In my entire seventeen years of living, I never got attached to anything really. Never thought of the past as anything to hold onto, it changed too quickly, too many times to care.

Though, as I walked out of my home with the last of my boxed valuables in hand, I had to admit there were a few things I kept hidden in my heart.

"Do you really have to go, Maggie?" My best friend, Cassie, asked. I put the last box into my car, and turned to her.

"My dad got promoted. There's nothing that I can do." I sighed, and then checked my bag for my keys. I couldn't find them anywhere. I riffled through my bag again. They were gone. I looked up at Cassie to find a guilty look plastered all over her face. She was never very good at keeping secrets.

"Hand them over," I simply stuck out my hand to her, expecting her to give them to me, but of course she didn't. Instead she backed away from me, avoiding my 'I'm-disappointed-in-you' look.

"But really during senior year! Where's the justice?" Cassie said infuriated, throwing her hands up to the sky. The dark curls atop her head, hair she had always complained about growing up, bounced as she moved around. A memory of her running her fingers threw my straight hair flashed to my mind.

"Cassie, you know I'm going to miss you." I confessed to my exasperated friend and held her hands.

"What if you meet new people?" Cassie calmed a bit.

"I probably will," I beamed at her.

"Maggie," Cassie whined not wanting that to happen.

"But I promise you will always be my best friend," I hugged Cassie. "Now give me my keys." After a slight pause, she reluctantly handed them to me, "Bye, Cass."

"You better call me!" She shouted and backed away from the car as I got in and drove away from the place I've called home my whole life. If that wasn't bad enough, the whole nine hour drive seemed so much longer and bored me more than I thought it would.

The new town I am moving to is Middleboro. Never heard of it? Well, me either.

As I pulled off the highway, I noticed that the town was actually nice. Small, I guessed, but nice. It seemed to be nestled into the woods by all the tall redwood trees in the area.

Pulling up in my in front of my new house, I noted that my dad wasn't home yet. As his ten year old beat down Chevy, something he has never let go of since he was a teenager was missing from the driveway.

He's probably still at work.

I checked out the house as I got out of the car and shrugged. The house looked normal. A little rundown but just like any other suburban house. I yanked open the passenger door and reach in to grab one of my boxes stashed there. Too bad I'm already obligated to hate it because it's not home, I thought to myself.

As I lifted one of my boxes from the car, my foot caught on the uneven driveway when I turned. As I tripped the box tilted, its contents spilled; miscellaneous clothes and underwear were now all over the broken concrete before the box thumped to the ground.

Oh, what a day this has been.

My first thought was to just leave it there and walk inside, but after a pause I bent down to pick up my clothes. I hesitate when I notice a shadow casting over me.

"You need help with that?" I looked up quickly at the friendly voice.

A guy that appeared to be the same age as me had crouched down next to me. And was completely invading my personal space, but that didn't seem to mind him as he began picking up my "delicates" and putting them back in the box.

"Uh," I stumbled as I was at a loss for words. Where had he come from?

In the middle of my contemplation it hit me— of what he was doing, of what he was touching. I flushed red.

Suddenly flustered, I make a grab at the underwear now being held in his hands.

"I've, uh, got it. Thanks." I tilted my head so that my long brown hair covered my obvious embarrassment. He doesn't comment about it, which I was glad about but the silence was unnerving and seemed to make me more self-conscious.

After shoving the last bit of cloth into the box, I turned to find him still crouched next to me but now with a smile on his face.

"I'm Michael, your next door neighbor." He immediately grabbed my hand with his. I lifted my eyebrows at him at the forced introduction and lean away from his enthusiasm, but politely shook his hand.

"I'm Maggie." I acknowledge him before I stood up and brush my hands off on my jeans. Michael followed but still wore that bright smile.

"You want me to carry that for you?" He nodded to the box, but before I could say anything, he picked it up.

"No. No, that's fine." I tried to get the box from his hands. I wanted it out of his helpful grasp. The box made a ripping sound, before it emptied more of my underwear all over the driveway for a second time.

I considered walking away, into my house so I would throw myself down on my new furniture and pretend that this never happened.

A deep chuckle from the sidewalk caught my attention.

Come on, this is not what I need right now! Where are all these guys coming from?

This guy was a complete opposite from Michael. Michael looked like a guy that cared about doing homework the night it's assigned but I wondered if this guy even showed up to school. His lip ring shined in the sunlight and he had on a black t-shirt over skinny jeans. His demeanor stated he was only there to cause trouble. I glared at him as he kept the smirk on his face and stared down Michael and me as we held onto the recently vacant box.

