A/N: Dedicated to the breaker of my heart, who I hope reads this.

we started out blinking and ended up not looking at each other
(I would say that's funny, but it's not)
rage, rage against the machine with me, we aren't popular but we aren't nothing, we ain't pretties but you certainly weren't an ugly
flashforward and i've got your hand in mine for the last time
Juliet's singing in a sink and Romeo's pulling her away
and my thumb went in circles over your fingers like a dental drill
gently now, one and two and three and four
and i was planning on never letting go
the beat to an electric song pumped through me, and my thumb kept circling
around your hand tightly
and when i let go, well
it wasn't lightly
but rhymes and wisdom asideā€¦it fucking hurt
in the back of my mind
i hold onto every moment
where we sang for no one to hear
and as the smoke spiraled higher we got louder
crescendo and you crash into me and we're the kids from yesterday
and then it all goes falling
and now we can't look at each other
and when i touched your hand you flinched
and there's nothing we can do now
but fuck, Sequoia
I enjoyed the ride

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