Being almost completely done with straightening my room, I shove my bed, closing the gap on the last remaining inches between it and the wall. Placing my hands on my hips, I glance around the room. Everything wasn't in the same place as before because the furniture was too heavy to move that much. My bed was awkwardly in the corner of my room, and my dresser was by the door, but you know, it wasn't too bad, sort of.

I hear my dad come home, as he opens and closes the front door, "Mag's you home?" He calls up the stairs, placing his briefcase on the floor.

"I'm up here." I reply, and then quickly jump on my bed, trying to act casual. I hear his footsteps, and wait for him to enter. It doesn't take him long to walk in, and immediately notice a difference in my decorating.

"Oh…you changed your room around?" My dad asks, looking around the room with an eyebrow raised, "Hmm. It doesn't look normal."

"No dad, you just don't get it. It's more Fung Shway, this way." I nod, not understanding how I came up with that fib so quickly.

"Right…" He draws out the word in disbelief, but doesn't say any more about it. I scoot to give him more room, and he sits on the edge of the bed, "So how was your first day? Make any friends?"

I immediately think about everything that has happened today, and realize there's little that I could tell my dad about, expect for a few things. I'm going to have to choose my words wisely.

"Well, this morning the next door neighbor offered to drive me to school…" I start out, but my dad cuts in.

"Was it a boy?"

Well, actually two, but I decide to not tell him about Foster, but knowing that Michael's credentials would ease my dad's mind, I only talk about him.

"His name is Michael, he is really a nice guy. He is the class president and everything."

"Ah… so are you two close now?"

"What? No." I shake my head, "but I met a girl at school, her name's Jess. She seems like girlfriend material."

"That's awesome, sweetie! Well since tomorrow is Friday, why don't you invite her over after school? I would like to meet Mag's first friend here."

"You're getting of work early, for once?" I ask, giving him more attitude than I expected too. I missed him, and haven't seen him much since moving here. Even though, I was kind of glad that he wasn't home often because of Foster's antics.

"Sorry I'm not here more often… It must be hard for you." He says, patting the top of my knee, before standing up, "Well… I'll go start dinner." Just as he is about to walk out of my room, he catches the blind-less window, "Maggie, where are your blinds?"

"Oh, you know dad. It's all about the Fung Shway these days… blinds hinder the natural sunlight in a room"

"Kids and their 'Fung Shway'…" He mumbles before leaving my room.

I sigh in relief that he didn't question me further on the blinds, given that I didn't even have them anymore. And were probably hidden somewhere in Foster's closest at this very moment.

Grabbing my phone out of my bag, I text Jess asking if she wants to come over after school tomorrow.

In which she immediately replies back with, 'of course, I wouldn't dare pass up a chance to see Mike.'

'I'm guessing you know where I live because of him?'

'Yup. Whoever doesn't know where those two boys live might as well be living under a rock'

''I suppose…Well see you in class tomorrow.'

'See you later'

After I'm done with the conversation, I call Cassie. She answers on the first ring.

"Hey, I know you've been out of detention for hours, why haven't you called?"

"You were waiting for me? Why didn't you just call?" I ask.

"That's mean, you're supposed to say, 'I miss you so much Cassie, and I wish I could have called you but I was too busy sucking face with my new boy toy.' That's what I want to hear, juicy gossip like that."

"Well, okay, something did happen with Foster."

"Really" she squeals, "…tell me everything!"

At the school the next day, the bell rings for lunch, and I right away get a text from Jess to meet up with her in the cafeteria. Not entirely knowing where it was yet, I conveniently see a group of people complaining about how hungry they were, and follow them.

Walking into the cafeteria, I spot Jess at a table against the far wall. I begin weaving through the many tables, making me my way across the cafeteria, until a hand stops me.

I look down at the hand is sticking out in front of me now, blocking my way. I glance down finding the owner of the hand to be some guy, I've never seen before, sitting with more guys around a small table.

"Do I know you?" I ask, honestly curious if I have a class with him or something.

The guy looks around at his buddies, smirking before looking back at me, "You don't. But you probably should…. Though, I know who you are." His hand grabs mine, and he pulls me closer to him. I don't want be bothered by this guy, but not really knowing what to say, I allow him to sit me down at the table with him.

"I am the lead scorer on the soccer team…The name's Vincent, and these are my teammates…" He goes through the names of all the other guys at the table but I really wasn't paying attention. I immediately knew I didn't want to hang around a guy who opens with 'lead scorer' as an introduction.

I fidget in my seat and look pass Vincent to make eye contact with Jess hoping she can find me a way out of this, but she won't look up from her phone.

"What you looking for Maggie?" Vincent asks wrapping his arm around my shoulder and pulling me in close to his body, "Really…you should listen when someone's talking to you? "

He picks up some cafeteria pizza off his plate and takes a bite from it, and then offers it to me.

