An Unforgettable Adventure

Chapter 2

We're back! Here is the author guide, and I'm warning you it is pretty wacky, but hey, if its not for you, don't read it!

Oscar and Elissa-written by A Random Draxie. Aurora-written by Opal. Mark and Nova-written by Syletah. Remus-written by Scratch. Krystal-written by Angela(me!) Enjoy!

Remus woke up very early the next morning, the sun had only just broken above the horizon. However he got up and he got dressed as he had a bad feeling that something would go terribly wrong.

Meanwhile, Oscar and Elissa arrived at school- extremely early, as they normally were.

"I know we're early," commented Elissa, as they put their bags in their lockers, "But I thought lots of people came early. This place looks like a ghost town!"

She was right. As they shut their lockers and looked around, all they could see was the building, insects and spiderwebs... Suddenly, Mr Filch ran into the locker room.

"Hey you, Mr James!" he shouted, "What are you doing here? Up to some mischief, no doubt!"

"No, sir," Oscar replied, "I wouldn't even think of it."

"Was it you that booby trapped the staffroom, and let insects out everywhere?" he demanded.

"No, I didn't sir."

"Don't lie, I know you did!"

"He didn't do anything of the sort!" cried Elissa, jumping to his side.

"So, I see your girlfriend is in on the secret? Well, you better not hide it from me, Missy!" Mr Filch said, showing how little he knew about his students- except for Oscar's last name...

"Girlfriend?" exclaimed Oscar in disgust, "This is my sister!"

"Anyway, she's in on it. Tell me now, Missy, who did it?" he ordered, grabbing Elissa's arm.

"I don't know, but it very well wasn't Oscar!" she said, then remembered her manners, "Sir"

"I don't believe you," he growled, "Tell me who it was!"

"I said, I don't know!" cried Elissa.

"Liar!" retorted Mr Filch.

"My sister is not a liar!" yelled Oscar.

Mr Filch grabbed Oscar's arm and started dragging them off.

"Let's see if you tell the principal the same thing!"

"It must have been Mark," whispered Oscar.

"Yes, but what do we do? We can't just turn him in! We don't even have proper evidence!" she whispered back.

"But yesterday he said.." began Oscar.

Mr Filch stopped and turned around, "Trying to plan your way to escape, are you? It's no use," he said, and continued walking, but at a faster pace.

Oscar and Elissa were dragged past the entrance of the school, on the way to the principal's office, when they saw someone coming through the gate, and approached them.

"Excuse me sir."

Filch turned to face the newcomer. Elissa recognised her immediately, it was Nova.

"Have you seen my brother around, he didn't come home last night." She looked genuinely worried.

"Why would I know?" Mr Filch growled, "Get lost."

"But I waited at the gate for him, unless he's learnt to climb walls he shouldn't have left the school, not until late at least"

"I HAVEN'T SEEN YOUR BROTHER, ALREADY! MOVE IT!" Filch yelled and he kept walking to the principal's office.

"FILCH LET THEM GO!" Remus shouted and he ran to them.

"These two have put bugs in the teachers room, you have no business here so get lost" Filch retaliated.

Remus's anger overwhelmed him, he pushed Filch as hard as he could and grabbed the siblings to pull them back so they wouldn't fall as well.


Remus ran after him down to the end of the hall, when Mr Filch jumped into his office and locked the door. Then he sat down, panting.

"Calm down, Remus! I think you've got a bit of a quick temper!" said Oscar.

"Yeah, how about you?" Elissa retorted.

Oscar looked stunned for a moment, and then started laughing.

"I guess we're similar in that respect," he said, when he'd stopped laughing.

Remus looked around but saw that Filch had left, and walked back to be his friends again.

"Sorry I just hate it when people accuse without proof."

Mark ran out of the building. He looked tired but ecstatic at the same time.

"Mark! Where have you been? Why didn't you come home?" Nova asked.

"I was in the basement!"

