Chapter 2

The Attack

Lights flashed as I held onto the arms of my seat, screaming women, children and yelling men.

The plane shook wildly like a roller coaster that shakes you up and down, my eyesight was blurry until a click came and EABs' dropped handing in front of us, the flight attendance were shouting for everyone tp remain calm and put on a EAB, Jena was screaming a few rows down with mother, who was trying to get her to put on the EAB, I struggled with mine putting the string over my head, pulling my hair strands' and boy did it hirt, its like taking an elastic band and tie it around your hair and you pull it and pain comes.

Father was breathing slowly through his mask as I am right now, the warm breath is hard to breath when you breath in the carbon dioxide, like breathing through a paper bag you get a dizzy feeling.

Turning in a haze I saw the inside of the wing as the window got blurry from the smoke, sparks come out lighting a shadow figure on top of it ripping into the plane, it was small like a toddler, furry outline and long sharp claws, a weird screech came out of it like a mox of cats yowling and croaking of a bull frog.

'What the hell is that thing!' I thought blinking to see if I was hallucinating.

A wheezing came turning I saw the fat guy sweating as he breath fast in the EAB, turning to the old lady who looked in her 50s', her hair was gray, saggy skin and in a grey sweater with a skirt on along with pearl earrings'.

She didn't even have the EAB on her face!

I shivered because something wasn't right about her, she was way to calm in this, the senior woman turned her face to meet my eyes', black beady looked into mine and I shuddered, they were full of malicious hat and fear pierced into chest like a cold knife as she smiled showing fake teeth and dark grey mouth.

"Whats the matter dear, hate flying?" She asked with a craoky voice full of false sweet.

"I would never thought a strega was scared of flying never less soon dear we will kill your kind." She said with a hideous smile.

'Strega? Isn't that an orange drink from Italy?! What is this old bat saying?!' I thought.

To my horror I watched as the old woman morphed, her skin became grey and looked leather, her hair became ghostly, fake teeth slipped out revealing rows of sharp needle like teeth and black liquid came out of her mouth.

"Time to die dear!" She screeched out and her hands came up to see long talons of black lashing at me, adrenalin came and I shot my hands out grabbing her or it what ever it was claws', the skin underneath my fingers felt leathery and alien, grunting I tried to push them back, a buzzing came inside my head from the lack of oxygen as I breathed into the bag.

"Why fight when you are going to die strega!" the old thing hissed as she pushe dher hands at me.

As my vision blurred and black creeping at the edges of my vision.

'I'm going to die...' I thought when Jena's face came into my mind I may not like her but she was stull family, she might be annoying biut I love her, thinking of my sister's face and strength came to me, my mind opened up and a wierd glowing orb appeared in my mind, reaching for it I felt warmth, my eye sight became clear and I was aware of my surroundings'.

Kids' screaing, parents trying to calme them down as they panic.

Flight attendants hanging on to things as the plane shook, and the old thing was trying to break free from my hold on her claws'.

I pushed back at her, her hands started to bend back as my stength hit hers creaking and cracking came as she screeched in pain, the sound was horrible a miz of a roaring pterodactyl and a scream of a little girl,

Then with a huge crunch her claws became limp, pulling the claws back she screeched again.

"My hands my hands look what you did!" She screamed, I moved back into a soft thing and I realized I was trapped between the fat guy and the screeching nonhuman thing.

"I will kill you!" The thing screamed and leapt forward, my hands came up as a defense and met her face, a sizzling came along with a screech of pain, pulling back the thing hit it's back to the window, it's face was bliatering bad burns appeared, looking at my hands to see them with a thin line of blue fire barely noticeable.

'What the hell?!' I thought in shock.

The orb of light was glowing brightly now as I held it with my mind.

"You horrible insect!" The thing roared and I looked at her with wide eyes when I held my hand out autimatically as she lunged again her mouth wide to show teeth, when all of a suddent the glowing orb in my mind flashed with a rbight light and I closed my eyes when, BAM!

A shriek whitsle came, opening my eyes quickly to see the wind whapping at my hair, over my field of vision, gray and black clouds stared back at me as the wing, people screamed louder, my eyes widen as my brain picked up what is happening.

The side of the plane was gone!

I noticed the thing was gone and, the glowing orb was just a glimmer inside my mind as my body was heavy as lead, only the seat belt kept mu limpe body from flying out of the plane into the sky, all of a sudden blackness came as I was reduced to sleep.