God, I've been in this town for a minute and I already hated it here.

"Foster, it's not polite to laugh at your new neighbor. Why don't you help her, too?" Michael, once again, began to pick up my underwear from the ground.

I didn't care about that anymore; I couldn't take my eyes of this Foster guy as he glanced down at Michael before he smirked up at me.

"It's obvious that she doesn't want your help, so why would I waste my time." He said to Michael, yet didn't take his eyes off of me. The look intimated me, I mean, what was that smirk all about. It was if he could read me so well and was smug about it.

And okay yes, I didn't want Michael's help, but something inside compelled me to stand up for Michael. Maybe I didn't like how this guy was reading me, even after I was doing well at hiding the fact I wanted to be left alone but, it was much simpler than that. I just wanted this guy to stop smirking.

"At least he's being friendly, unlike someone," I said defiantly to Foster, the evident annoyance in my voice even surprised myself.

I give a side glance towards Michael and I noticed him grinning at me like I was his hero.

Maybe, I shouldn't have said anything.

I almost groaned to myself yet, managed to keep it in instead awkwardly smiled at his expression, and wondered if he was a guy that would think I was interested in him because had backed him up.

Foster chuckled at me, obviously catching the cringe behind my smile.

Foster laughing at me was the last straw; I was tired and upset from moving. What did I do to deserve this? I could feel the anger boiling in me for some reason.

I wasn't usually a violent person, but flashes of me slapping that smirk of his face required me to walk towards him.

"Maggie, don't bother with him." Michael gently held me back from taking this Foster guy out, which was wishful thinking on my part. I took in Foster's height difference to mine one last time before I decided it wouldn't be smart. I held back enough to digress to an unfeminine snarl towards Foster, who kept that amused smirk on his face.

"Well, this has been fun, but I'm going to go now. See you later…Maggot." It didn't take long for him to come up with the nickname, and he looked pleased at his creation for me before he walked away and placed headphones pack into his ears.

I turned to Michael, "Who the hell was that?" I demanded, then folded my arms across my chest and gave another glance at Foster's back.

Michael hesitated, obviously he didn't want to tell me seeing how pissed I was. Finally he casted his eyes down and told me. In which I raised my eyebrows in shocked to.

"How can he be your brother? That guy's a jerk." I turned to look in disgust at Foster as he walked casually down the street.

"He's adopted." I looked at Michael trying to see if he was joking but from what I could tell, he wasn't.

I turned to but the fallen box back in my car, "I'm just going to unpack when my dad gets home." I shut the trunk. "Thanks, though," for nothing. I smiled at him, and then walked into my new house.

"What was this guy's name again?" Cassie wondered through the phone.


"It's 'Foster' hmm, I don't know why you're complaining, sounds hot," Cassie said dreamingly, more for her own amusement.

"He doesn't deserve such an adjective."

"So he's not hot?"

"He called me Maggot, not Maggie like a normal teenager, but Maggot! It's like we're in kindergarten again." I said, and tossed the blanket off of me and paced back and forth in my room.

My dad wasn't home yet from work, and it was starting to get dark. I really hated being home alone. And especially at night!

Plus this new house was creepy. The lights in my room barely worked, as it kept my bedroom at a constant dim setting with the occasional flicker.

"You didn't deny his hotness!" Cassie said which apparently confirmed his physical appearance in her head.

"You imagine him however you want, he still called me Maggot. I refuse to think of him as anything other than an annoyance."

"His nickname is only a slit bump to a beautiful relationship," She said cheerily. "You know 'Maggot' could be an endearment, sort of." I shook my head at her nonsense.

"I was never into the 'bad boys' like you, Cassie."

"What a shame, they're a lot of fun." She chuckled, and then started going on about some commercial she saw today, but I wasn't listening.

Something in the next door window caught my attention.

Getting closer to my window, I peered through. Foster was yelling but at someone I couldn't see.

"Maggie, are you even listening?" Cassie said exasperated when I failed to comment.

"No," I answered honestly and simply.

"You're so mean," she whined.

"Hold on Cassie." I shushed her then strained to see who he was yelling at, but all I could see were the person's arms.

"Oh. What's happening?" Cassie whispered through the phone. I ignored her, my eyes set on Foster's irritated glare at the unknown person.

