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It's not real, thought Fran. It's not.

She looked back over her shoulder to blank TV screen.


Why had she thought that she has seen something?

Fran had only worked here at the witches and warlock convention for three hours so far and already her nerves were rattled.

Maybe it was because fat guy in the too tight spandex ensemble had told her the story of the convention goers lost in the 'ether' by a spell gone wrong, forever to haunt the future conventions that took place in this building.


She didn't think much more of it.

Until she saw the weird reflection in the plasma TV screen.

No, it must have been a trick of the light.

Fran took a deep breath and turned away from the door and continued to hand out the free samples she had been hired to do. People took them and smiled, asking a question here and there.

She had put the apparition completely out of her mind until something flickered in her peripheral vision an hour or so later.

Something moved, flickered, something, she knew it, she saw it, it had moved across the blank plasma screen that had been showing clips of the latest movies about to hit theatres.

There. Again. There was something there.

She leaned in closer to look and gasped at what she saw.

It was an exact replica of the room she was in, and it was a horror exhibition, not a magic con. And people were there, looking in at her, as if she was a picture on the plasma TV they were watching.

As if she was the ghost and they were the ones observing her.

As if everyone at her convention was nothing more than an apparition on a blank plasma screen.

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