Chapter 3:

This is my family, ignore them at all times

"Okay, you have to think that your brain is a ball, or an elastic band, whatever does it for you, but it's something that stretches, right now your brain is like a normies, you haven't stretched it, at least not while your conscious, but at least we know that you actually can read minds. Instead of thinking 'what is in this persons head' you have to think, I have this muscle, in my head, I have to stretch this new muscle so it can become strong" says Emil "okay, let's start" I begin to think my brain is a muscle, but I already knew that, stretch, god damn it, stretch "by the look on your face it isn't working, okay, just relax, think about swings".

Swings, swings, think about swings, fine, I'll think about swings, the wind through your hair, that churning feeling in your stomach that relaxed feeling, that calm feeling, that mildly happy feeling

"Close your eyes and imagine you are just a particle in a field of particles, but you are blindingly white and the rest are a mixture of blue and green, you're a lot brighter than the others, but in your immediate proximity is another white particle, both of you are stationary, if you look to your left, but further away there is another white particle. There are no other particles in your immediate area, there are no coloured ones"

"Less like particle more like lights, radiating from the middle" I say pointing at my stomach, I sit on a day bed whilst Emil paces around me

"That's right, lights, these lights are connected to people, I'm white, your white, and Kade's white, what's that saying?"

"Were special" I answer

"Yes Vyra, were special"

"What's that black thing, kind of like a black hole, sucking all of the energy from the area around it"

"That's an angel, angels are black because they are trying to kill us, by looking at peoples lights you can see their intentions, look at my lights Vyra, I know that the main colour is white but what other colours do you see?" I look at his light and see green and blue lacing the edges and veining into the centre "what colours are there"

"Blue and green" I answer

"What do you think that means?" he asks

"I don't know"

"The light isn't an inanimate objects, it has feelings, the persons feelings, try and feel what the light feels"

"Studious, the light feels studious, really smart, laced with concern and I'm getting waves of anger"

"That's probably Kade, really good Vyra, now try and make those emotions into thoughts"

"I like cheesecake"


"That's what I'm getting, I like cheesecake, climb the trellis"

"What colour" Emil asks, his alarm showing in his voice

"Blue, blue like her eyes, I'm gonna break you out Vyra, don't you worry, Ash is gonna get you out of there"


"Yeah, Ash, my friend"

"Act sick" he replies

"Yeah, act sick, what a good plan"

"Do you have a better idea"

"Yeah, what's the time"


"Then just tell her to go back to school"

"And if she refuses"

"Tell her you'll call the cops"

"That would be attracting attention to ourselves, though"

"Were not actually going to call the police, it's a bluff"

"I really can't hold a bluff, I haven't interacted in a normie in more than a hundred years because I was so bad at it"

"You can't be that bad if they let you do it for the 500 years before that"

"They only let me because Kade was always there to stop me being a complete idiot"

"Sit down, say she's trespassing and you don't know anybody named Kade of Vyra, okay" oh god, I hope he doesn't die of a heart attack "nine seconds, I gotta go, but I'll be close okay"

"Okay" Emil says, looking shell-shocked. I walk into the kitchen

"You have to come, we have an intruder, not an angel, and I think your brother is going to have a heart attack, but you can't go in, because she knows you"

"Okay" Kade, who was reading some old looking book, says, and drops his book "how long until entrance"

"3 seconds, Kade, you can't go in there"

"Emil doesn't handle normies well, what's he supposed to say" Kade says as we climb the stairs and near the cracked open door of the study were Emil sits

"That she's trespassing, and if she asks he doesn't know anyone named Kade or Vyra, if she doesn't leave he should bluff a call to the police"

"Okay, good 5 second plan, what can we do"

"Wait outside the door and hope to god that she doesn't see us"

"Well that works" he reply's with snark

"I don't know anyone named Vyra or Kade" we hear through the door

"I'm sureyou don't, please, tell me, why do you have such a big house" says a very pissed off Ash

"I'm married, have kids" replies

"Really, show me there rooms"

"I don't believe that's your right, I'm pretty sure you're trespassing"

"What are you gonna do about it"

"I could always call the police"


"Okay, let me just get my phone" says Emil, Kade and I move away from the door as he walks out and shuts the door behind him, "what the hell do I do, this was your great idea" he says with snark

"Why is everybody in this house so snarky, anyway, she might leave when you're gone, so walk down the stairs, make sure you actually make noise, pretend you're a normie, okay"

"I'm snarky because I only have him as company" says Kade pointing at Emil

"Hey, I'm standing right here"

"Well now boys, you've got me, so stop bickering, okay"

"What am I supposed to do, I don't actually have a phone" says Emil

"Use Kade's" I reply

"I don't have one either" adds Kade

"Why am I the only tech savvy person in this entire house"

"Not the only one" reply's Ash, "nice bluff, but I play poker"

"This is Ash, I knew she sounded familiar" says Kade

"Don't act smart, you didn't know who the hell she was"

"Shut up Emil"

"You shut up" reply's Emil

"I thought I was supposed to be the child in this dysfunctional family"

"Oh, you are" reply's Kade and Emil in union

"Bloody hell" says Ash

"And you don't live with them" I reply'

"Why did you lie to me, why didn't you want me to come to your house?" asks Ash, looking sad, all blond hair and rosy cheeks, her blue eyes burning a hole through my soul

"I live with these freaks, I didn't want you to know" I reply, we sit in the main lounge with Ash and I sitting on one couch, Emil sitting across from us and Kade lounging in the recliner near the wall

"He seems nice enough" Ash says pointing at Emil

"Individually there fine, put them together and you have a catastrophe, you think me and Riley were bad, they are the Hitler of twins" I reply

"Were not Hitler, we don't prefer anyone, you normies are just irritating" says Kade and Emil in union

"Normies?" asks Ash

"Yeah, normies, all of you normal people, with you phones and laptops, why don't you pick up a book for once" snaps Kade

"Calm down, Kade, just coz you're in a bad mood doesn't mean you should take it out on poor Ash" says Emil

"Shut up Emil, just coz she likes you more doesn't mean you have the moral high-ground, little brother"

"Were twins, dumbass, stop calling me you're 'little brother', just calm down, you know it's bad for your heath"

"Stop 'health-ing' me, just coz you're a doctor"

"He's a doctor" says Ash to me

"Yeah, and Kade's a lawyer" I answer

"But there both so young"

"We all age weird, Vyra is older than fourteen" says Kade

"Why are you older?" Ash asks

"I failed a grade, seriously, Kade you're getting out of control'

"I'm the one who's getting out of control, you're the one leading normies to our house, if a normie can find it, so can an angel"

"Kade, Îngerul nu Este în mişcare, Doriţi să mor"

… Kade the angel is not in motion, do you want to die…

"Dar Este pur si simplu statea acolo, sa facem nimic, de ce este în aşteptare daca stie unde ne sunt"

... why is it just sitting there, doing nothing, why isn't it doing anything if it knows where we are?...

"I don't know, but I'll take my blessings" reply's Emil patting Kade on the arm.

"Vorbind asa ne vor baga prins, şi ai fost plinge-mi" I add

... Talking like this will get us caught, and you were complaining about me"

"When did you start speaking Romanian?" asks Emil

"When I started translating without the sleeping part" I reply

"Huh" is the noise made by Kade

"What the hell just happened?" Asks Ash

"Wednesday" is Emil's Response.