Bitter Trial - Part One

I never thought, in all my youth,

That I would ever be the one,

To go through such a hardship,

As to have a broken family.

I looked at them,

I felt some pity,

But I always thought,

"It'll never be me,"

Now here I am, only seventeen,

And Mom has just said,

"We're getting a divorce.

"It's all over,"

A painful stab goes through my heart,

Though I'd been expecting it for weeks,

The thought that I would be living,

Through parents with a divorce.

I hide away my silent tears,

Put on a brave face,

They don't know that I now have,

A broken heart inside.

Life will be much different now,

That much I can see.

Changes seem to be looming closer,

Fear for them is overwhelming.

Meeting lawyers, a custody battle,

Endless fighting over property.

The situation will only get worse,

Before it can get better.

Will life ever settle down?

Can things ever be normal again?

Will my heart ever heal?

How will I bear the future?

I silently dream of days gone past,

When things were simple.

Happiness reigned, and laughter was present,

The future, now, looks grim.

There's nothing I can really do,

They tell me it's not my fault,

Yet it all hurts me anyway,

To have a broken family.

Part Two

It's been over a year since that fateful day,

When my life changed forever.

The day I discovered,

I'd have a broken family.

Though my heart is still scarred,

The healing process is far along.

Time has healed those wounds,

As only time can do.

Things are happy now,

Or so they seem.

Life has moved on,

Though the past isn't forgotten.

Mentioning it to people doesn't seem a burden,

Many people can relate.

It's an experience for pondering on,

Emotions to recall when needed.

I've reached the light at the end of the tunnel,

And though it was a hard journey,

Much has been learned,

And much has been gained.

New things have been abundant,

A whole new life has been started.

A new name, a new adventure,

New step-families, and new friends.

Things haven't always been easy,

Indeed, they got worse before they became better.

Life was hard there for a while,

Some days just seemed to drag on.

Yet now the bitter trial is past,

I can see that perhaps, it was meant to happen.

Good things have come of it,

And happiness is back.

But sometimes I still cry,

Hidden in a room, where I won't be seen,

For the days I can remember of the past;

For the family that was broken.