"Hey." You walked over to me. I answered. "Hey." You looked at me. You sat down next to me. "Mariah, it doesn't have to be this hard. You know that, don't you?" I laughed a laugh that you must be used to. "Do you think I'm stupid? Of course it doesn't have to be this hard. But where's the fun in taking the easy way out?" I smiled. You tried so hard to not smile. Your eyes sparkled. The corner of your mouth curved. "God, when you smile I smile. You can tell, can't you?" You smiled. "Was he scared?" You looked confused. You answered. "Was who scared?" You started rubbing your hands together. You tend to do that when you know what's coming and you don't like it. "Jake. Was he scared when he died?" You sighed. "I knew that was coming. Ummm... You know, Mariah, I don't think he was. I mean, sure he was a little scared, but he had his little sister, his best friend, right there next to him. If I had you there, I wouldn't be as scared." I smiled. "Was I scared?" You stopped rubbing your hands. You looked away from me and sighed. "You know, Mariah I think you were. Not only scared but terrified. I remember having to leave.. and how you stayed. You wouldn't leave. Mariah I was weak. I had to leave my best friend as he died. But you stayed. Scared or not, terrified or not, you stayed. You're strong. I think that's all that matters." You watched as I brought my knees to my chest. You looked sad. "That's the pose Jake found you in. You look so vulnerable sitting like that." I just ignored that statement. "Mariah, I know some things might not make sense right now, but straighten up. What are you crying about? You got me." You shot me your famous smile. You reached out to me and wiped my tears away. "David?" You took a moment before you answered. "Yeah." "Can I please be dreaming?" A tear fell from my eyes. You didn't answer me, but just put your arm around me and pulled me to you. I laid my head on your shoulder. "How long can we stay like this? I just want you to hold me for a while." You rubbed slow circles on my back. "We can stay like this for as long as you need, sweetheart." I fell asleep. Six hours later I woke up. You were still holding me. Six hours later. I love you, David. Never forget that. Even if I do.