Chapter One

In the comfort of her tree, a young sparrow looked off into the distance, her feathers ruffled slightly by the summer breeze. She could hear a call in the distance, sounding familiar, but she didn't take any chances. Her instincts told her to go, but her head said not to. Something dangerous could be over there, a fox or a cat, just waiting to eat her whole. But, she decided to go with instincts on this one.

Opening her small and powerful wings, she took off into the air, soaring through the bright blue sky and dodging fluffy white clouds. As the young bird flew above the cities and towns, another commotion was going on.

A young cat, fur bright orange and left ear scratched up from battles when she was younger with her mother and siblings, was sitting on top of a trashcan, licking her blood covered paws as she stared at the victim with blazing green eyes. A sneer on her face, she leaped down at the half-dead figure, glaring fiercely at it.

She mewed, hissed, and ran off, knowing that her warning would be clear to the animal that intruded her gang's territory. The female ginger made her way to an abandoned building, her paws hitting the dry dust that surrounded the outside and inside of the old factory it used to be. Now, it held enough space for her and her new family to live in peace where no other human or animal could attack. For her gang could see in all directions with their sharp eyes. "Boss!" a voice called and the ginger cat looked up to see a gray tabby with a long claw mark covering his face and front paw.

"What!" she ordered, glaring at him. The intruder did not brighten her day, and it was the second disturbance this week. "You've been called to the council. They need all the leaders of every section and pack to come to the center of the Great Forest, where all the animals can have harmony and peace," the gray cat said, a sigh of wanting in his mew. "And who told you this?" the leader questioned, looking around the large area to see if anything was out of place, like a paw print in the thick dust or an open window in one of the corners.

"Marisa-belle came. She wanted to tell you immediately, but Lucifer told her that you were out on patrol," the male cat said, and the ginger sighed. She motioned for the cat to leave, and made her way to the roof, bounding up steps, jumping from railings, until she met the small hole in the door that led to the top where her second in command and her dearest friend rested.

The leader she-cat looked around, sniffing to see where her most valuable animals were stationed out of the sun. She caught scent of her friend first, being the freshest of the two, and sprang towards the top of the shed where the humans used to hang out and puffed on some white sticks for a few minutes. A large black cat with a white tipped tail was what she saw first, his back towards her, staring off towards the distance where the Great Forest stood with darkness after the few rows of large leafy trees.

"Lucifer, where is Marissa-belle?" the boss ordered, though she tried to make it sound as a question. Lucifer turned, his blue and green eyes looking at her with a slight spark of adventure in them and a small smirk placed on his face. The black cat was the she-cat's longest friend and ally, and when they stood next to each other during the meetings in one of the white rooms that were painted in the building, the other cats knew not to mess with them. They were as fierce as a lion together, as threatening as a rabid dog, and as frightening as the war wasps that were stationed in front of the big forest that lay a few miles away from them.

"She's right here, Miyaka," he stated, stepping away and a small sparrow appeared. The young sparrow seemed slightly tired, after a long journey from her tree to her friends nest with all of her cats. "Marissa-belle, what are you doing here?" Miyaka asked, walking with a commanding stance towards her other long term friend and ally. Marissa-belle hopped slightly, jittered from almost being attacked by a young white cat that seemed to be guarding the boundary on her flight over. "Miyaka! We have been called. Or, at least, you have been. The council had the horn blown. I heard it from my home. It was loud, and I'm surprised you didn't hear it first, since you are closer than I am," the young sparrow chirped, looking up at the orange cat with curious black eyes.

"I'm surprised about that too. Are you sure?" Miyaka asked, looking at the bird with an analyzing gaze at her friend. "Yes! Why would I joke about something like this?!" the sparrow called, and she nodded her goodbyes at both the cats before flying off, back to the nest that was waiting for her by a human house with no living beings inside.

