this is another barnyard explosion from when i was 13, if you like it i'll post more chapters =D

Chapter 1:

This is Vyra, now go away

….I walk towards the shadowy warehouse, the huge sliding door screeches, a noise extremely high pitched, grating at my brain, I almost give up, just like that, I know she wants me to give up, she says it to me in my head, my twin Vyra

"Riley, stop being an idiot, are you trying to get yourself killed!" she exclaims like she standing right next to me, but I know better, ever since I can remember Vyra has been able to see in my head, and me in hers, some weird twin thing, well that's what people thought. We were impossible creatures, halflings, half angel, half human, our mother had had a fling with an angel and hadn't even noticed, I never knew my mother, she died in childbirth. I begin my walk into the angels den, they have an advantage, they can see me coming. I remember something either Kade or Emil once said to me, the only other halflings we have ever met, something about how angels could see us without having to actually see us, something about them being able to sense us coming, it's hard to remember which as they too are identical twins, I know, I can already hear you saying that you can't get identical twin boys and girls, well that's what the doctor said to, but, well, we just are. There's something about halflings and twins, maybe because the universe just didn't want us to be alone, because we're halflings we age different as well, it takes us forty years to grow the human equivalent of one year making having long term human friends impossible. It makes it hard to stay in one place for a long amount of time, Vyra takes it especially hard as she's such and outgoing and generally friendly person, for the last hundred years or so she seems to only want to talk to me, she finds hanging out with humans depressing. I can already hear you asking why am I sneaking into an angel's lair and Vyra being so worried if I'm a halfling, well, see, angels don't really like us halflings, that probably the reason there trying to kill us. It is now when I spot the angel and he spots me, he takes one look at me than begins to charge, I, being the self-preserving type, rabbit, trying to put as much space between the two of us, I hear a snick noise than an extreme pain tears my left shoulder, I can already feel blood seeping down my back, I use my right hand to pull out the blade, this is when I turn, I know I can't run for much longer and I'm starting to think there isn't really that much of a point, this is when the screaming starts, it hurts me so much more than the blade, he approaches me with another blade in his hand, I let his come, if I surrender he'll probably make it quick, he walks behind me and put his hands on either side of my jaw, she's screaming and sobbing in my head, I try and take all of the injuries because I know that my injuries would probably kill her, some sick twist in our telepathic abilities. I close my eyes and the angel whispers in my ear

"I hope you make it to heaven" and then I feel nothing….

I wake in a sweat, I was just a dream, he couldn't be dead, not my Riley, not my brother, yet I feel sick and know it is true. I should be used to it, I've spent my entire life with people dying or disappearing, but Riley was my rock. He knew what I was thinking, literally, he always knew when I needed a hug or when I needed to be alone and he always knew what to say, and now he was dead, my rock, my Riley, so what the hell do I do know. If someone knew about Riley they would probably know about me, but if I run they will actually know there were two of us, I'll make like a civilian, go to school, keep my head down, and pretend to be normal.

I walk the florescent halls and people stare, I'm usually with Riley, I'm like an exhibit in a zoo because I'm alone, probably for the first time in my life and the normies aren't used to it. I walk to my locker and begin to open my lock when I feel the eyes of a hundred students on my back, I turn and say

"What the hell are you looking at", they scatter or act like they're doing something else, I would admire them if they would stare to my face. It was first period, English, when the councillor came and asked me to come to her office where the police officers were waiting

"Vyra Morgenstern, we regret to tell you"

"That my brother is dead, I know" the two officers, a male and a female, looked shocked, "it's a twin thing"

"What?" says the female officer

"Were twins, do you think I wouldn't feel Riley's death, it hangs around me like a drape, and bad weather literally follows me, it's like a part of me is missing, plus he didn't come home last night, and he always comes home"

"Um, okay, did your brother have any enemies" says the male officer

"Not that I know of, and I'm with my brother all the time" yeah, but not last night, and of course we have enemies, they hunt us, the angels

"Do you know what your brother would be doing in the warehouse district?"

"Um no, he said he was going shopping for our birthday" yeah right, he was patrolling

"And what were you doing between midnight and 3am"

"I was in bed, I do actually go to school, I can't be up all night, I was up till 10 studying for the biology test I have next week"

"We'll have to check with your parents"

"Didn't you read our file, were emancipated minors, we live together, and were orphans"

"So you were home alone and don't have an alibi"

"I need an alibi, you think I killed my brother, he was my everything, do you think I want to be alone for the rest of eternity, or even worse spend time with my cousins"

"Cousins" says the confused male officer "there's nothing in the file about cousins"

"Yeah cousins, we lived with them before we were emancipated, now if you don't mind, I have to get back to class" I run out of the room before they can stop me and throw up in the nearest rubbish bin, I'm crumpled over it when they find me, tears coating my face

"Are you okay" says the female officer "I'm Jenny, do you want me to help you to the bathroom"

"Do I look like a charity case to you, I don't need your help, I don't need anyone's help, the only person I will ever trust is dead so just go away" the poor girl looks confused so I stand up and run to the nearest bathroom.

I look like some kind of monster, black tears running from my face, it might pass as mascara or eyeliner in a normal crowd but if the angels are watching it's a dead giveaway, I hate being me, a Halfling, half human half angel, hated by both, or I would be if the humans know about us.

