Moonlit Encounter

"Hello? Is anyone there?" Jaiden asked, slowly moving forward through the thick fog, careful not to trip. The cold mist made the graveyard even more eerie. It swallowed up all the sound, maybe even the world itself.
Suddenly he heard a hooting sound besides him. Startled, he fell to the ground. A small owl with silver-tipped wings eyed him curiously. "H-hello. I'm looking for someone. Have you seen him? He's tall, dressed in..." The owl made another noise and flew off into the mist. It sat down on a tombstone and looked back at Jaiden as if it wanted him to follow it.

Suddenly, the owl was gone. Jaiden kept going nonetheless. He heard a noise up ahead. He crouched behind a tombstone. There he was! The man from his dream, the one in his painting. "Ah there you are Nyx. Where have you been?" The owl glided down onto the stone Jaiden was hiding behind and wildly flapped it's wings. "Easy girl, easy. What's gotten into you?" Jaiden tried to make himself even smaller. Suddenly he felt someone lifting him into the air by his collar.

"Why did you come back? I told you not to!" His green eyes widened as they were caught in the man's blue eyes. He looked angry. He probably didn't want him around. Just like everyone else. "Answer me. Why did you come back?" "I... I just needed to know if it was real, if wasn't a dream. I wanted to see you." Startled by his last words, he quickly covered his mouth. He couldn't deny that something about that man was drawing him like a moth to the flame.
"I don't want you here. Leave." He knew nobody wanted him around. That he was nothing, less than nothing. But somehow, hearing it from this stranger made it feel so much worse. Tears filled his eyes and he felt anger rise within him. An emotion he didn't know he still had. "Fine! Why should you care anyway!? You're just like everybody else! Nobody ever wanted me!" He shouted. He tried to run away, but the man grabbed his arm.
Jaiden's emerald orbs looked at him like a scared little rabbit caught in a snare. What had he done? He could only recall one time when he had lost his temper. He was only been three back then, but his parents made sure he would never forget. The man looked at him quizzically. "I'm sorry. I'm not going to hurt you Jaiden."

The boy slowly nodded as the man released his arm. His hand lingered for a moment, as if he was afraid he would run after all. The thought crossed Jaiden's mind, but he wanted to stay. "How did you even find me?" "I followed that owl." The man glared at the bird, which moved a few branches higher. "Tsk. Darn Nyx. What did I tell you about doing things on your own like this?" Nyx let out a small, insulted cry before flying off.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to cause any trouble." "Don't worry kid. She'll get over it. Anyway, you should go back." "Why?" He almost pleaded. What was happening to him? He never questioned anything he was told to do. His mind was spinning with questions. Why did he feel so strange around this man? Why was he so drawn to him? Why did he even care? "You can't to stay here. I know you don't want to leave, and that's not your fault, but you must leave. I will take you home. Your parents must be worried si... Hey! What's wrong?" The man leaned over Jaiden, who had turned as white as a sheet. His eyes stared into empty space, tears welling in the corners.

Memories of that day flashed before his eyes. That day in elementary school when the principle had brought him home. A guy from the next year had been bullying the girl he secretly liked. He had stood up for her. He never touched the other, but the bigger kid beat him up anyway. The principle dropped him off at his house and explained his parents how Jaiden got injured, and that it wasn't his fault. He assured them that he had already dealt with the bully and they needn't worry about Jaiden.
A week later he came back to school with a doctor's note saying he had fallen of the stairs. The girl walked up to him and kissed him on the cheek. "Thanks for standing up for me. This is for you." She handed him a little flower. He twirled it in his hands, looking at it from every angle, his expression blank. Then he just dropped it and looked at her with empty eyes. "Leave me alone." He turned and walked away, leaving the girl confused and crying. He could never care for anyone. It just wasn't worth it.

"Jaiden!Jaiden!" Finally he snapped out of his trance. That man was right in front of him, looking more than a bit concerned. He felt something wet across his cheeks. It tasted salty. Had he been crying? 'Pathetic,' he thought to himself. His normal complexion returned and the man calmed down as well. "You don't need to take me home. I'll go." Jaiden said,his expression once again blank and unreadable. But his eyes were so cold and void, that the man took a step back. "I'll go. And I won't come back if you don't want me to." He was about to leave ,when the man grabbed his arm again. "Wait. What did you mean 'nobody wants me? And what were you doing here yesterday anyway? Was it because of your parents?" Before Jaiden could even come up with an excuse, something came crashing through the bushes.

