A/N: I plan to update some of my stories when I return from Canada. Enjoy~

The truth comes out in shards

Raining down so hard

They should throw the last card

Scatter the leaves on the barbs

For though the lies are comforting

They cannot compare to what is real

What people really feel

The struggle for the last meal

What you never see shows

Even if you think you know

You can never understand

Unless you experience it firsthand

A mother's desperation

To achieve unification

Inside a shattered nation

Longing for true emancipation

They won't make a proclamation

Mean it truly, dear

Because when you are so near

I know we won't always be together

Around swirls the violent weather

The storm has started

It's time we've parted

So I say good bye

Until next time

O sweet song of mine.