Mark," asked Elissa sternly, "Were you the one who did the things in the staffroom?"

"Yeah, was that your prank, with the insects?" Remus asked.

"Yes, but come with me, you HAVE to see the basement!"

"Mark," Nova said "you look like a madman."

"What's so special about the basement?" Oscar asked.

"Well I guess it is underneath the school, who knows who's been there"

Suddenly Remus became excited and thought that this could be an adventure. Now he really wanted to go and everyone could see it on his face.

"There's a portal leading to an alternate universe and you can use MAGIC there."

"Cool, like Oscar's video games." commented Elissa.

Oscar's eyes lit up at that.

"Might be interesting to check it out." was all he said out loud.

"After school it is, then," settled Elissa.

"You're not going down there with them, Mark" Nova said, "you're coming straight home."

"That's what you think, I think I'm GOING."

Nova made a curt hmph noise and stormed off. Elissa ran after her.

"Would you like to come with us? I mean, having Mark with us will keep him out of trouble, and you won't even have to worry about him, because we'll all be there. Plus, Krystal's coming, and she's just about your age. You won't be bored."

"He needs to come home tonight, another time would be fine but grandpa's really worried," Nova answered "I'll tell him he's fine but he needs to come home."

"Would it help if I talked to him?" Elissa asked, "Would it be okay if we ran down to your house now and chatted to him?"

"No." Nova said firmly. "He's coming home."

Eventually, they agreed that they'd check it out over the weekend (the next day was Friday) and Elissa went back to the others. Meanwhile, where the others were, Krystal had just run up to them.

"Uh guys?" she whispered, shaking. " I was walking by the basement, and I heard noises!"

"That was me!" said Mark.

However, nobody heard him.

Oscar smiled and patted her on the back.

"Don't worry about it," he comforted, "We just decided we'd go down there after school and check it out. You coming?"

"But it's scary down there!" She shrieked. She stared up at Oscar imploringly. "Will you protect me?"

"Sure, I'm an army commander, remember?" he smiles, thinking of his new video game that he and Krystal were co-oping.

"I'll protect you too" Remus said

She ran over and hugged him tightly. "Oh, thank you!" She gushed. Then she pulled back and blushed slightly. "Um, I don't really know your name. What're you called?"

"This is Remus. He's new." said Oscar, a little annoyed that this random newcomer got a hug and he didn't, although he didn't show it.

Krystal turned and smiled at Remus. "Hi!" She chirped. "I'm Krystal, named after this necklace I wear!" She moved to pull out the necklace under her shirt, and nearly dropped it in surprise. The amethyst was glowing softly, and the glowing brightened when she pointed the necklace at the basement. "Oscar?... What's going on?" She asked him, suddenly afraid again. "This isn't normal!"

'Like I'm not normal!' Aurora chirped, appearing seemingly out of nowhere.

They others noticed that she was different today. Her school dress hem was as short as ever but her hair was tied back into a pony tail. She was also wearing a sapphire ring on the ring finger of her left hand. She also appeared to be full of energy. Aurora was also carrying a bag slung over her shoulder messenger bag style. This too was unusual for her.

"Aurora?" Krystal asked, "Why do you look so ... So... Girly today?"

'What do you mean?"

"I've never seen you so pretty, or wear jewellery or nothing!"

"It's nice though" she added hastily as she saw Aurora's eyes start to narrow.

'I woke up this morning and felt like something really exciting was going to happen today. The only time I'll put my hair up is when I don't want to have it in the way. Speaking of strange things, where is everyone? There is NO one here!'

"I don't know," said Oscar. "If no one comes, maybe we'll go home. It must be a student free day and we all forgot..."

"I hope it's nothing to do with the basement," said Remus, "But I must be wrong. Clearly I've seen too many scary films."

"Yeah, it's just a basement, like you said, Oscar," said Krystal.

"THE BASEMENT ISN'T NORMAL, IT'S MAGICAL!" Mark grabbed Krystal's shoulders and gave her a shake, "and there are MONSTERS down there!"

