"Do you really have to go, Maggie?" My best friend, Cassie, asks. I put the last box into my car, and then turn to her.

"My dad got promoted...There's nothing that I can do." I sigh, and then check my bag for my keys. I couldn't find them anywhere. I riffle through my bag again...They were gone. I look up at Cassie to find a guilty look plastered all over her face. She's not very good at keeping a secret.

"Hand them over…" I stick out my hand to her, expecting her to give them to me, but of course she doesn't. She backs away from me, avoiding my I'm-disappointed-in-you look.

"But really during senior year! Where's the justice?" Cassie says infuriated, throwing her hands up to the sky.

She knew I was thinking it too… As soon as my dad told me the news, I said the exact same thing.

"Cassie. You know I'm going to miss you." I admit to my exasperating friend.

"What if you meet new people?"

"I probably will." I beamed at her.

"Maggie," Cassie whined not wanting that to happen.

"But I promise you will always be my best friend." I hugged Cassie. "Now give me. My. Damn. Keys!"

She reluctantly hands them over to me.

"Bye, Cass."

"You better call me!" She shouts, backing away from the car.

I got into my car and drove away from the place I've called home my whole life. If that wasn't bad enough, the whole nine hour drive seemed so much longer and boring than I thought it was going to be.

The new town I am moving to is Middleboro. Never heard of it? Well me either. As I pulled off the highway, I notice that the town was actually nice. Small, but nice. It seemed to be nestled into the woods by all the tall redwood trees in the area.

Pulling up in my in front of my house, I notice that my dad wasn't home. His 10 year old Chevy is missing from the driveway.

He must be still at work.

I check out the house, getting out of the car. The house looked normal. A little rundown but just like any other suburban house. Too bad I'm already obligated to hate it because it's not home.

Lifting one of my boxes from the car, I trip on the uneven driveway, spilling my underwear all over the broken concrete.

I first thought about just leaving it there, walking inside, but then I bent down picking up my clothes. I pause when I notice a shadow casting over me.

"You need help with that?" I quickly look up at the friendly voice. A guy that appeared to be the same age as me was crouching down next to me. He was completely invading my personal space, but didn't seem to mind as he began picking up my "delicates" and putting them back in the box.

"Uh…" I was at a loss for words. Where did he come from? In the middle of contemplating that it hit me—what he was doing, what he was touching. I flushed.

Quickly, I grab the underwear out of his hands.

"I've, uh, got it. Thanks." I tilt my head so that my hair covers my obvious embarrassment. After shoving the last bit of cloth into the box I turn to find him still sitting next to me but now with a huge smile on his face.

"I'm Michael, your next door neighbor." He immediately grabs my hand with his. I lift my eyebrows at him and lean away from his enthusiasm, but politely shake his hand.

"I'm Maggie." Standing up, I brush my hands off on my jeans. Michael follows.

"You want me to carry that for you?" He nodded to the box, but before I could say anything, he began to pick it up.

"No. No, that's fine." I tried to get the box from his hands, pulling it out of his helpful grasp. The box made a ripping noise, emptying my underwear all over the driveway for a second time.

I considered just walking away, into my house, and pretending that this never happened.

Chuckling from the sidewalk caught my attention.

Come on, this is not what I need right now! Where are all these guys coming from?

This guy was a complete opposite from Michael. Michael looked like a guy that cared about doing homework that night it's assigned but I wondered if this guy even showed up to school. His lip ring shined in the sunlight and he had on a black "Bullet For My Valentine" t-shirt over skinny jeans. His demeanor stated he was only here to cause trouble. I glared at him as he kept on smirking at Michael and me holding onto the recently vacant box.

God, I've been in this town for a minute and I already hate it here.

"Foster, it's not courteous to laugh at your new neighbor... Why don't you help her, too?" Michael, once again, began picking up my underwear. I didn't care anymore.

"It's so obvious that she doesn't want your help, so why waste my time." No, I didn't want Michael's help, but something inside compelled me to stand up for Michael.

"At least he's being friendly, unlike someone," I said defiantly to Foster. Side glancing at Michael I noticed him grinning at me like I'm his hero. I awkwardly smiled at his expression, and wondered if he was a guy that would think I'm interested in him because I was backing him up.

Maybe, I shouldn't have said anything.

Foster chuckled at me, obviously catching the cringe behind my smile. Foster laughing at me was the last straw; I was tired and upset from moving. What did I do to deserve this? I could feel the anger boiling in me for some reason.

