"Class let me introduce your new instructor, Mrs. Valentine."
"Sorry to correct you but it is actually miss. I'm not married, yet." From the hall walked in an elegant young woman. She wore a short black skirt, long black stockings, and a tight white button up shirt. She walked in with great grace then stood in front of the class. Her golden brown eyes shined with a certain intensity. Her actually height was about 5' 6 but in the heels she wore it gave the impression that she was somewhere near 5' 9. Her most eye catching feature and biggest asset was her chest; they were more than a little endued to say the least. "I'm pleased to meet you."
"She is a student teacher, fresh out of high school. She graduated early for her class and is studying to be a full time instructor at this school. She might not seem much older than you all but she is far more experienced and has much to teach you. So listen to her every word." With that the principle walked out of the room and left the class to the young woman. The class seemed to be in awe.
"Damn, She's smoken hot don't you think Chris."
"You've got that right. I didn't think they let models teach."
"It's good to meet you. Let's all work hard to make this a great year." With a mature smile Ms. Valentine picked up a clip board off of the desk and went over the names while matching them to their picture.
"Hey, ask her what she's going to teach us."
"No way man. You ask her!"
"Excuse me, Christopher was it? Do you have something to say?"
"N.. N…. No ma'am. I was just wondering what you'll be teaching us."
"That's a good question. Don't be too nervous to speak up. I'll be teaching English, human relations, and sexual education." She said that last part in the most seductive way before continuing on like normal.
"Just looking at her makes me burn up." Christopher began to feel his blood rush to a certain part of his body. So he began to talk himself out of such a reaction. "Damn it! Think of something else. Ok, grandmother in a nightgown. Hmm, I wonder what miss wears to bed. Probably doesn't wear anything. Wait, no I need to think of something else. Math! Okay, so you put the 4 over the 9… I wouldn't mind being under her. Ahhh, I'm going crazy. What time is it? 12:06. Six starts with an S, what else does. Simple, smell, smooth, sensual, sex, seductive, sexy… Not again. Let me just put my head down and rest." As soon as his head hit the table top he began to drift off. He started to dream about his new teacher. Oh what he imagined. The mind of a teenage boy is such an "interesting" thing.
"Harder !" He yelled without thinking. His outburst startled the teacher making her drop the chalk she was writing with. Christopher lifted his head and looked up. His friend just snickered.
"Excuse me!" She walked over to him and looked him stern in the eyes. For some reason she looked down and lost composure before looked back at his eyes. "What, my lesson that exciting?" He followed her eyes saw himself and began to turn red.
"No ma'am. I mean yes."
"Well which one is it?"
"I… ummm… Well"
"You have just earned yourself my first detention. Be here at 2:15, on the dot. Don't be late. I won't take any excuses and if you are, be prepared for a punishment."