Foster looked out his window. I leaned quickly back against the wall to conceal myself from sight. Oh god what if he'd seen me? I held my breath and waited a while before I looked again.

He was now sitting on a bed, his head rested in his hands as he leaned forward on his thighs. I noticed him rubbing his face, intrigued I leaned forward against the window. He was alone in the room, a room that seemed to be his from all the miscellaneous band posters hanging on the walls and the black comforter he was sitting on.

Suddenly, Foster stood up taking off his shirt as he went.

Sweet lord!

I wasn't expecting to see actual muscle under that shirt, but there it was. In shock, I slowly lowered the phone from my ear, staring, as Foster stretched his arms out. He turned showing his back muscles.

My conscious told me to stop looking, that it was wrong, but I couldn't. I felt like I was prying into his life and he had no idea.

"Maggie…? Please, tell me what's going on?" I barely heard Cassie through my pounding heart.

"Foster. I can see him from my room…" I got closer to my window, captivated by him. Foster look to be undoing his belt but with his back to me.

What am I doing? Why can't I stop looking at him?

Foster turned around, pants undone. He had on odd yellow colored boxers, which at any other time I would have thought to be funny but not now.

Foster was staring out the window he was now facing. His movement to take off his pants stopped. He tilted his head and leaned forward, peering out his window. Right. At. Me.

"Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit," I said out loud, I didn't know whether to hide or stay still. Maybe he was like a T-Rex, only seeing movement. I stood still, determined that my room was dark enough to where he couldn't see me.

"Maggie!" Cassie faintly cried through the phone, but nothing could distract me from this moment between me and Foster that probably lasted seconds, yet felt like it went on for hours. I needed to stop holding my breath before I fainted, so I let out a calming breath, "Okay, maybe I was making this more awkward then it is, just standing here." I mumbled, and tried to reason with myself that this wouldn't end badly.

I waved to him, in a friendly manner. In which he responded by mouthing 'What the fuck?' to.

Stumbling forward, I grabbed onto the window's cord and yank it down as fast as I could, but the blinds got stuck.

Ah, why is this happening!

I noticed him getting closer to his window and my heart dropped. Ditching the blinds, I dropped to the ground, too. I just fell right there and ducked under the window sill. This was bad!

After a minute to calm my nerves, I peeked over the sill, to see what he was doing now. I glanced around the interior of his room, which was empty. He wasn't in his room. Confused, I stood up more.

"Where could he be?" I scanned the rest of the windows in the house but I didn't see him anywhere.

"Where could who be? Maggie!" I had completely forgotten about Cassie, I winced at my mistake and decided I would worry about it later.

"Sorry, I'll call you back." I hung up the phone on her, something I probably should have done early. She would be angry at me for not telling her what was happening, but having lost track of Foster completely filled my mind.

Foster was a stranger. Someone I know nothing about, other than he was a noticeable troublemaker, and he just caught me spying on him. I think that gives him more than enough reason to make trouble with me.

I didn't want trouble, I only just moved here.

A clatter downstairs caught my attention. I walked to my door and tried to make my footsteps as quiet as possible. Slowly I pulled open my bedroom door and looked down the dark hallway but didn't see anything. The squeak of a door being opened downstairs made my heart jump. I tiptoed to the stairs, the creaks in the floor as I walked out made me cringe and curse this old house.

I peered down the stairs on my way down the steps, but it was too dark to see anything. Trying not to make a sound, I leaned over the banister to see who was in the house. I silently hoped it was my dad home from work, yet a part of me knew it was Foster.

Seeing no one, I stepped down into the entryway and with a quick twist of the front door. It calmed me to know that it was still locked.

The only other door was the back door behind me. I made my way calmly as I could through the kitchen and noticed the draft immediately when I entered the space. The backdoor was wide open; I ran swiftly over to it and locked it. I peered outside but all I saw was darkness.

"Looking for me Maggot?" The voice that I recognized automatically as Foster's startled me but I managed to keep my scream in. I turned to find him inches away from me.

"You know, you should really get better locks," He said with that same amused smirk from earlier. "It was too easy." Glancing across my shocked face, he chuckled and stepped back from me. I couldn't say anything. Foster being so close to me and in my house kept me silent.

As he backed away from me I got a good look at him. The first thing I noticed was that his pants were still unbuckled, but he was still shirtless, I was quick to avert my gaze from his chest as soon as my eyes landed on him. The movement caught his attention, something I was trying my hardest to avoid.

