Beautiful, as if

As if. Two simply words. That when put together can ripe a person's soul apart. As if! Two simply words that constantly ring through my mind. No matter how hard I try, at night when I just can't sleep those words echo through me and leave me in despair. Now you might wonder what makes me question myself so. Well. I can tell you this….. High school isn't easy, especially when you're in love with the schools popular pretty boy, who doesn't even know you exist, unless he happens to bump into me in the halls. And even then, he doesn't even spare me the light of day to look at my face. Muttering, "Sorry," he hurries off to join all the other attractive people who could be considered super models. And the cheerleaders are kind enough to make sure I never forget this crucial fact of life. But, then again, can I blame him? I can't say I'm the most unforgettable sight in the world. I mean, don't get me wrong, I think I'm pretty, but compared to all the girls who "strut their stuff" what guy wouldn't be too preoccupied to see me? Let me tell you this, no guy at my high school.

Chapter 1

Sweet Sixteen

"1 2 3 4, tell me that you love me more. Sleepless long nights that is what my youth was for….." by Feist came blaring on the 105.1 The Buzz, waking me from a perfectly wonderful curious dream, where I was Alice and the world was my Wonderland to create. Groaning, I rolled over checking the time. 7am. December 3rd. There was something in the back of my mind I'm supposed to know….. Something I've been counting down the days too….. Then it clicked, I swear I could see the light bulb going off above my head." OMG, IT'S MY SWEET STXTEEN, WEEEEEEEEEE!" Was my only thought. My second was, "Now all I have to do is get past another day of school and I can get my driver's license!" I could taste the tiny sense of freedom just centimeters from my grasp!