New couple. Male teacher still female lead, but a softer pair.

School was always something students felt was a bore. There was nothing fun about sitting in metal chairs and listen to an adult talk at you all day, is what most people would say. Most people didn't have thoughts about their teachers as a certain student did. Her pleasure was found through just watching her history teacher. For truths sake he wasn't the most remarkable looking man. A normal build, maybe better than some seeing as he coached boys soccer and seemed to lift weights, but his body wasn't all that impressive or enough to send the girls swooning. What was remarkable was the student after him. She was a knock, out to say the least. Curves outstanding with a slender body were her charm. Without trying she could get most anyone's heart yet she only had one thing in mind, and that was her teacher.

"Mr. Marcus! It's always fun to say your name." She giggled as she caught up to beloved history teacher on his way into his classroom.

"What are you doing? Shouldn't you be in class?"

"Do you know what time it is? It's already after school. Everyone's in club now or home." She followed the teacher into the room and continued their conversation.

"And you, don't you have to go to a club?"

"I'm skipping. I thought it'd be more fun to play with you instead." The girl walked over to the window and sat on the radiator with a sigh. She opened a crack in the blinds with her fingers and peaked at the outside world. The sliver of light reflected onto her face brightened her dimly lit features. She sat with her legs crossed as she looked out to the mundane world.

"I have work to do. I am a teacher, you do remember that, right?" The teacher sat down in his chair trying not to stare at her profile very long. Instead he placed a pile of papers on his desk to give a busy appearance. In reality he didn't have anything to do with them but he needed the girl to leave at all costs. While shuffling the paper around, to his relief, she stood and began to away walk away from the heater. What he didn't notice was that she wasn't leaving. Instead she walked behind him and leaned against him looking over his shoulders.

"Are you really that busy?" Her cushiony chest pressed into the back of his neck. Cushions were clearly less than an accurate term for them. The feel of creamy bosom was more than this teacher could describe. She leaned in to look closely at his work; her breath tickling his skin. He could feel that he would soon lose himself. "Do you remember?"

Mr. Marcus quivered under her warm breath whispering so softly in his ear. Her arms slowly trace their way up his back and over his shoulders finally draping his chest.

"You said for my next birthday you'd get me something. My 18th is pretty soon. Can I have anything I ask for?"