"Aw, why so shy now?" He reached out and touched my cheek with his fingertips, "You were getting an eye full earlier." Before I could stop him, he ran his fingers down the side of my face to my chin, of which he grasped gently. Forced to glance at him, I noticed more things about his face, other than that smirk he still sported. I had to admit he was good-looking.

I tried to scoff, that came out as a lame coughed sound, and pulled my face away from his hand. "What did you want?" I questioned him as indignantly as I could muster giving his proximity and the effect it was having over me.

He didn't look fazed by my actions, yet as the question registered with him he seemed to snap back into the moment. Foster didn't bother to answer me. Instead, he turned away and walked through my house.

"Hey! What are you—you can't just walk into people's house like this." I followed closely behind him, as he was left me standing there in the kitchen.

Foster acted as if I didn't exist anymore as he dashed up the stairs. To catch up, I skipped steps on the stairs after him. As soon as I get to top of the stairs, I see him turn into my room, "Foster!" I called out to him, to stop him, yet he had already disappeared from my sight.

Once in my room, I spot him next to my window and watched him scrutinize my stuck blinds. Not understanding what he was up to, I cross my arms suddenly annoyed, "Do you want to tell me what's going on?"

Ignoring me, which was something that was slowly beginning to get on my nerves; he pulled out something from his pocket. At first, I thought it was a small knife before I noticed the shape of a screwdriver.

"Uh, Foster, what are you doing?" I gawked at him, concerned, as he examined my window once more, tool in hand.

He ignored me once more. I sighed in frustration as I wait impatiently to get a response. As I convinced myself I was going to kick him out of my house, he started to unscrew my blinds, taking them down quickly and efficiently.

"Whoa. What are you doing?" I ran up to him and pulled on his arm, trying to make him stop but he didn't even flinch. My strength was at a minimum of nothing as I realized no matter how hard I pulled on his arm it was useless and in no way did it slow him down.

In seconds, my blinds were completely off the window and in his hands. "What—Why?" I breathed out and glanced up at my blindness window to the blinds in his hands before I meet his eyes again.

"You owe me Maggot." He smirked, satisfied with himself. Without thought, I made a grab for the blinds which he hid quickly behind his back as if he expected me to reach for them. Not ready to give up, I leaped for the blinds, I wanted to get them from his greedy hands, and reach around him. I soon realized the huge mistake in that action as my face pressed up against Foster's chest at my attempt to grab the blinds.

The heat of his chest stunned me, and I pushed away from him. Totally and completely done with this craziness, I held out my hand and silently demanded for the blinds back.

"No," he said simply.

"I owe you nothing, it was an accident," I stated in disbelief. I couldn't believe he was stealing my blinds because I caught him with his up?

"Well, as soon as I get my 'accident' you can have these back."

I groaned inwardly as he took the blinds from behind his back to hold them in front of him. I quickly tried to grasp them, but he pulled them out of reach just as my fingers grazed them.

"You can't be serious! What you're going to 'Peeping Tom' me now? That's so weird!"

"Wow, you're pretty and smart, Maggot." He said sarcastically, and then passed me to walk out of my bedroom swiftly. Fuming at the nickname, I rushed after him.

"This is insane. And can you not call me that!? My name is Maggie." Foster chuckled as he pulled the backdoor open. As I get to him, he turned toward me suddenly, which almost caused me run into his naked chest again!

I kept up my glaring as I stared up at his smirk. I watched as Foster's expression changed, not from surprise over my anger, obviously he felt pride in it. Yet, his smirk slowly fell from his face.

"Maggie." He whispered, and my glare slipped into one of shock at the fact he finally said my name correctly. I stumbled over that fact and lost in my thought, I didn't realize how close Foster's face was getting.

I couldn't say anything as a stayed in place, and watched as he got closer still.

I felt confidence seemingly build in him as I didn't move away. Suddenly, his arm snaked around my waist to pull me into his chest.

"Un," was all the silent protest that left my lips before covered them with his own.

His lip ring inconveniently hit my bottom tooth on impact, making my cringe as it hurt a bit but he didn't notice. Foster continued to kiss me firmly, demandingly. On my end of it I was still frozen out of shock.

The kiss was superbly unromantic in nature, and given the fact I barely knew the guy I wouldn't have expected anything less.

Yet, it wasn't unpleasant.

As suddenly as I reacted to the kiss, Foster pushed himself off of me, and then gave me a worried expression.

Before I could question it, he left through the backdoor.

Not bothering to shut the door after him.