"Are you okay" says a tall, pale girl with short blond hair and piercing blue eyes

"Who the hell are you" I say in a surprised haste

"You don't have to be rude, I'm Ash"

"Sorry, I thought I was alone"

"Honey, in a place like this you're never alone"

"Sorry, I have to fix my makeup, I look like crap" I say as black tears begin to flow again

"That boy, the one you're crying about, is he really worth this"


"Honey, I see everything, whenever a girl comes into a bathroom crying, it's over a boy"

"Oh, it's my brother, he died"

"Oh honey" she says and gives me a hug "I'll help you with your makeup"

"Okay, thanks" I say and take my large black backpack off my shoulders, Ash watches me like I'm a caged animal, like she doesn't know what I'm gonna do, I grab out my makeup bag, rummage though it until I find my wipes and begin cleaning the black tears off my face.

When I finally leave the bathroom, looking fabulous, the police are waiting for me, I rub the shallow cut on my left shoulder, small compared to the blade in his shoulder, he took the brunt of the pain, he didn't want me to suffer, and Ash follows me out

"What's wrong with your shoulder?" says Ash

"Is it really bruised, I fell" I say whilst pushing down by sleave to show her my shoulder

"That's really bruised Vyra, you should get that checked out"

"Yeah, I should bandage it up, I swear I'm gonna take some sandpaper to the sharp edges on my shower, it really hurts" Ash smiles

"Do you want me to get the nurse" says Jenny

"No, I'm fine, it's just a cut and some bruising"

"Show me" says the male officer

"What was your name again" I say

"Officer Mannings" I show him my shoulder "this looks like it was done with a blade"

"The edges of my shower are really sharp, I need to get it fixed"

"Are you telling me ashowerdid this to you"

"Yes, I am saying a shower did this to me, the floor was wet"

"Did you hit anything else when you fell"

"Yeah, I hit my neck, I couldn't breathe properly for ages" I say taking off my scarf to show him the purpling mark spreading over my right collarbone and throat "why are you so interested in my shower?" I ask with suspicion lacing my tone

"It's just that your brother had a blade in his left shoulder and a broken neck" suspicion lacing his words

"What are you saying" I say, I know he thinks I was there but I don't care

"You and your brother have the same injuries but yours are less extensive"

"Then maybe its fate, we are twins" I stop and correct myself "were twins, maybe I was meant to fall to match, feel his pain"

"And when did you fall"

"This morning, about 6" my lie even convinces me

"What were you doing up at 6 in the morning" asks Jenny

"I just get up that early, so I have time to practice my instrument and draw, and go for a run, but I didn't go for a run today, I didn't feel well, am I being really chatty, because I do that sometimes" yeah right, I get up so early so I can train, so I don't get dead, when the angels come for me

"People who are really chatty are usually lying" say Officer Mannings

"Lying, what would I be lying about, officer"

"I don't know, your whereabouts last night" said the uptight officer, thinks he can intimidate me with his words

"There's no use for this line of questioning officer, she was with me last night" says the newcomer to the group consisting of two cops and two students, a tall man with a slight tan, black hair and eyes, wearing a grey suit that seemed expensive, and a bit out-dated "do you have permission to be questioning these students, I'm assuming the other one has parents and wouldn't like there 'little girl' being harassed by the police department"

"And who are you" asks Officer Mannings

"I'm Vyra's legal guardian"

"Sorry Kade, I got emancipated" I say

"You got emancipated, who let you do that"

"Emil" is my quick reply

"Damn that Emil, my bloody twin brother let you and your brother get emancipated"

"Yes dear cousin, I'm an emancipated minor"

"How's your brother"

"Met the angels"

"So you've been by yourself, for how long"

"It was only last night"

"Are you okay, how's your head, do you feel queasy, I've heard stories about ones like you when one meets the angels and the other survives, the other one would die of their twins injuries"

"Kade, chill, I feel fine" I say to Kade "Officer, do you need me to identify the body" I say, trying to tell Kade with my eyes that we'd talk later

"No, we have dental records" says Officer Mannings, finally piping up

"Can I see him anyway" I say, my emotions beginning to show there ugly head

"Yeah, I'll make you an appointment in the morgue" says Jenny

"Okay, thanks"

"Um, excuse me officers, can I get back to class" says Ash

"Yeah, go back to class, Miss…" says Officer Mannings expecting an answer

"Donovan, Ash Donovan" ash says and flounces away, she wears her name like a badge of honour, and by the look in Mannings' face, it was.

"Kade, can you drive me home, I've got to pack up our things"

"Pack up your things?" asks Jenny

"Yeah, I can't live alone, my therapist says so" I say leaving it at that. Kade and I begin to walk away

"You have a therapist"

"No but they always go with it if 'my therapist' told me to do it"

"So your lying to the cops, are you trying to get arrested"

"Can they actually arrest me for saying I have a therapist, I could get a therapist, for the occasion"

"Do whatever you want cuz, I'll always go with it, you know that"

"What's with the suit cuz, all I've ever seen you in is black jeans and training sweats"

"I thought I'd dress it up, wearing a dressy suit screams 'I demand respect" he says his formal nature melting off and left floating in the air behind him, "you want some ice cream" he says and I roll my eyes.