Kian curled up next to Dahlia's nude body, caressing every curve on her body. She shivered slightly then turned her head a bit to take a glimpse of his face; his face was decorated with tiny scars that were from years of conflict. A moan escape past her lips as his hand groped her breast, his fingers trailing up to her hard bud and tweaking it.

"Kian, he's going to find out." She groaned.

"Shush." He whispered lustfully in her ear, nibbling on her earlobe.

His hand trailed down to her moist core then he slowly ran a finger along her clit; she moaned softly then tilted her head back, resting it on his shoulder. He rubbed her clit fast, listening to her moaning in his ear; he slipped his finger inside of her and fingered her slowly. She moaned loud then clutched his side, digging her nails into his skin; he fingered her fast and deep, earning a loud moan. He licked the length of her swan-like neck then bit down until he broke the skin; blood trickled down from the wound and he lapped it up like a thirsty dog.

She looked at him and smile seductively then pulled him into a ravenous kiss, tasting every inch of his mouth. He fingered her faster and deeper, loving the way she was moaning into his mouth. She broke the kiss then moved her hand down to his, guiding him; he fingered her deeper until she screamed in pleasure, cumming onto his fingers. He chuckled softly then planted a gentle kiss upon her neck. She looked at him then moved away in disgust and tried to look for her clothes.

"Once my husband finds out, he'll kill you." She warned, putting on her bra.

"You came onto me, babydoll. I was only here for the ride." He stated, smirking.

"Just don't contact me anymore. Don't even try to find me." She slipped on her dress then smooth it out.

"Don't assume that I'm already attached, babe." He picked up the cigarette off the nightstand and stuck it between his lips.

She pulled on her boots then threw her coat on; she combed her hair with her fingers and took one last look at the man. His chest had a large diagonal scar that stopped at his upper torso; he had a small dragon tattoo on his forearm. He was burly with a scraggly beard unlike her husband who was lean and clean cut. This mysterious man was the very man that she dreamed about when she was a rebellious teenager; now, she was gonna let it all go.

The door slammed close and tobacco smoke filled the small room.