"Um… No thanks." I say politely. Eating part of anything that he had bitten into was way too tempting of an offer, I can't belief I turned him down. I think to myself sarcastically

"I bet you're wondering why I stopped you…" He throws the pizza slice back on the plate and leans in closer to me, "You see Matt, there...?" He asks me rhetorically, as he nods his head to a smaller guy sitting across from us at the table, "…he says he saw you and Foster getting all hot n' heavy on your front lawn yesterday."

"Wha…?" I question, but it gets muted by the rowdy guys at the table… I'm going to kill Foster.

"Maggie, you know you don't have to stoop that low into dirt to get some action. I'm always here for you babe." I feel his other hand slide up my leg, going up under my skirt. Ugh… his disgusting, cafeteria pizza greased fingers at that. His friends hoot and holler, egging Vincent on even more.

"Maggie!" I, right away, recognize that voice as being Jess's. Turning, I happily notice she isn't alone either. Michael is standing right behind to her. Oh, I'm saved.

"Oh, there you are Jess," I push Vincent's hands off me, "Well… bye now." I say standing, not forgoing a chance to get a small knee jab into Vincent's side while stepping over the seat bench.

Michael steps forward, "Maggie, you okay?"

"Fine... I'm fine." I nod like it was completely no big deal that I just got groped by some persistent stranger.

Michael doesn't listen to me though, and proceeds to give Vincent some choice words about personal space. I quickly walk over to Jess to avoid the situation all together.

"What were you doing with the biggest sexual predator at our school!?" Jess pulls me closer her to whisper in my ear.

"Not like I meant for that to happen…" We walk over to the table I had seen her at before and sit down.

"Sorry, I didn't notice you over at that table sooner, but thank god I saw Mike. I was wondering where he was walking off to so fast. And when I followed his gaze, bam, there you were with Vincent." She pulled out a small bag of chips from her purse, offering some to me. I gladly took the chips being that they were salt and vinegar flavor, "You can have the bag if you want…" She hands me the rest of the chips, "Let them be… my bag of sorry."

Suddenly, Michael sat down at the table with us, "Vincent is always doing something like this…sorry Maggie. But I did send him to the office; he'll get in trouble for what he did."

"Thanks, Michael." I say through a mouth full of chips, but he just smiles at me getting up and leaving the table.

Swallowing, I watch Michael walking away from us, and then turn back to Jess.

"Shoot!" I exclaim to Jess, "That was a perfect opportunity for you two to meet and everything"

"Don't worry about it…you can redeem yourself another time." She smiles, and then grabs more food from her purse, "…plus, I got to see him being all save-the-day. So I am totally happy now."

She pulls out two more bags of chips, a cup of fruit and a sandwich out of her purse and the finally notices the eyebrow raise I've given her, "I can sometimes fit a whole container of lasagna in this baby." Jess says shaking her purse at me.

Walking into the detention room, I spot Foster in the same chair as last time. So, I sit in my same spot, too. I see Mr. Fitz isn't here yet, but I still decide to ignore Foster for putting me through hours of pushing my furniture into a presentable place, and for the incident earlier. I wouldn't have been sexually harassed if he hadn't tackled me yesterday, like a normal person.

Turning his desk toward me, he asks, "How's your day going, Maggot?"

Does he know what happened to me and is once again messing with me? I don't even glare at him this time, I pretend he doesn't exist by laying my head down on my bag and closing my eyes.

"How about the weather, it's not as hot as yesterday is it..." he pauses holding his chin up with his hands, waiting for an answer.


"What are you just going to ignore me for the next thirty minutes?"

"Wow, you're pretty and smart." Giving him the same condescending remark he gave me when we first met. I meant to say it so that he would leave me alone but it didn't work the way I thought it would.

He just chuckles and then sits up in his desk, "Hey, Maggot I saw you drive to school today, want to give me a ride home?"

Although, before I could tell him where he could shove his 'ride'... Mr. Fitz opens the door to the classroom, but not only Mr. Fitz enters.

Vincent follows the councilor into the room. He glances over Foster, completely ignoring him, but upon seeing me he smiles.

"Yo Maggie! I didn't think you'd be here." Vincent says picking the seat between Foster and me. He pushes Foster's desk out of the away, like he wasn't even there, before sitting down completely focused on me.

He doesn't get to see the furious glare that Foster was giving him from behind, but I get an eye full of it.

I almost think Foster's about to do something to Vincent, but Mr. Fitz asks for all of our attentions, "Vincent be quiet and face forward, and Foster please fix your desk. And Maggie you just keep doing you." Mr. Fitz says, happy I was the only one sitting correctly in my chair. He, then, smiles before putting his headphones in and sitting down at his desk, grading papers almost immediately.