Krystal shoved mark off her. " GET OFF ME YOUR BEING MEAN!"

She ran off crying. If looks could kill. Mark would've been dead, but as soon as Krystal ran off, Oscar left Mark and and chased after her.

"Don't bother about him," he said, "I think he's a bit crazy."

Krystal sniffled and hugged him, then whispered in his ear, "Thanks for standing up for me Oscar, your always really nice to me."

"Anything for a friend," Oscar whispered back.

Krystal grabbed his hand and they walked back to the others together, holding hands the whole way.

Elissa had joined the others having convinced Nova it would be okay to go down to the basement after school. Aurora pulled something out of her bag and whispered something in a language that sounded like Russian. She then started fiddling with it. Krystal saw that it was a Swiss Army Knife.

'I really am being strange today,' Aurora said aloud. 'I've got my hair back, I'm wearing jewellery and I'm even wearing my sport shorts that I can't stand!"

"Ooh, sports shorts," Krystal snapped sarcastically, "How terrible! Why I'm sure you're going to die of boredom and horror!"

"Are you alright, Krystal?" Aurora asked.

"I..I..don't know." Suddenly Krystal looked scared. "What's going on?"

"Well, we're going down to the magical basement to go on magical adventures," replied Mark, "questions?"

'Yes. Can I lead the way?' asked Aurora.

"Why are we still standing here then? Lets go to the basement!"

"Um... I guess so, as nobody's at school," said Elissa cautiously, then she shouted out to Nova, who was passing by, "Hey Nova, Over here!" and she then explained to Nova that they'd be going into the basement then.

Meanwhile, Oscar patted Krystal's shoulder. "Are you sure you're feeling alright?"

"Yeah, are you okay?" asked Remus.

"I don't know, I felt really aggressive for a sec there, I don't know why though, it's really weird! I wish I knew what's going on!" Krystal sighed.

'Come ON!' cried Aurora. 'We can talk later! I sense the beginnings of an ADVENTURE!'

"YEAH! Adventure is my middle name! And danger and mystery and spy and Blade" Remus yelled.

"You have a lot of middle names," said Aurora drily. 'Mine's just Anastasia. Now onward and outward, comrades!'

Mark turned, "Well, I'll go home now, we should get some supplies as well, bring sharp things. And food."

"Quickly!" said Aurora, walking ahead, "We've already wasted heaps of time! Don't bother with stuff!"

"Wait! Mark's right. Let's get what we might need, and meet back here in half an hour with whatever we need," said Elissa.

"You make it sound as if we are going to be there for weeks!' Aurora exclaimed. 'I agree that we need flashlights and food and stuff, as we could get stuck down there, but surely we can just find what we need around the school?'

"Well Remus and I will go to the orphanage and pickup flashlights and rope and stuff. The orphanage mistress will never miss us, she's not very nice." Krystal sighed, remembering all the cruel things that had happened to her at the orphanage. "Well be back here in half an hour. Bye!"

After walking back to the orphanage together, Remus and Krystal went to their separate rooms. Remus knew he had some rope somewhere he just had to find it. He looked all over but it was no where to be seen, well he everywhere except his enemies cupboard. Remus angrily looked in it and, something anyone with sense wouldn't do, yet sure enough it was there, but of course just as he closed the cupboard door, in came his arch enemy, Robert.

"Why don't you just put that rope back where you got it and I'll do you now harm" Robert said in a threatening voice.

Remus was always the second in line for alpha male while Robert was the alpha male, however not by much and that day, that minute, Remus knew he would have to fight him and win and therefore become the alpha male.

"Make me" Remus replied nastily.

The two boys went at it, punching, wrestling and pushing. It went on for twenty minutes and in that time Remus received a black eye and bruises as well as cuts all over his arms, face and legs however Robert received a broken arm and jaw. Remus won! He sprinted out of the orphanage where Krystal was waiting.

