It's starting up again

I thought I

Had gotten rid of it

I'd g-one

Cold turkey

I don't understand

How can I

Still be addicted to you?

I'd finally escaped

Even though I still thought about you ev-er-y-day

'Cause when I see your face

I have to fight

To block out the memory

I tell myself it was all just fun and games

I never loved you, I'll tell you again

But if it's true

How come I

Still think of you

God help me, please, I need to forget

Again and again

I won't let you worm yourself back into my mind

Memories are buried deep in ice inside

And still my jealousy burns

Threatening to consume

I know I'm not yours anymore

I question if I ever had been

And even so, she's much prettier,

I know

But I can feel that deep inside

I'd do anything to get back into your life

I know it's so un-healthy

I can't stop myself

You are and always will be

My only a-ddic-tion





Hold me tight

One more time

Can't I be yours?

Just for tonight

I need you

So much

Right now

Just hold me

Hold me

H-H-H-Hold me

I was so afraid

I told you everything

I'd never done that before

I'm told I

Have no emotions

Truth be told, I keep 'em hidden

I can't let anyone see, how weak

They make me

I'd rather let you believe

I was heartless

It's so hard to tell you how I feel

Couldn't you have done the same?

I feel like all I know is your name

And you know everything of me…

I feel so weak

How could I have caved?

I can't let my emotions win

If I do they'll flow freely when I've worked so hard to keep them controlled…

You'll almost never see me cry

If you ask if I'm fine, I'll lie

When my tears do flow I can stop them as soon as I think

Someone will see

But you

Managed to coax me

To show you


And now I'm ashamed

I let you play that game

I should have known what you were doing

Maybe I did

And I talked anyways because I wanted someone to listen

Finally listen…

But then I closed up again

I managed to escape

Don't draw me back in

I beg of you, please

I can't dare let anyone

See more of me


How can I fight it


Try to deny it

Everyday is a battle

Not to get hooked on you again

Addiction is so unhealthy

I tell myself again

But when I see you standing

There, I can't do anything but stare

I make myself break my gaze

I can't do it all again

I wish there were a cure

To my horrible addiction

I wish I could forget

Everything that happened

I wouldn't recognize your face

And free of this addiction

I would finally be…