With only five more minutes left of detention, Vincent was fast asleep with his body bent over the tabletop, and I could see Foster clearly over him. He was sitting up with his arms crossed, facing forward but once catching me looking at him and mouths, 'you know him?'

I shrug my shoulder to his question. I mean I knew of him, but no, I did not know Vincent. I guessed Vincent was just the type of person who considered everyone that wasn't him, trash. I mean, Vincent basically had called Foster a low life at lunch, and he completely ignored him when he walked into detention.

Abruptly, Mr. Fitz releases us a little earlier, and I quickly grab my stuff and leave, trying to catch up to Foster who had bolted out of the room.

Running out into the hallway, I see Foster walking around the corner heading to his locker, probably going to grab his skateboard. I rush to catch him.

"Why are you following me, Maggot?" He asks, not even bothering to look at me while unlocking his locker.

"I want to know why you're so quick to leave… I'm driving you home, aren't I?" I smile up at him, but he glances at me for a second before opening his locker harshly.

"Yo Maggie, damn girl you walk so fast…" Vincent says jogging around the corner of the hallway.

I hear Foster sigh loudly, as he rummaged hurriedly through his locker.

Vincent spots me, and he smiles again, "Hey, let's go get ice cream or whatever, and you know…get to know each other."

"Um….." I say, really wishing he would just go away. I look back and forth between him and Foster, wondering if he is going to do anything.

Foster slams his locker shut, and just when I think he's going to step in, he pushes pass me. Walking the wrong way, he moves down the hallway in the opposite direction that Vincent was. Completely leaving me there. Um… excuse me?

Vincent comes closer to me putting a hand on my side, "Don't be shy…"

"I'm not interested." I step back from him, clearly making Vincent angry.

"Why? Do only orphans make you horny?" He put huge emphasis on the word 'orphan' making it full of disdain and disgust. I look at Vincent wide-eyed not believing what I just heard.

Suddenly, Foster from behind, pushes me out of the way and grabs Vincent. Slamming him into the lockers.

"Who, the fuck, are you calling an orphan, Vincent?" Foster practically growls at Vincent and pushes a forearm down harder on his throat, making Vincent choke slightly as he tried to yank Foster's arm off of him.

I mentally rolled my eyes at myself for believing Foster stepped in to defend my honor. Of course, Foster hadn't been defending me, as I had thought.

Though, I think I've found his trigger. Well actually Vincent found it but with how much emphasis he put on the word 'orphan' I was certain he already knew what to say to piss off Foster.

"Shit…Foster, let go of me." Vincent's once tough guy demeanor turns into scared and defenseless. I think he realizes the mistake he made by provoking Foster without his buddies around to back him up… and nobody around actually.

Well, except for me.

I guess I had to stop this fight…sooner or later.

And the guy was starting to turn blue from the lack of oxygen from Foster holding him to the locker doors. I wondered, for a moment, if he would have kept his arm on Vincent until he passes out if I wasn't here.

"He gets it, Foster." I grab Foster's arm, tugging hard on it to pull him from Vincent, not wanting him to go overboard with this. Foster looks at me and then lets me tug him away from Vincent upon seeing my serious expression.

Vincent slips down the lockers, panting for air, "Fuck you Foster."

I put my hand in front of Foster before he could strangle him again, I just wanted to walk away and a good enough distance from this prick.

"I'm going to fucking sue your ass." Vincent remarks, stating it as if he really would.

I know it's a comment that really means nothing, but I got angry, really angry. I mean I was already walking away with Foster but Vincent saying that really got to me. Though, I don't know what compelled me to do this, but I step back over to Vincent.

And, I slap him hard across the face.

"Wha…" he looks up at me holding his, now throbbing, cheek. He then gives me a look that could only be questioning if I was insane, which probably at the moment I was.

"Vincent you aren't going to do anything, because if I recall you took a swing at Foster first…Yeah, it was right after Foster stopped you from sticking a hand up my skirt, for a second time today...making you angry so you tried to punch him, and so everything he did after that was clearly in self-defense."

"Are you fucking crazy?"

"Look around Vincent, I'm the only witness here… So if you tell anyone that Foster attacked you, I'll tell them what 'really' happened. And I don't think your coach will play you once you get suspended for sexual harassment and assault."

"You… you can't do that."

"Oh, I can and I will." I say, even though I'm not entirely sure if I really could do that.

Straightening from my bent position l held while berating Vincent, I glance at Foster.

I would say he looked surprised, but that would be an understatement.

Quickly, I grab his shirt sleeve and pull him out of school, into the parking lot. My hands shake slightly as I press my car key button to unlock the doors.

Once inside and a far enough distance away from Vincent, I let out the breath I had been holding and try to start the car. But my hands are shaking too much to get the key into the ignition. I don't even look at Foster to know he watching miss the ignition, over and over, from the passenger seat.