"Finally! This blasted mist! I take it this is your doing?" A tall man, build like a rock, stood in front of them. "Liam Ansila. You took my sister's life! Now I shall avenge it!" "Please don't hurt him! It's me you want. I'm the one that killed her." "That's not true! It was an accident!" Liam interrupted. "Silence! Is this true boy?" "Yes." "Than I shall send you to hell from whence you came, demon spawn. I, Abbadon Thornton of the Heavenly Order, shall deliver God's justice" Abbadon drew his sword and charged at Jaiden, who simply waited for what was about to come. The silvery blade cut halfway through a tombstone. Jaiden opened his eyes and saw the man called Liam was lying on top of him. 'Why? Why had he saved him?'
"Are you all right?" He asked. Jaiden nodded. "So now you're gonna pretend to actually have a heart?" Abbadon pulled his sword out of the stone and charged again. Liam stopped the sword with his bare hands. The blade burned between between them but he held on. When Jaiden looked at Liam's leg, he saw blood dripping. Liam had gotten hurt saving him. 'Because of me... I can't let him die because of me.' He picked up a large rock and threw it at Abbadon. It hit him right between the eyes.
"Goddammit!" He staggered and Liam swept his legs away. "Leave him alone you monster!" Jaiden shouted, not quite understanding his own rage. "You little..." "Your fight is with me Abbadon. Don't you forget." "I won't. But first this brat's gonna be chopped liver."

"NO!" Liam's eyes became thin slits, swimming in a crimson flow. Then he collapsed, hands twitching from the excruciating pain all over his body. "Hahaha! You know this poison affects your true form. Is this boy really that important to you?" "He is innocent. He has nothing to do with this. Let him go." "No can't do. He has seen too much already. He-he. I'm going to enjoy stripping the flesh of your bones boy." Abbadon turned to face Jaiden.

"Master of the Underworld. I summon your aid. Cast my enemy into darkness. Extinguish their light. Aglaeca, Azabzel, Nazaer, Vitrea! Rise Dark Goddess NYX!" The words had barely passed Liam's lips, when a cold wind swept the area. A horrifying screech drew Abbadon's and Jaiden's attention. A shadow glided down against the silver moon. A giant owl, black as the deepest shadow landed. It puffed up it's feathers, making it look even taller. It's claws and beak were stained a bloody red. Shimmering blades of silver adorned the tips of her wings. Her golden eyes seemed to burn like the fires of hell. From it's beak came a stench of death and decay. Abbadon swung his blade at the hell-bird, but it simply grabbed it in her beak and shattered it like a toothpick.

Abbadon tried to tun, but giant claws dug deep in his flesh. The pain was so intense he couldn't even scream when Nyx began to tear at his flesh. Jaiden watched in horror. He covered his ears but the terrible screams and the sound of ripping flesh echoed in his head. No more than a bloody pulp, he was still alive when Nyx gulped him down. Jaiden turned around and emptied his stomach.

When he turned around Nyx had taken her old form again. She flew over to Liam, who was spread out on the ground. Nyx let out a long hoot and for a moment Jaiden feared the worst. When Liam petted the bird, he released a breath he didn't know he'd been holding. "Good girl." Liam whispered. Jaiden hurried over to him, still a little weary of Nyx. Liam's leg was badly hurt. Purple lines stretched from the wound. He quickly tore his shirt and bandaged him. "This is all my fault. I'm so sorry." "It's not your fault. Don't worry. I'll be fine." "Liar!" Nyx said. "Uaaaaah! It talks too?"
"It? It? Did you just call me it? I am a pure blood familiar and direct descendant of the great Rok! My name is Nyx, Priestess of the Night and yes I can talk." "It's getting her to shut up that's the hard part." Liam joked. She slapped him with his wing. "You shut up for once. You knew that you wouldn't have enough power to heal yourself after summoning me. Jaiden, do you want to help or not?" "Y-yes." "Good. All you have to do is feed him." "I'll go and some food. I'll be as fast as I can." "Human food won't work. He needs blood." "Blood?"
"You see, Liam's a..." "Enough. I can't let him get involved in this." "He's already involved. He has been from the moment he saved you from that psycho-chick yesterday. There is no going back. Jaiden, Liam is a vampire." "A vampire?!" "Yes. And he doesn't get some blood soon, he will die." Jaiden looked at Liam's leg and took a deep breath. He took of his shirt and tilted his head.

"No way. I'm not doing it." Liam protested "You have to. You'll die." Nyx responded. "Please Mr. Ansila. You only got hurt because of me. So please let me help you." Jaiden's eyes pleaded for Liam to listen. And with a sigh he gave in. "Turn around." Liam and Nyx stared at the multitude of bruises.
Liam gently wrapped his arms around Jaiden's fragile form and whispered in his ear. "I am Nosferatu. A vampire. Something your kind loathes and fears." Liam continued when no response came. "If I feed from you, you will be bound to me. Whatever your life was like, it will crumble to chaos. Are you sure you want to do this?" "Yes" Jaiden spoke with determination, though his voice shook ever so slightly. His live was nothing but chaos anyway. At least now he would choose it himself.
Liam caressed Jaiden's face and titled it slightly. "One more thing." He said, his warm breath lingering on Jaiden's skin. "Call me Liam." His teeth slowly sank into the tender skin. A shiver went down Jaiden's spine. But instead of hurting, it felt more like healing. Something deeper than his flesh and blood was mended with every crimson drop that flowed out of him. His body relaxed and he let his head fall back. He enjoyed that strange tingling sensation that spread throughout his entire body and took control of him. He welcomed the darkness that took him away. He looked up to the moon, and for the first time in his life, there was a real smile on his face.

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