Chapter 1 Plan

Summer 2012, My friends Sean, Adam, Grant, Kyle, Cole, Jim and Michael plan on going to the most haunted graveyard in the Virginia. My name is Patrick Barrett, and this is the story of Gravestone.

It was July 12 2012, my friends and I were going to go the the Lucille Graveyard, or most commonly known as the Lucifer Graveyard due to its paranormal activity. Well you see, we didn't believe in ghosts. We decided to go into the cemetery from dusk until dawn, to prove the theory that ghosts do not exist.

"Listen man there are ghosts in there. We can't go in there." Cole would keep saying. He was the only believer in the group.

"Would you stop being such a wimp." I told him. "There are no ghosts and never will be so calm the hell down and let us do the work."

"Ya dawg what you 'fraid of." said Sean, trying to talk gangster. "If there are ghosts we will jack their assholes UP!"

"I have no idea what the hell you just said but it sounds good." I replied.

"Screw you Sean. I'm going to laugh when the ghosts eat your souls.

"THERE ARE NO DAMN GHOSTS! Get that in your head or we will kick you off this trip!" shouted Kyle.

"OK. OK. There are no ghosts." Cole admitted, clearly lying.

"Thank you."

"Alright." said Adam. "Say goodbye to your families one last time. 'Cause we might not make it back alive." Cole then got even more scared than normal.

Chapter 2 Into the graveyard.

Everyone met at the cemetery gates.

"Alright. Let's get in there and prove that there are no ghosts." said Grant.

"Once we are in those gates there is no turning back." I said. Then Cole tried to run away but Sean grabbed him by the collar of his shirt and threw him inside the gate. We all followed in.

"Lets get moving." said Jim. "Its almost sundown." We hid behind some tombstones until the grounds keeper locked the gates. The sun went down as we made our way to the center. Time to start our ghost hunt.

After three hours we still had no activity and according to the story Cole told us, here is when we first got activity. It was about 12 AM and while walking Cole heard a twig snap.

"What was that?" he asked himself. Then he fell, but he didn't trip, he was shoved. He got up and ran for us. "GUYS GUYS!" he shouted.

"What?" asked Grant.

"A ghost pushed me down. A ghost!" said Cole.

"Right and a magic Pegasus kicked me in the balls." I replied. "Get real."

"No really something shoved me."

"So let me get this straight," said Sean. "You got shoved down by AIR. Cole I knew you were weak but shoved by AIR. Now that's bull."

"Assholes." Cole said.

"I believe you." said Kyle.


"NO!" Kyle burst out laughing. Minutes later Cole screamed and fell to his knees. He turned down and his shirt was ripped. After pulling it up, I saw "get out" written on his back in scratches. Before I could say anything, Cole fell face first and hit a tombstone. I heard a big CRACK, and knew it was his neck. He hit with enough force and at just the right angle it broke his neck.

"OH SHIT!" yelled Kyle. "Alright, now I really DO believe him."

"C'mon guys he just fell." Michael said.

"AND BROKE HIS NECK!" I screamed.

"Kyle is right. We shouldn't stay here." Adam.

"Not you too man." said Michael.

"I'm out of here." said Kyle and ran into the darkness, alone. "AHH! AHH! ITS IN THE SHADOWS!" Kyle ran from the shadows, covered in blood. I ran for him, being closely followed by Sean and Adam. All of a sudden his legs were thrown into the air, and he was falling.

He hit the ground and already his bottom half was in the darkness. We grabbed his hands as whatever it was tried to drag him back.

"ITS GOT ME! ITS GOT ME!" Kyle yelled. He slipped away and the screaming began. We waited for minutes until it stopped. Then breathing, Kyle was alive. He was crawling away from the demon but a soon as his hand left the shadows it was dragged back again. More screaming until it stopped permanently. Kyle was dead.

After a few minutes of shining my flashlight at every noise I shined it at the shadows where Kyle died. It was a terrible sight. His stomach was ripped open, one eye missing, innards hanging out, and one arm missing. I gagged before vomiting.

"Oh my God that is so nasty." Jim said.

"I'm fucking scared." said Adam.

"I can't wait to see my family again." said Michael. Everyone agreed. Michael then began weeping until his shirt was soaked. We heard a growl then multiple growls, then footsteps. The footsteps got faster and faster.

"RUN!" Adam screamed. We ran away from the footsteps. As we ran a ghost grabbed Jim's shirt. Luckily though, the shirt ripped. The ghost didn't give up however, and tackled Jim. Jim gasped for breath until his squirming stopped.

The ghosts stopped chasing and we stopped running. Michael sat down next to a tombstone, weeping more and more. His head then slammed into it again and again. The tombstone cracked and broke along with Michael's skull.

"Oh god." said Adam. Grant puked on his shoes.

"We have to get out of here." Grant said.

"I know I'm just thinking."

"YOUR CELL PHONE!" Sean said.

"Yes. I'll call the cops." When I flipped open the cell I saw it was around 4:45 AM.

"911 what's your emergency?"

"HELP! I'm at the Richmond cemetery and four people were just slaughtered by ghosts and we can't get out. PLEASE!

"Calm down. We will have police at around 5:00.


"OK can you please repeat your location again?"

"Richmond Cem-. AHH AHHHH!" I screamed. I dropped the phone and ran like hell.

While running we saw glimpses of the sun coming up. The cops came and shot open the gates. We ran for them and as we ran Grant got grabbed and dragged into the darkness. The cops shot at whatever had him. Soon he was gone.

I ran towards them. "HELP! HELP US!" They got us in the back of a police cruiser. I couldn't believe it. We were alive.