"What happened?" Krystal asked.

Remus replied' "I'll tell you on the way back to the school."

Meanwhile, Oscar, Elissa and Aurora had gone around the school and gotten anything they thought they might want. They all met up again, at the door outside the basement.

"Can we finally go now!" Krystal demanded.

"We're coming, don't be so impatient!" said Oscar, as he came forward at the same pace as Krystal, to join Remus.

"Come on, Nova," smiled Elissa, as they brought up the rear.

Aurora led the way to the door that led to the basement. She glanced back at the others, looked around for Filch and yanked open the door. A blast of cold air sailed up to meet them and everyone shivered. It was dreadfully dark down in the (usually forbidden) basement. Elissa handed Aurora a flashlight and she descended the stairs. Three-quarters Of the way down, Aurora looked back and saw the others milling about at the top of the stairs. Aurora sighed.

"Come ON, guys!" she exclaimed. "We haven't got all day!"

The others apprehensively followed her but Aurora stepped down the last step and disappeared with a shriek.

"Aurora!" Remus yelled, he broke out of line and chased after her when he also disappeared.

"Aurora!" Krystal shouted and, starting small the others, pushed past Mark and jumped into the hole, ignoring oscars call behind her.

"Krystal!" Oscar exclaimed, following her very quickly.

Elissa looked at Nova and at Mark, who hadn't gone in yet.

"What are you waiting for, Mark? It's your world, isn't it?"

"Shh!" Mark hissed, "she'll pop out again in a second"

Sure enough out came a very shaken looking Aurora.

"Aurora!" Nova yelled, seemingly breaking out of her paralysis and ran over to her.

Just then Remus popped out too as did Oscar, and Krystal.

"Okay, Mark," Oscar said, "I'm guessing we were supposed to avoid that. Forgive me for my ignorance. Lead on."

Aurora lay panting on the floor. Nova came over, helped her to her feet and Aurora stood, if a little unsteadily, on her own two feet.

'Shall we continue?' she asked breezily, as if nothing had happened.

"Only if you wish to witness the DOOM and DESPAIR that lies behind it." Mark said putting on his spooky voice.

Nova tensed slightly, "Yeah right Mark, you're probably making that up!"

"I hope not" Remus commented, once again his eyes were twinkling.

Krystal shivered slightly. She looked at Oscar fearfully.

"He's kidding, right, Oscar, he's kidding right?" Her voice had risen throughout her speech. "It's not really doom in there right?"

Nova gave her a pat on the back, "He makes stuff up, don't worry about it." But even she had a quiver to her voice.

"Yeah don't worry Oscar and I will protect you," Remus spoke up.

"What abut Mark?" asked Elissa, "I'm sure he knows a thing or two about where he's going."

"I suppose you're right." Krystal admitted. She had simply panicked when he had mentioned the dangerous beasts.

"Don't worry about it, Krystal, he's kidding." assured Oscar, "and even if he isn't, I have a knife and Mark, Remus and I can form an army and protect you girls."

"Are to including me with the 'girls'?" asked Aurora icily.

"Um... No, you might be ahead... Um... Exploring..." Oscar quickly said. He was silent after that.

Aurora sighed to herself. She didn't believe that there was anything unduly dangerous in the basement. She switched on her torch and set about exploring the rest of the basement.

"Aurora," said Elissa, "I think Mark should lead..."

"Why should Mark lead?" Krystal demanded. "He's not taking this seriously, all he's done is muck around and try to scare me, I mean us." She blushed at her mistake but didn't back down.

"But he's been here before," Oscar said quietly, "And, as my amazing sister has already figured out, he knows this new place better than us. He may like to try and scare us with tales about it, but when all's said and done, he's the one who knows best where we should go to stay safest."

"I suppose, but he better not try to scare us again!" Krystal conceded.

Mark opened a big door, which opened up to the world. Mark stepped into the dark light that it emitted. With a quick glance, Nova followed. And in turn the others came too.