~Ten days ago~

Abigale Greyson slumped into her seat in home room early. She took out a pencil and twirled it around her fingers. Laughter came from the hallway and she pushed a twig of blonde hair out of her face. Tara Banton stopped in the door way and smirked at her.

"No 'Happy Birthday' for me, Abigale?" she asked.

"No. I have no reason to wish you a 'happy birthday'. Have a horrible birthday, Tara." With that, Abigale turned around and faced the window. Outside the room, Mia Turndale poked her head from around the locker, waiting for the The Populars,Tara's clique, to leave. She slipped around the corner and into the classroom. She took her seat beside Abigale. .

"Abigale, were you and Tara ever friends?" Mia asked. Abigale got up and shut the door.

"Once upon a time we were. Things changed and I don't like being bossed around. That's why I live alone." Abigale said. Just then, Mari-Ann Ernest and Jakob Rosen walked in, laughing. They took their seats at the back of the room and calmed down. Mari-Ann smoothed her cardigan and Jakob fixed his hair.

"Does anyone know why Tara Banton is dressed like a Barbie and walking around like she owns the place?" Mari-Ann asked, pushed a stray curl away from her face.

" It's her birthday," Abigale said. Jakob snorted.

"I'm surprised she doesn't make us celebrate for a full week." Everyone laughed and nodded in agreement. Mia looked around the room at the other occupants. Jakob was fairly handsome with his dark hair and blue eyes. Mari-Ann was a pretty raven haired 16-year-old with grey eyes. Abigail was also blonde like Mia with blue eyes that were brighter than Mia's baby blue eyes. Jacelynn Jones walked in, her red hair flying behind her thin shoulders. Her green eyes danced with mischief.

"Hello other Tara-despisers," she sang, sitting on her desk. That was what the five kids had in common: they despised Tara. She pulled off a knee-length trench coat to reveal a green dress and lace tights. She wore wedge boots ands a black feather headband. They all decided that since it was Tara's birthday, they would wear their best clothes and look as good as they could. Mia wore a pale pink sweater dress and grey tights. She wore black boots and had her hair in a french braid. Mari-Ann wore a lavender top with a black cardigan and skinny jeans. She had on lavender heels and had curled her hair. Abigail wore a white flowy top and pale pink jeans. She wore cheetah flats and a cheetah jacket. Jakob wore a black button up with a skinny black tie. He wore dark jeans and red Converse. Jacelynn quickly took a photo of all of them together to put in a scrapbook.

"Who says Tara has to look the best?" Jakob asked. Suddenly Tara walked in, her boyfriend Jonah on her arm. She had on a tight-fitting hot pink top that stopped above her belly button. She wore skin-tight white jeans and hot pink stilettos. She had a deep tan that made her green eyes look almost fake. She gave a big, pink lipstick smile. She waited until everyone filed in the classroom and took a seat. She walked to the front of the class and gave another fake smile.

"As you all know, today is an important day. Today is my 16 birthday and you are all invited to my party except Jakob, Mia, Mari-Ann, Jacelynn, and Abigail. It starts at six and ends at two a.m." She smirked and headed back to her seat.

"The world doesn't revolve around you, Tara," Mia said. She was usually quite, but that needed to be said. A few people gasped and Jacelynn was high-fiving Abigail saying, " You go, Mia!" Mari-Ann and Jakob shared a look.

"That's what you think," Tara said.

"That's what I know," Mia challenged. Tara pursed her lips.

"Don't be too sure."

'Tara Banton, please come to the office.'

"Bye everyone. Remeber, 6 o'clock"