Miyaka watched, her green eyes watching every beat of her small wings and every lift of a feather by the wind. As soon as her friend was out of reached, she looked at her second in command. "Did you hear it?" she whispered, her voice low so no one around them, if there were any, could hear her uncertainty in her voice. He nodded his head and gazed at her peculiarly. "What were you doing while you were out, Miyaka?" he inquired and the ginger cat looked off to the place where she came from before entering the structure. "I was giving an intruder a warning. Though, he did make a lot of loud noises, which could have drowned out the call," Miyaka answered, and looked back towards Lucifer.

"Maybe," he spoke, and they jumped from the top of the shed to the door where loud mews could be heard coming from. "Let's go before they break anything else," he said, and they squeezed through the opening so they could see what all the commotion was about.


When Miyaka and Lucifer reached the large room in the center of the factory, two cats with black and gray fur were circling each other, creating a cloud of dust that ringed around them. The only distinct features that the two leader felines could see besides their fur, was the color of their eyes. The younger looking one of the two, with black fur and gray tipped ears, had striking gray eyes, black surrounding the outer rim of the iris. The older one, also having black fur but a gray tipped tail, had blue eyes that looked like a fresh and sparkling river.

Both cats hissed and growled at the other, circling around in a fighting stance known to the entire world. Toms and she-cats were huddled against the wall, either licking their paws, cleaning their kits from when they played earlier that day, or just lazily watched the two warriors of the group fight each other. Miyaka watched silently from the railing that she and the male cat next to her leaped on, watching with her green eyes as the two circled each other perfectly, their paws placed on the dusty ground with perfect balance. Lucifer watched too, but gazed at his friend every once in a while to see her reacting to what was going on in her crew.

Just as the two felines were to pounce on each other, the ginger female spoke up, catching everyone's attention, including her fighting ones. "What is going on here?!" she ordered, and some of the younger kits and shy she-cats flattened their ears at her tone. No one spoke up, just staring at the two black and gray cats glaring at each other, still hissing, growling, and threatening quietly under their breaths.

"I said, what is going on here!" Miyaka yelled, and the two fighting ones sat down immediately, the power in the ginger's voice forcing them to obey. She jumped down from the railing, walking over to the two in the middle, and stepped in the small gap they left each other while orbiting the air.

"It was his fault," the younger one snarled, and the older one looked at him, scowling, and nearly causing the gray tipped eared one to leap at him with his claws unsheathed. "And how was it his fault? What is the problem in the first place?" Miyaka sighed. This day is just getting worse and worse, isn't it? She thought, and looked back and forth between the two. She recognized them rapidly, now getting a closer look at them.

The older one was one of the kits she grew up with, Leopold. He was always the brasher of the entire bunch of kits their teacher taught. And the younger one was his little brother, Ares. Both were warriors for their gang, going out into the dead streets to scavenge food for the entire group. "Ms. Miyaka, if I may," a voice spoke up, and it was neither Leopold nor Ares who did. The ginger she-cat looked behind her, and an old tortoise shell stepping out of the shadows underneath the stairs, and her blue eyes looked at her with wisdom and knowledge.

"Kaya! Of course," Miyaka said, bowing her head slightly to the elder cat who watched over the sick. "These two boys were fighting over a small issue. Would it be all right if I dealt with it, since you seem to be slightly busy with some other problems," Kaya said, walking over to the small ginger with a slight limp from an old injury when she was younger. "That would be nice, Kaya. But you don't have to do that-," Miyaka was cut off when Kaya held a paw up to silence her. "It would be the best," the old feline said, and the ginger sighed, noding hesitantly, and left the large room with a glare at the two toms before she disappeared to the small room she shared with Lucifer and another tom cat.

"Lucifer, I want you to get Linder to gather all of the sensible warriors into the White Room as soon as possible," the she-cat ordered, and the black tom nodded in understanding, leaving Miyaka in the small room called an office, alone.

So this is my first time doing a story in 3rd person, so if it sucked I'm sorry. Anyways, I kinda based this off of the book Warriors, except it has a different story line, I promise! And just to let you know, I've only read a few chapters of that book anyways. So comment if you have to, or do what you have to! I hope you liked the first chapter, and it wasn't very confusing… '-.-