It's been ALMOST 4 years since the day we met, that overwhelming feeling I shall never forget. The first time I laid eyes on this perfect face, the first time our eyes met was here in this place.

Not a day goes by that I don't give thanks to the Good Lord above, for this amazing son for whom I feel so much love. I don't deserve him, but yet he is mine, his presence has healed me and kept me in line.

God sent him to guide me, to show me the way, to be truly grateful, thankful and happy each day. He's my son, my heart and my reason to live, he has taught me to appriecate, to love and forgive.

His hold in my heart gives me strength like no other, the hold only a child can have on a mother. So thank you Lord a million times, I can't believe this child is mine.

What meaning and reason he's given to me, my proudest accomplishment he will always be. Mere words are not nearly enough to express, what an impact he has had in my life, I am blessed.

Each day passes and I watch him grow, he is now this beautiful toddler I have come to know. His soul is too pure, so bright, so devinge. He has the soul of an angel this son of mine.

This part of your poem will not rhyme, sweet baby boy...I am a preteen parent to you, baby. I love you. I PROMISE you, one day people will stop calling us liars. I promise.

From, your proud 11 year old mother Madeline Rose Beaver.

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