I'm not usually a violent person, but flashes of me slapping that smirk of his face compelled me to walk towards him.

"Maggie, don't bother with him." Michael gently held me back from taking this Foster guy out. I practically snarled at Foster, who kept that amused smirk on his face.

"Well, this has been fun, but I'm going to go now. See you later, Maggot." He smiled at his nickname for me and walked away.

I turned to Michael, "Who the hell was that?" Michael hesitates, obviously not wanting to tell me. Finally sighing he casts his eyes down, in shame, and told me. In which I raised my eyebrows in shocked to.

"How can he be your brother? That guy's a jerk." I turned to look in disgust at Foster's back as he walked casually down the street.

"He's adopted, if that makes you feel better." I looked at Michael trying to see if he was joking but from what I could tell, he wasn't.

"It doesn't…" I turned to but the fallen box back in my car, "I'm just going to unpack when my dad get home." I shut the trunk. "Thanks, though." for nothing. I smiled at him, and then walked into my new house.

"What was this guy's name again?" Cassie wondered through the phone.


"Foster… hmm, I don't know why you're complaining, he sounds hot."

"He doesn't deserve such an adjective."

"So he's not hot?"

"He called me Maggot! Not Maggie like a normal teenager, but Maggot! It's like I'm in kindergarten again." I said, tossing the blanket off of me. I paced back and forth in my room.

My dad wasn't home yet from work, and it was starting to get dark. I really hated being home alone. Especially at night! This new house is creepy, the lights in my room barely worked, keeping my bedroom at a constant dim setting.

"You didn't deny his hotness!" Cassie said confirming his physical appearance in her head.

"You imagine him however you want, he still called me Maggot. I refuse to think of him as anything other than an annoyance."

"His nickname is only a slit bump to a beautiful relationship," She said cheerily. "You know 'Maggot' could be an endearment, sort of." I shook my head at her nonsense.

"I was never into the 'bad boys' like you, Cassie."

"What a shame, they're a lot of fun." She chuckled, and then started going on about some commercial she saw today, but I wasn't listening.

Something in the next door window caught my attention.

Getting closer to my window, I peered through. Foster was yelling but at someone I couldn't see.

"Maggie, are you even listening?" Cassie says exasperated.

"No," I answered honestly and simply.

"You're so mean," she whined.

"Hold on Cassie." I shushed her then strained to see who he was yelling at, but all I could see were the person's arms.

"Oh. What's happening?" Cassie whispered through the phone. I ignored her, my eyes set on Foster's irritated glare at the unknown person.

Foster looked out his window. I quickly leaned back against the wall concealing myself from sight. Oh god what if he saw me? I held my breath and waited a while before looking again.

He was now sitting on a bed, his head rested in his hands as he leaned forward on his thighs. I noticed him rubbing his face, intrigued I leaned forward against the window. He was alone in the room, a room that seemed to be his from all the band posters hanging on the walls and the black comforter he was sitting on.

Suddenly, Foster stood up taking off his shirt as he went.

Sweet lord!

I wasn't expecting to see actual muscle under that shirt. But there it was, in all its six pack glory. In shock, I slowly lowered the phone from my ear, staring, as Foster stretched his arms out. He turned showing his back muscles.

My conscious was telling me to stop looking, that this was wrong, but I couldn't. I felt like I was prying into his life and he had no idea.

"Maggie…? Please, tell me what's going on?" I barely heard Cassie through my pounding heart. I got closer to my window, captivated by him. Foster look to be undoing his belt but with his back to me.

What am I doing? Why can't I stop looking at him?

Foster turned around, pants undone. He had on yellow boxers, which at any other time I would have thought to be funny but not now. Foster was staring out the window. His movement to take off his pants stopped. He tilted his head and leaned forward, peering out his window. Right. At. Me.

"Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit," I said out loud, I didn't know whether to hide or stay still. Maybe he was like a T-Rex, only seeing movement. I stood still, determining that my room was dark enough to where he couldn't see me.

"Maggie!" I heard Cassie's faint cry through the phone. This moment between Foster and me, that probably lasted seconds, felt like it was going on for hours. I was going to faint from holding my breath.

Uh … Okay, maybe I was making this more awkward then it is, just standing here.

