School was fun today. Did I learn much, I hear you ask? Not really. But then, what normal teenager does?


What is normal? How can we define such a broad term and categorise people as it? Because that's what we humans like to do, isn't it? Categorise. Can you be normal as well as unique? There can't be many varieties of uniqueness out there before we start venturing into the realm of abnormal. It's like that Monty Python sketch thing where the man came to the window and shouted to the large crowd gathered on the courtyard below that they "were all individuals". Then they all chorused it back up to him, only replacing the pronoun. That doesn't sound like a very individualistic thing to say. And that's the point, the writers were taking the opportunity to create a satirical moment about the human condition. We watch it and we laugh. But in the real world things like that aren't funny. It's sad, pathetic almost.

But, if you think about it for a moment, to be individual and to be normal are two very different things. Abnormal is pretty pejorative, isn't it? Whereas being an individual sounds like a positive thing to me. Where are you supposed to draw the line between the two? I mean, do we use a simple method of deduction to decide? The ones who go through life with nothing out of the ordinary happening, the crowd-followers, well they're easy, we needn't concern ourselves with them. Because they don't exist. This train of thought has led me to the decision that all experiences are subjective, some affect people more than they would others, and therefore have different repercussions to their situations. In effect, their normality changes ever so slightly.

Maybe it's about whether they choose to do what they do to be different. Or maybe it is up to fate to play that hand. So if a punk rocker wants to dye her hair electric blue… or a girl decides that wearing a trench coat to school every day is the thing to do, that's uniqueness, individualism; a good thing. But if the girl with bubblegum pink hair isn't a punk rocker and did it in a moment of insanity, or the girl in the trench coat wears it because she was raped and is therefore terrified of people touching her and wears it for what she thinks is protection, then that's not normal. And these people can do nothing about their dictated status.