We are falling to our deaths, yet I feel no fear.

Because I'm with you. Our hands are intertwined, your huge strong fingers swallowing mine. Our bodies are pressed together, your warmth beating against me. Our gazes are locked, so that I see nothing except those brilliant eyes that even now make my chest ache. Perhaps because I know it is the last time I will ever see them.

All around us, the Celestial Sphere shatters. The great panes of clouded glass spiderweb with cracks; the brass girders, each thick as my torso, buck and groan and bow inward.

Wind tears our clothes as we plummet, drives tears from my eyes. But perhaps it is not only the wind.

I can no longer see the hole that we punched through the Sphere's surface, the results of both of our efforts, your strength and my magic. The greatest spell I ever cast; the power still flickers dimly through my veins. Below us glows the warm sphere of Incarnos itself, welcoming us with its heat.

Why can I sense everything at once? It's impossible. I shouldn't be able to see anything except a colorful blur. But I see your face. And the entire Sphere. And I know just how small we are, how fragile.

Incarnos rises beneath us, huge as a sun. And blazing just as hot.

"I love you," I breathe, gripping your hands tighter, struggling to lift my face, to move closer to you.

"You too." Your chest vibrates as you speak, but even though we are so close I can barely tell where my skin ends and yours begins, it's not enough for me. Oh, how skin only gets in the way! If only we could melt together and truly join as one, in this very last of last moments...

"Whatever happens in the future—" A sob breaks my voice. "Whatever happens—"

All I see is molten gold, battering us with its heat.

"Even if we're separated," you say.

"Separated by space and time." I know exactly what you're thinking. I always have. This is our bond.

"Even if we end up as enemies—" You laugh, but your tears drip on my face. I taste them, warm and salty.

The wind rushing past us burns, scalding our skin.

I squeeze your hands. "I will find you."

"I will find you," you say, pulling me even closer so that my face is buried in the crook of your neck. You will die protecting me, protecting me as you always have.

"And we'll be together," I say. "No matter what..."

So much I want to say. So many words. I want to tell you I love you again, and again and again and again. I want to thank you for saving me so long ago. I want to beg you to reconsider—at the last minute—to save yourself, it doesn't have to be the both of us.

But of course it does.

I don't feel the pain when we slam into Incarnos. I don't feel its fire. I don't feel anything.

Just you, your arms around me, your skin, your scent, your love.

A new story, and yes, it's reincarnation romance. Proper warnings will appear at the start of chapter one, because...there'll be quite a few of them. Also, I apparently suck at writing summaries, but that's not news.

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