"I've never done anything like that before… I've never been so angry… well once when I first met you I wanted to slap you but…ugh why am I shaking so much?" I could the tears brimming in the corners of my eyes, as I grew more and more frustrated with myself.

Foster puts his hand around mine, stopping me, and then gently takes the keys from me.

Unexpectedly, he leans over the center console pulling me closer to him and hugs me, "Shush, you're okay. It's just the adrenaline, you'll calm down soon." I feel his breath hitting the side of my neck in a slow rhythmic pace and I unconsciously match it.

After a minute, I felt myself calming down. The shaking was beginning to stop with him holding me, and I relax into him more. Lifting my arms, I wrap them around his shoulders and hug him back.

"You feeling better?" he mumbles the question, his hot breath hitting my cheek. I slightly nod, and he slowly pulls away looking into my eyes.

I look awkwardly around his face, wondering what he was going to do next, but he just kept looking at me. Obviously, thinking about something. I could feel the heat build in my cheeks. Which he never misses, as he gives me a questioning look, raising his eyebrow.

"Well, usually you try to kiss me… when you're this close?" I whisper to him questioningly, even though I knew that wasn't really a question. But I couldn't help but wonder how he would react if I said this.

He smirks, "My kisses are for punishment only…" he looks away from me, out the window, before glancing at me with sultry eyes, "…unless you want them for pleasure." As he says this, he comes closer to me, moving to kiss me.

I knew he was messing with me but it didn't stop my heart from jumping in my chest when he said that. But as he stops before actually kissing me, so I shove him hard away from me, making him fall back into the passenger seat.

I start the car, then pull out of the parking spot, and try to ignore the laughing lunatic in the car with me.

Driving out the parking lot, I turn on the main street, and notice Foster, from the corner of my eye, looking out the window with a solemn expression.

He silently tugs his lip piercing into his mouth, again.

"Why did you do it…you stood up for me, or...?" he asks me breaking the silence, startling me. He glances at me, and I break eye contact with him by looking at the road.

"Well, that guy was a jerk to me before in the cafeteria… I guess one of his teammates saw us in front of my house and assumed... Vincent he… but Michael stopped him. " I mutter not really wanting to explain to Foster exactly what Vincent had done.

"That's what he was in detention for…he touched you?" He asked, clearly he didn't know about what happened to me during lunch.

"Oh, you're familiar with him, then?" I say annoyed, but when I looked over at Foster, instantly I wished I could tell what he was thinking.

He doesn't say anything, as I stop at a red light. I didn't really like the silence between us.

I begin fidgeting with my hands, "Anyway, I somewhat did it for myself. I mean I was getting really tired of him treating me like that, plus he goaded you on purpose, and he wouldn't just shut up, even when he had clearly lost. So I was trying to scare him, you think it worked?" I say as he looks out the window, again, not saying anything.

The light turns green, and I grab the steering wheel again, "Umm… well, it's obvious now he's only a tough guy with his friends around; I mean he looked so helpless." I chuckle, trying to lighten the mood, but with one look at Foster I realize it didn't work.

"Foster… what are you thinking about!?" I finally exasperate. His mood wasn't getting any better, nor was he looking away from the window.

"It doesn't matter" I see his jaw tick, as he strains to hold his composure.

"If it didn't matter, I wouldn't have asked." I park my car in my driveway, and see Foster grab the door handle to open his door, but I wasn't finished talking.

"Foster, …" I begin to say but stop talking because he is giving me a look that clearly tells me he is pissed off.

I ignore his glare, "Why you always never telling me anything. Yesterday, you just played me when I was really wondering about you... Really, why are you so mad now?"

He doesn't look like he's going to say anything at first, but then he curses in the tiny space between us. Catching me off guard.

"Fuck Maggie... Do you know what I would've done, if it was me there that stopped him, instead of Michael? Or what would have happened if you weren't there when I attacked him? You don't do you…"

"Of course I don't know. I don't know anything about you, because you don't tell me!"

"That's because I don't want to tell you anything...", He sighs, running a hand through his hair, "...being with you, teasing you... it help some forget all the shit going on in my life, right now, so just stop. Stop digging for things you have no idea about."


"Shut it, Maggot." He says frustrated with me, and I see him clenching his fist. I close my eyes, expecting to get hit.

Oh, why was I born stubborn.

Suddenly, he opens the car door getting out easily and efficiently. Not even bothering to close the passenger door after him.


I watch his retreating back, as he walks across my lawn and down the sidewalk. Once hitting the street, he's riding his skateboard farther away.

Sighing, I lay back in my seat and rub my face with my hands.

Foster is so stressful. Why can't he just tell me?

A light tapping on my window, causes me to jump in seat. Looking over, I see Jess there giving me an I-totally-saw-that,-and-what-the-hell-just-happened look.

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