of the bumps.

You stood by me,
Through thick and thin.
You turned my life,
Into a whirl and spin.

I hope we never part,
And our friendship never end;
Because you see,
You are my true best friend.