It near evening in the massive metropolis known as Sprawl City. The large city, which had once been known as London, was ruled over the Point Star Army, although its streets were protected by the Corps Police. The sun was setting over the towering skyscrapers, casting shades of brilliant orange and dark pink over the old buildings, casting everything in a bright, orange glow of light.

On this night, Sprawl City was crowded. People were running about in the streets, yelling and having a grand time. They were running to night clubs, to bars, any places where they believed they could have fun.

Normally, such a grand display of chaotic frenzy would bring down a full battalion of Corps Police officers. But only a few squads had been asked to watch over the frenzy. For the officers understood that the citizens of Sprawl City were just having a good time, that they needed to vent their emotions. For this night, the city had finally repaired itself from the recent Mais Kinnderan attack and things were on a slow way to recovery. All citizens had been encouraged to celebrate in anyway they could think of, (provided of course, that it was legal), and thus, the world had exploded in an unplanned, all out celebration.

Yet, on this night of happiness, there was something brewing. Something was stirring beneath the streets.

Below the ground, in the underground part of the city known as the Narrows, there was a hidden base. Not long ago, it had been utilized by the Mais Kinnderan to prepare themselves for their now failed invasion attempt. Since then, it had been searched extensively by the Corps Police, but they had found nothing of value, save for weapons caches and a few stocks of the Animalia drug, the chemical that had been used to create the monstrous Hybrids.

The officers had been through every room of the underground place, checking every nook and cranny to make sure they had left nothing untouched. Every room…except for one.

In a particular hallway of the underground base, near the place's exit, there was a massive door. It was white in color, and was made of reinforced steel. Instead of doorknob, it had an electronic keypad, which was coated with dust. A large red x was painted on the door, signifying that there was something unusual about the room beyond.

The Corps Police had tried everything to get this door open, but their efforts were in vain. They were lacking manpower after the Mais Kinnderan invasion, and thus, didn't have many officers on hand to help pry the door open. Nor did they have anyone who was especially skilled in hacking and they didn't know the code for keypad. In the end, they have decided to call in some experts to help with this, and leave the mysterious door alone for now.

That was a mistake. For beyond the door, something was starting to awaken from long, dreamless sleep.

Beyond the white door, there was a small, square shaped. It was almost completely bare and its wall were shabby, the painting slowly peeling off and cobwebs hanging from the ceiling. At first glance, it was completely unremarkable and one might wonder why it so protected by such a massive door.

But then, one would notice what was at the very back of the room, and realize why.

At the back of the room, attached to one of the drab, brown walls, was a gigantic containment chamber. The chamber looked like a massive test tube, and its middle was composed of transparent plexiglass. Its top and bottom were completely metal. Several long red tubes stuck out of them, some of them hooked up to the wall.

The inside of the containment chamber was filled with a dark green fluid. And within that fluid was a large, hulking shape, which was completely still inside of the chamber, sleeping away.

The thing was horrible to look upon. It was a monster, something out of a nightmare, an abomination that spat in the face of both science and religion. It was a thing never meant to exist, a creature never meant to see the light of day. Yet here it was, sleeping its dreamless sleep, waiting.

Suddenly, the monster twitched. Its misshaped, hulking form stirred, and slowly began to move. Its early movements were dull and slow, as it began to wake up inside the chamber, swishing about inside of the chamber's green liquid.

There was a sudden loud beep and the containment chamber's glass gave a loud hiss. Gas spewed out of the top and bottom of the giant device, before the glass holding the thing inside began to open, sliding back and retracting into the chamber's sides.

The green substance spilled out of the now open chamber, splashing all over the floor, splattering the dull brown room a sickly color. A disgusting smell wafted out of the open containment device, which was like a mixture of raw sewage and a garbage dump.

The massive creature looked up, remnants of the green liquid dripping off its terrifying figure. Its eyes blinked, as it slowly took in its surroundings.

Then, the monster took one step and crawled out of the chamber that had housed it for so long. It stepped onto the cold floor, its giant feet shaking the room. A cobweb came loose from the ceiling, and floated down, coming to rest in the puddle of green liquid before the chamber.

The creature walked forwards, rearing up to its full height. It moved forwards, still glancing about, adjusting to its new environment.

A few thoughts filled the creature's brain. These thoughts were not the monster's own, but rather commands coming from another, outside source.

Two objectives filled into the creature's brain. It focused on them, ready to begin the plan it had been created for. The monster approached the reinforced door and it opened up automatically, letting the beast free into the Narrows.

The monster reviewed the objectives in its mind. They seemed simple enough.

First, kill every single member of the Corps Police and as many members of the Point Star Army as possible.

Second, and the most important objective, one that took priority above the other, was to find and kill the assassin known as Caligari Nectarios.