I got up and followed him. "Ma, dad. I want to say-" Lynette cut Hunter off. "Bonnie, you're dad called." I walked a bit faster toward her. "What'd he say?" I asked worringly.

"He said he will be coming over today around three." Lynette reported. I nodded my head and Hunter grabbed my hand. "Lets go to my room." He whispered in my ear. We began to walk up the stairs but Hunter turned around, "sorry for yelling at you guys, but really, it's none of your business." He stated as he turned toward the staircase.

"So three? That's in, forty-five minutes." Hunter hinted as he grabbed a pillow off the bed and put it behind his head as he laid on the floor with one arm outstretched for me to lay on. I moved toward him and rested my head on his shoulder. "Yes, what will we do to pass the time?" I asked sarcastically.

"Wanna hear a song?" Hunter asked happily. I smiled and nodded my head. He grabbed his guitar and began to strum away. I sat there watching the technique he used, they way he moved along the instrument, the way he bobbed his head. Then he began singing and I watched the way his mouth moved, his eyes opening and closing, they way his eyes showed the emotion his voice couldn't. "That was amazing." I cheered. He smiled at me. "I try. Hah, thank you." He said as he bowed jokingly.


Lynette popped her head in the room, "your dad is here." I bounced off the ground quickly whereas Hunter couldn't have gotten up slower. I jogged downstairs and saw my dad sipping on a cup of tea like nothing was wrong. Well in his case nothing was wrong, I wasn't supposed to get that call. "Hey BonBon!" My dad exclaimed as he wrapped me in a hug. Hunter watched, trying to hold back the fact that he knew my dad was lying. "So, how is everything?" My dad asked nonchalantly. It was becoming harder for me to conceal my anger because I didn't want to make a scene. "Anything exciting happen?" He added. I just about had it I was about to open my mouth but Hunter beat me to it, "my parents are going to renew their wedding vows." Hunter said happily, clapping his hands. His parents eyes widened and they became very confused. "That's great!" My dad shouted.

"Y-yeah." Lynette stuttered. My dad slowly shook his head. "I'm happy for you two. I always wanted to renew my vows with Vic, but then..." He trailed off. 'You started secretly dating some skank.' I continued in my head. "Oh I'm sorry Rich" Leo said sympathetically. "I just wish she was here." My dad added. 'So you could dump her for your skank?' I scolded in my head. "Well, she will always be in your heart. " Lynette announced as she placed her hand on her chest. 'Or in his closet where he sets everything he's done with.' I added in my head.