I waved to him, in a friendly manner. In which he responded by mouthing 'What the fuck?' to. I quickly grab onto the window's cord, pulling down as fast as I could, but the blinds got stuck.

Ah, why is this happening!

I notice him getting closer to his window. Ditching the blinds I quickly drop to the ground. I just fell right there, ducking under the window sill.

Oh god, this is bad!

I quickly peaked over the sill, to see what he was doing. But he wasn't in his room. I stood up more.

"Where could he be?" I scanned the rest of the windows in the house but I didn't see him anywhere.

"Where could who be? Maggie!"

"Sorry, I'll call you back." I quickly hang up the phone, something I probably should have done early. She's going to be angry at me for not telling her what's going on, but I couldn't worry about that now. I know nothing about Foster other than he's a troublemaker. And he just caught me spying. I think that gives him more than enough reason to make trouble with me.

I don't want trouble! I just moved here!

A clatter downstairs caught my attention; I quickly walked to my door. Slowly pulling open my bedroom door I looked down the dark hallway but didn't see anything. The sound of a door opening makes my heart stop. My feet make quiet creeks in the floor as I walk out trying to peer down the stairs.

I make my way down, leaning over the banister to see who was in the house.

I notice the back door was open, I quickly run over to it and lock it. I peer outside but all I see is darkness.

"Looking for me Maggot?" The voice that I automatically recognized as Foster's startles me. I turn to find him literally inches away from me.

I couldn't say anything. Foster being so close to me and in my house kept me silent.

"You know, you should really get better locks…" He says with that same amused smirk from earlier. "It was too easy." He chuckles stepping back from me.

As he backs away from me I look at him. The first thing I noticed that his pants were still unbuckled, but as soon as I realized he was still shirtless, I avert my gaze from his chest.

"Aw, why so shy now?" He reaches out and touches my cheek with his fingertips. "You were getting an eye full earlier."

"What do you want?" I say indignantly pulling my face away from his hand.

He doesn't answer me, just starts walking through my house. I follow him. " Hey! What are you—you can't just walk into people's house like this."

He dashes up the stairs. Trying to catch up I skip steps on the stairs after him. I get to top of the stairs and see him turn into my room, "Foster!"

Walking into my room, I spot him next to my window scrutinizing my stuck blinds. I cross my arms, "Um… Do you want to tell me what's going on?"

Ignoring me, he pulls out something from his pocket. A screwdriver. "Uh, Foster…" I gaze at him, concerned, as he examines my window once more, tool in hand.

He ignores me once more. I sigh in frustration as I wait impatiently to get a response. As I convince myself I'm going to kick him out of my house, he starts unscrewing my blinds, taking them down quickly and efficiently.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa. What are you doing?" I run up to him and pull on his arm, trying to make him stop but he doesn't. In seconds, the blinds were completely off my window and in his hands. "Wha—Why?" I breathe out.

"You owe me Maggot." He chuckles, satisfied with himself. I make a grab for the blinds, but he quickly hides them behind his back. I leap for the blinds, trying to get them from his greedy hands, reaching around him. Though, I realize the huge mistake in that action because my face was now pressing up against Foster's chest.

The heat of his chest surprises me, and I push away from him. Holding out my hand I demand for the blinds back.

"No," he said simply.

"I owe you nothing, it was an accident." I state, disbelieve clear in my voice that he was stealing my blinds because I caught him with his up.

"Well, as soon as I get my 'accident' you can have these back." He showed me my blinds, I quickly tried to grasp them, but he pulls them out of reach.

"You can't be serious! What you're going to 'Peeping Tom' me now? That's so weird!"

"Wow, you're pretty and smart, Maggot." He smiles, and then swiftly walks out of my bedroom. Fuming at the nickname, I rush after him.

"This is insane. And can you not call me that!? My name is Maggie." Foster chuckles, pulling the backdoor open he stops and then turns toward me suddenly. I nearly ran into his naked chest again!

He pauses, staring down at me while I glare up at him.

"Goodnight, Maggie."

Okay, I know I'm not insane, but I think he said that in a sultry voice.

Lost in my thought, I didn't realize how close Foster's face had got to mine.

"Uh…" I back away from him, but not far enough because his arm snakes around my waist pulling me closer to him and then his lips were on mine.

The kiss was hard and demanding, but all from his end. On my end, I was frozen from shock. And as suddenly as the kiss had started, it stops and he's gone.

Not bothering to shut the door after him.

What the…!?

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