(Transcript from a mini voice recorder)

May 1st, 2023

(whispered) I accidentally found a city. (gasp) The car broke down about, uh, two miles ago? I've been on foot ever since. As soon as I found the city, I knew, just knew, that I shouldn't go in. But my stomach was screaming at me for some food. Hold o-

(pause) (quiet rustling)

Okay, I think they're gone. Right now I'm under a car in, uh, I think I'm on the outskirts of Indianapolis. This place is full of them. But they aren't the ones you have to look out for. It's the stupid, arrogant, (pause)(more hushed) dumbasses that are going around killing everything in sight for fun.

I've seen them driving around in a pick up truck. The hick type of people. Spouting off "Yee-haw"s and "Oooh-hee"s as they fire their guns into a crowd of 'em. They're freaking idiots. Every time they shoot that gun, it draws another thousand of them out of the woodwork. I feel like their self-preservation is gone too.

One of the idiots- oh my God- one of them, actually got out of the car and pulled out a chainsaw. There was only one of them in the open, so being the genius he was, he starts revving up the loudest possible weapon he can, to dispatch of it. He charged at it and actually did cut its head off.

He turned around to his buddies, his entire body covered in dark purple blood, and began hoisting the weapon above his head shouting in victory. Obviously this man never had or studied AIDS because if he did (I would hope) he would know that diseases spread through contact of blood. He didn't last long. Neither did his friends for that matter, he got to them before they could even react.

Hold on, I think I-

(Tires screech) (A car door is heard opening and closing)

"Hey Jimmy! I think one of 'em scuffed up my car."

"That'll happen when you plow into about fifty of them instead of going around."

"Aw, hell, you're no fun." (pause) "Where do you think we are now?"

"Map says we're right on the border of Indiana and Ohio."

"Right, right. How long a'fore we get to the capital?"

"I'd say half a day?"

"Sounds good, where are we on gas?"

"Half a tank."

"How about we stop here for a day or two, load up on gas and food. Do a little hunting, huh?"

"Lead on, my man, lead on."

(Another car door opens and shuts) (Footsteps begin to walk away)

(Voices trailing off) "You think there are any women 'round here?"

"Wouldn't that be something."

"What I would kill to see some uninfected dame right 'bout now."