A breath should never be the last you breathe

The table's life doth surely weave

The fight to life, should be bravely fought

The shelf from which you pull, you're taught


We're all a light still shining out

But in that crowd, compelled to shout

For light it shines its darkness so

Upon our guilt, it doth but glow


Your seed is planted upon this earth

Has reached the widest part, its girth

For seeds you've spread upon the winds

Live life in other peoples whims


The bell you ringeth out, doth chime

Upon my ear, resides through time

To hear your call upon my mind

It fills my heart, to tension, unwind


The wheel, our life, it touches stony ground

The path it takes, can be unfound

But out and plain for all who wish to see

The beauty of, Gods children we


Tumultuous thoughts, they run so deep

Hidden in our waking sleep

There, a lighthouse, out to sea

Plainly visible, for you and me


Cast below invisible waves

Breath untaken, to be saved

Doors around, which one to take

The key for which, one doesn't wait


Coldness can warm the gravest heart

To concentrate on finish, nay to start

The blanket to our soul he keeps

And with it naught to ever weep


The light is cast out upon our path

For which we grasp and mustn't let pass

The road is set out and its course

For which we must believe its source


The wind it whispers in our soul

Locked and caged and yet to unfurl

For it bodes to take our mind, our kite

That we hold onto, with all our might


This wind could take our mind, our heart

For which we're frightened to let it start

For uncertainty dwells so deep within

To allow our saviour, to begin


Following onward with true faith

Masking fear through unknowing face

Leaving connection to one true source

Ones house in order, not brought to force


A caring note to pride oneself

Is naught to score or be misspelt

And hold onto all that's yours

To never hide behind the gauze


Life's cart it drives the rugged track

Its engine donned with standard tack

But life is so dressed in other colours

Held so dear, as child to Mothers


As metal twisted, it takes another view

To discerning eye, remains so true

And in the hand of one who cares

Separated not to different wares


Intricate lines weave through our hearts

Not for all to list and chart

The potter's wheel, he moulds it so

To shapes, design, your gaze naught go


Each pool is deeper, than the next you see

To depth and darkness, hear my plea

It opens into what we know

Envelopes, it starts to glow


To rectify, instruction we must read

Be grounded, to understand the need

To stand tall and be under warming sun

And grow toward the light, the battle you have won.


┬ęPoet Lordy 2013-01-16