Chapter 2

I crept through the thick brush of the forest. I felt a sense of freedom without Mother following me. I smelled the air, trying to find any familiar scent of a bird or rodent. Then, the warm scent of mouse bathed my senses; it was close too. I soon saw the small furry rodent in a small clearing, nibbling on some seeds it must have collected.

I slowly inched towards the mouse, my paws barely leaving the ground; soundless. It was completely oblivious that it's death was near. I edged forward, my gaze was fully focused on my prey. Just a bit further...

A sharp crack of a stick echoed through the clearing. The mouse skittered back into its hole at the base of an oak tree. I looked under my paws, there were no broken twigs on the path I had taken. I was now in the middle of the clearing, staring into the woods.

I smelled the air, a fox was nearby, I thought it was Mother, but she smelled different. The scent had an odd musky odor to it, instead of the usual fresh scent Mother had. It was then I saw it: a pair of pale amber eyes. It wasn't Mother.

I heard a rustle of leaves, and a flash of orange came barreling straight at me. I tried to get away, but the fox was too fast, and I was instantly pinned to the forest floor. It was then I was able to get a closer look at my attacker.

His ginger pelt reflected the light, giving his fur a flame-colored tint. His chest was white, as well as his muzzle, which was inches away from mine. And his eyes were that same amber that had watched me through the brush. Although these eyes had no warmth to them, only a wild and hungry look that terrified me.

I struggled under his weight, trying to kick free, but to little success. The fox smirked. "I wouldn't struggle if I were you." he snarled, barring his teeth in almost a cruel smile. I whimpered silently, afraid of what was going to happen next.

An infuriated screech filled the clearing as a familiar looking fox launched herself into the clearing, bowling over the ginger tod that had attacked me. They wrestled on the forest floor, swiping at each other with their claws. I laid there shocked, still trying to process what had just happened.

The tod stood up, hissing at Mother, and retreated into the woods. Mother got to her paws, shaking out her pelt. She shoved me to my paws. "We need to move now!" she shrieked, pushing me into the forest. I stumbled on. Mother was beside me.

"What was that about?" I asked, dazed by the encounter.

"They want you." Mother simply replied. "And he getting others."

"Me? Why?" I continued, trying to meet Mother's eyes.

Before Mother could reply, pawsteps thudded against the ground behind us. Mother shoved me ahead of her. "Keep running." she ordered. I ran as fast as my legs would allow me.

Soon, two tods were on either side of us, herding us to the left. Mother leaped at one of the tods, pinning him to the ground. "Go!"

I sped off in the opposite direction, leaving her fighting with the tods. I weaved through the trees, fern stems slapped against my face. I was in the denser part of the forest, the trees barely let in any light from overhead.

I continued running at full speed, leaves crunching under my paws. The dark forest went on for what seemed like miles. Until I saw a soft glimmer of light. I focused on the light, heading towards it. Almost there...

When suddenly, I was swept into the air. I struggled to break free, but nothing worked. I was trapped in some sort of net-like material. I looked down, I was at least twenty feet off the ground. All I could do was wait.

The sun had begun to set in the west, the sky bathed in orange and red. I watched the sun set. Only the rustle of leaves got my attention. I looked down. Two tods were walking towards the tree I was trapped in. One was jet black, the other a dusty orange-brown.

"Well well, it's the little sneak!" the orange tod snarled.

"What's wrong? Waiting for Mommy to save you?" the black fox teased, his yellow eyes glowed mockingly. "We took care of her."

"That's enough, Night. We should take her to camp. Slash will be very happy to know we caught the one that got away." the orange fox stated.

"He can wait, Darkness, it's not like she's going anywhere." Night said, rolling his eyes. "Isn't that right, sweetheart?"

I hissed at the black fox known as Night.

"Unless you want your ears clawed off, we should take her back now." Darkness said, heading towards the base of the tree.

"Fine." his companion growled, following Darkness. Darkness grabbed the rope that controlled the trap, and lowered me to the ground. However, her let me drop the last few feet.

Finally, the two tods began dragging my net deep into the gloomy woods.