I knew that Zeus would be very mad at me for sleeping on the job. I needed to get my sleep though. He knows that I have a message for him. He was the one who sent it to Posideon, who in turn sent it to Hades, who then sent it back to Zeus. Yawn… I need to sleep. As I drifted off to sleep, I barely saw the lightning bolt being shot at me. Shoot, he saw. I bolted upright and immediately felt a pain in my eyes. Aahhhhhggggg! I've been sentanced to Poisiodeon's beach!"Wait, where am I?"

"Hey! Get off me!Who are you? Where did you come from? Why did you have to land on Me of all the people her on the beach, you had to land on me WHILE I was suntanning? Oh, and cute poodle by the way." Aphrodite looked a me, and I reallized that this lady was not Aphrodite. She had cellulite, and Aphrodite does not have cellulite. Curse you Zeus, why did you ever send me here with out a weapon against the mortals? I yiped with suprise, and got many strange stares too, when Zeus telepahtically replied to my insult, Get to know the lady, she will help you. Her name is dog's name is Shimmer. While you are here, your name is Ronald and you came from Sweden. Oh, and your poodle's name is Fifi, courtesy of your 'daughters', both of whom is at school. Tell her though, that your daughters are both adopted. Any time you need help, just call out your name in my head, and I will answer your questions.

"Hello? Who are you? Do you mind getting off my dog?

So Hermes went to the beach that he first arrived at with a picnic lunch just for him. The gods and goddesses all ate flavored clouds, so he had brought the cloud food that Zeus sent him. Of course the clouds were disguised Soon, Zeus would be able to take Hermes home to Mt. Olympus. How much longer Zeus? Zeus replied back, As soon as you discover the reason I sent you, and after you have finished that task, then and only then will you be allowed to come back.