He sat up in his bed, and motioned for me to sit down. I blatantly ignored his proposition, mainly because there was nowhere to sit. I wasn't going to sit on the floor, and sitting on his bed was out of the question. He sighed and stood up, groaning as he shifted his weight from his buttocks to his fat legs.

"Now." He said. "Let's start with some simple questions. What is your name?" He asked me smugly.

I stared at him, unwilling to share. If I told him my real name, Sissilie, then he might find my family. After all, there are not a lot of people named Sissilie. If I told him my boy name, the name I tell people who aren't girl-friendly when it comes to thievery, then he still might trace it back to me. Cicero. Just a tiny derivement from my real name. I settled on telling him a lie. It is one of my alternate names, but it cannot be traced back to me.

"Hudson. Hudson Seavers. What's yours?" I shot back. If I am willing to give him information, even if it's false, then he better be willing to give me some information as well.

"Irrelavent". He replied quickly, without hesitation.

"Okay, thanks Mr. Irrelavent! Now please, what may I call you". I said smugly. Then I laughed at my own joke. Privately. In my head. Not out loud.

He rolled his eyes and chuckled. I winced at the grotesque sound emitted by his fat throat. "You can call me... " He paused, so I decided to give him some suggestions.

I normally am not effected by peoples appearances, and I usually never insult someone based off of that, because I know it hurts them. Even if they laugh it off. But, since I wanted to hurt this guy, to make him angry, I was very blunt. "Fatty? Craphead? Ugly?" I said. I know, I was thinking of things off the top of my head, and nothing particularly offensive came to mind.

He chuckled again. And he didn't seem bothered by any of those insults. "Whatever you want. George, King, Matthew, Cerbius, 'Fatty'. I don't really care". And I could tell, he didn't. But maybe calling him insulting things would make me feel better.

"Alright then. Next question". I said. I didn't want to linger on the unnecessary topic of names. Although I would have to remember to respond to 'Hudson'. Or 'Miss Seavers'.

"Where do you live?" He asked me. Again, I didn't want to tell him the truth. I didn't want to tell him that I lived in the Sand Sanctum. So again, I lied.

"The Tin Mines." I could assume, since I snuck into his house, that he lived in Seaburrow, which was south-west from said Tin Mines. "Raexer Parish". I clarified. It was the capital of the Tin Mine's region. And it was close to the border. "Why does it matter to you?" I asked, knowing full well that I was just going to irratate him. I was trying to. He was annoying me.

"Because I want to know. That's why it matters." He said, clearly irratated. Yes! Sucess!

"Do you have any more questions?" I asked him impatiently. I wanted to go home. And to get out of here. Quickly.

"Yes. Just one more. Why did you try to steal from me? Was it just dumb luck, or do you have... information about me?" He asked me. I could tell that this was what he was really worried about. He has some sort of secret, I realized. A darkly kept secret, one that I unknowningly stumbled upon. I concluded to tell him the truth.

"My client."

He rolled his eyes. I realized that this was probably the answer everyone gave. Place the blame on someone else.

I decided to clarify. "Look. I have no interest in the personal lives of the people living here. I don't care about your secrets. Whatever your secrets are, I don't care. I make my living by stealing things that people ask me to. I never ask questions. I never dig for answers. I don't really want to know." I could tell he still didn't believe me. "You can give me a truth potion or whatnot if you really wanted to. I don't know anything about you and whatever this is". I held up the metal object carelessly. He gasped, and his hands involuntarily moved forward, as if to try and catch the object. That was interesting. Why does this matter so much to him anyway? Stop it, Sissilie! I scolded myself. Stop asking questions! But, I asked it anyway.

"Why IS this so important to you?" I wasn't really sure what his answer was going to be. I probably didn't even want to know. But, something seemed more suspicious than usual, and I was a stickler for the rules. Even if I break every single one of them on a daily basis.