Do Not.

It's not fair when I judge,
it's not fair when you judge,
poison is poison, no matter
what substance disguises itself for,
or how our guilty minds mask it.

Poison is poison,
it should burn your lips,
your tongue, your mouth,
your throat, your lungs and so on,
it should never run in your blood.

Find a way to understand,
find a way to move on,
do not linger on the flaws,
do not seek the mistakes,
do not reach for hate and who to blame.

I feel, I cry, I dream, I love,
Why should the hate keep me awake?
I must find truth and hope,
within lies and ashes I crawled,
finally I'm able to run.

One minute is a moment,
a moment is a thought,
darkness runs deep through the gaps
of mistakes, but never wander too much,
for death is near, and it will wash away
all future and past.