Notes: In my composition class, I got paired with a girl named Natalie to re-write a radio drama summary with what we think should happen and this is what came out. What do you think?

Gasping, Lucy Lamperouge abruptly awoke from her nightmare. To her frustration, that was the third time within six hours. Ever since the accident, nightmares plagued her sleep. In perfect clarity, she recalled the incident.

Nearly six months ago, Lucy's life changed forever. As Gunter Lamperouge, her husband, profusely apologized for leaving her to walk home by herself, Lucy felt overwhelmed by emotion and stumbled across the street. However, in her stupor, she failed to see the oncoming car. After an impact and a brief surge of pain, everything faded to black. The next time she awoke was in a sterilized hospital room. As she underwent rehabilitation, Lucy discovered that , although it was all in her mind, she lost the ability to walk. During the passing months, Lucy became depressed because she spent her days lamenting her losses.

Glancing at the clock, Lucy noticed her husband hadn't returned from work. Anxious, she picked up the phone sitting on the night stand and dialed Ambitious Accounting, Gunter's workplace. After a single ring, the line cut off. That wasn't supposed to happen. Therefore, she re-dialed the number. This time, the line picked up. As she began to speak, Lucy heard a conversation transpiring.

"Johnson, you're insane. We'll never get away with it," Gunter's voice sounded through the speaker. Lucy quirked a brow at the strained tone in his voice.

"Why not?" Another voice, most likely Johnson's, inquired. "Who would believe a psychosomatic paraplegic?"

"She has a mental block, true, but there's a good chance someone will believe her. If she found out before we got the job done and called the cops, we could go to jail." Gunter whispered harshly. Straining to hear, Lucy pressed her ear to the phone.

"Who's going to tell?" Johnson retorted.

After a terse pause, Gunter spoke, "Fine, we'll do it. We'll kill her."

Lucy, unable to believe what she just heard, slammed down the receiver. Her husband was going to kill someone! Furiously, Lucy wiped away bitter tears. Calming herself down, she took a deep breath and called the police. A gruff-voiced woman greeted her and asked what had happened.

"I - I can't believe it. I called my husband because it was late, and he hadn't come home. However, I overheard a conversation between him and one of his co-workers. They are going to kill someone." hysterically, Lucy babbled.

"Ma'am, can you tell me who they were planning to kill?" the woman question.

Frowning, Lucy realized that she hung up before they mentioned any names. She murmured, "No, they didn't say. It's a woman though, and apparently, she has some sort of condition."

"Well did they say where this woman was?" the woman inquired.

"No. After they said they were going to kill her, I hung up." dejected, Lucy stated.

"You said the woman had a condition of some sort. Can you tell me what it was?" the woman queried, irritation seeping into her tone.

Although she tried with all her might, Lucy couldn't remember. "I can't remember. It was psycho something." Lucy answered, tears threatening to fall from her eyes.

"I think that you may have misheard ma'am." the woman theorized. After a brief pause, she continued speaking, "These people were probably joking around, and you caught the tail end of the conversation, causing you to overreact."

Lucy was shocked; they didn't believe her. Recovering her ability to speak, Lucy ranted, "I know what I heard. They weren't joking. Their voices were serious. They were fighting over whether or not to kill this woman. They finally agreed they would. Someone is going to die, and you accuse me of overreacting?"

The woman on the phone huffed a sigh. Bluntly, she berated Lucy, "I'm sorry ma'am, but even if you weren't hysterical, we couldn't do a thing unless you gave us something to work with. All we have is that your husband and a co-worker are plotting to kill someone, somewhere,in someway. There's nothing we can do. I'm truly sorry."

Defeated, Lucy hung up on the woman. Into the empty room, she spoke, "Me too."

Trying to soothe an oncoming headache, Lucy massaged her forehead and tried once more to recall what the men said about the woman's condition. Johnson had said that no one would believe a psycho.. Psychotic... Wait, it was psychosomatic. Gasping, Lucy remembered exactly what he had said. No one would believe a psychosomatic paraplegic. They were going to kill a psycho somatic paraplegic. She was psychosomatic. She was a paraplegic. They were going to kill her.

At this realization, Lucy grabbed the phone once again. First, she tried calling her neighbor. However, she got the answering machine. Next she called her brother's house. The same thing happened. As she began dialing her Aunt Marie's house, the power shut off. Suddenly, the sound of someone pounding at the door resounded through the house. Heart racing, Lucy knew they were here. She needed to fight, to try and survive.

Steeling herself, Lucy took the only option available. She stood up. She'd broken through her mental block. Albeit slowly, Lucy hobbled to the bathroom closet, where Gunter stored their guns. Hastily, she ripped a pistol from its case and loaded it. Returning to the bedroom, Lucy found Gunter and a man, she assumed he was Johnson, waiting for her.

Enraged, she shrieked at Gunter, "How could you?"

However, silence met her question. Instead, Gunter stared at the floor with a look of melancholy on his face. As she shifted her attention from Gunter to Johnson, movement caught her eye. In the blink of an eye, Johnson tackled her to the floor. She lost her grip on the gun, and it skidded away. Because he doubled her in size, Lucy couldn't beat him. He had her pinned to the ground by the shoulders. To block out eminent pain, Lucy shut her eyes. As a tear escaped her eye, a shot pierced the silence. Johnson's body slid from atop her. Gingerly, her eyes cracked open. Gunter stood pointing a gun at Johnson's body. Meaning, Gunter had saved her life.

"Gunter, you saved me? I thought you wanted to kill me." Awestruck, Lucy murmured.

Breathing erratic, Gunter slumped to his knees. He grabbed her by the wrist and pulled her into an embrace. In between apologies, Gunter explained what happened, "I had to fool him, or he would've killed us both."

Before he could continue, Lucy broke in, asking, "But why? Why would he want to kill either of us in the first place?"

"It's my fault, Lucy. I'm so sorry. It's all my fault." Gunter told her. Pausing for a quick breath, Gunter continued, "I owed him money. I won't get into the details because I don't want you to think badly of me, but I owed him a substantial amount of money. More than we could afford, normally."

"Normally?" Lucy repeated, perplexed.

"If we killed you and made it look like an accident, then we could draw money from your life insurance policy. I had to play along, or he would've held me hostage, killed you, and disposed of me too. Please believe me. I would never hurt you, Lucy. I love you."

Caught off-guard, Lucy stuttered, "I just- I thought- But I- Well-" He stopped her rambling with a gentle kiss. "That's a really nice way of saying shut up." Lucy whispered.


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